1. 5-Minute Crafts

    5-Minute Crafts11 gün önce

    Do you like puff pastry? Then we have a wonderful and very simple recipe for you! Just watch it at 7:50 and try to cook it yourself 😉 Believe us, it turns out very tasty! 😍 And what baking do you like more?

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    The worst clickbeit chanel on TRreporter

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    I wish I can get dat too

  4. Beast TV

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    What is the actually point of these so called "life hacks" they are practically useless

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    I love these vids. They are so much fun.

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    What am i doing with my life..

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    Why would you take up 2 hours just to make orange juice when you can just pop to Walmart and get it...like WTH

  9. Lisa priestley

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    With the water bottle hack why don’t u put the bottle of water in the freezer so the ice last longer and you don’t have do go through so much hassle

  10. Fellow Noob

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    its all WOW THIS IS COOL but then you get hungry and there is no food MWHHAAHAHAAHAH

  11. should've gone to shiratorizawa

    should've gone to shiratorizawa2 saatler önce

    that first hack is nasty

  12. Sven Truong

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    It's not like you could just pour the water into a glass and then put the ice in it like tf

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    I’ve seen this channel since 5 mil views omg it’s at 40 mil

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    Does anybody scroll through the comments watching ANY video and when they find a comment that says um, for example: “9:27 so cool” or whatever and then they actually go to 9:27 or whatever the time is and just see what’s so interesting? I do 😂

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    Так так так вы спиздили лайфхак про люля от сливки шоу

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    Why do people like ice cold water? Am I the only one whose teeth start hurting with the slightest temperature change?

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    It's all fun and games until something something ice in the throat something something.

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    For some reason I thought they'd become pineapples 😂🍍 *6:07*

  19. Grid Retter

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    1:11 y u not able to cut asparagus.

  20. gaming with tomato

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    14:19 the freaking thing costs less then 2 cocacola botlles

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    Once again please don't wash your bread

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    Yup, bake in the oven for 10mins. 5 minute crafts.

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    1:16 why would you even cut that much at once

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    Nice hey

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    Eff you

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    They're not hacks, they're solutions to your life problems. Oh wait, YOU DON'T HAVE A LIFE!

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    Why did you put this music on it doesn’t sound good

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    Just buy apple juice

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    5:49 la misica

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    I am watching this video in 1080p and looks like in 240p.. COME ON, SERIOUSLY??

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    واووووو 🤤💔

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    arrasou gata 😍

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    I don't want some dirty rubber band on my Apple or asparagus.

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    Такое чувство что снимают русcкие

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    I like how they dont to make it seem hard and u stole the meat stick thing from the slivki show

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    Apple one does not work

  41. LordStuff.at

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    There are proper kitchen tools for most of these things..

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    Пж, лайкните кто русский, или кто знает его на отлично.

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    Я лайкнула своему коменту

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    If robby does this he's definitly leading himself to death

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    Strawberry Jam with no butter, I'm done.

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    I don’t wish I had known these sooner

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    12:07 Yeah it totally wont hit someone in the head

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    2:01 it’s all fun and games until you get deapthroated by an ice rod

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    5 minutes crafts You make me hungry

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    This is for cheapscates LOL

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    Nagyon jóóóóó😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    the first one buy apple juice

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    Can I get a like because I like likes 🙂

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    who was that lady telling in middle of the music the vioce was very funny😉😉 9

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    Yuor girl

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    Ikea zip lock bags?! Blown away.

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    by the time I made some ice 'cubes' for my bottle I could have just put it in the fridge

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    Wow it so cool

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    14:30 Dude Vinegar and Salt and hot water would react on the radioactive, it would explode... 5 minute crafts is ruining life hacks and copying and clickbaiting

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    i wanna become a hacker and hack this company!!! >:(

  64. deadpool

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    5 minute craft is just copying some of the ideas of the other youtube channel!!!!!

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    9:55 thats how satan has his breakfast

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    1 feake

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    nice video

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    The bacon one the best the rest are just excessice

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    No skills

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    Menudo gasto de una manzana

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    omg thank you by so so so so so so so so many levels!

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    Die is pure kak

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    My favorite part is 18:01

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    Just squeeze the life force out of that apple

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    I keep seeing so many tik took ads XD

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    who cooks bacon in the oven?

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    This channel is dead

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    13:27 "No mess!" (drip falls onto counter)

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    the forked fries are unsettling

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    Consuming PVC and plastic shavings...how delightful.

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    Anyone else notice how pretty much none of these “life hacks” are made in 5 minutes

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    Anyone actually know all of the music or is everyone just gonna be talking about choking on a 6 inch rod?