Ariana Grande Admits Mac Miller Was Responsible For Pete Davidson Break Up


  1. firemouth101

    firemouth10118 saatler önce

    This is so funny😂

  2. Ram Stormz

    Ram Stormz4 gün önce

    I just miss Mac and Ariana together... it was perfect

  3. chris k

    chris k9 gün önce

    Is Arianna the new T. Swift?? Men hating just become GAY

  4. kelsie ellington

    kelsie ellington13 gün önce

    she has a problem . her dating history: to begin new relationships within weeks/days in all her relationship. shes' had previous bad breakups . she can be ruthless & harsh. pete not allowed to joke but.she can . she needs to be educated on how she treats others . Mac , was sincere with his feelings , always respected her. she wants a nice guy but its all about her right now. needs to grow up. to many enablers around her..... need to be told in a nice way...

  5. Communist_Bakery /-/

    Communist_Bakery /-/13 gün önce

    THEY WERE SO PERFECT. TF?!! #PerianaLivesOn

  6. Jeffery Shanklin

    Jeffery Shanklin13 gün önce

    Is ari mixed Hawaiian

  7. Darkside780

    Darkside78014 gün önce

    Sorry but you’re a fucking loser if you just meet someone and tat their name on you. Pete is a fucking numpty. Also, he isn’t even funny. “My dad died on 9/11. Aaaaaye!” ...I don’t see the substance matter in his comedy. Kid is trash.

  8. M C

    M C17 gün önce

    She looks happier with that Mac guy.


    HALEY CYCHOSZ21 gün önce

    what's with the title? was that really necessary?

  10. Sarbjit Kaur

    Sarbjit Kaur24 gün önce

    Pete is not good looking enough for ariana

  11. Chapstick Addict

    Chapstick Addict26 gün önce

    No one should be faulting Ariana from walking away from Mac, we do not know what went on behind closed doors. She seemed to care for him and it may have been hard for her to walk away. Seems like it was.

  12. Chapstick Addict

    Chapstick Addict26 gün önce

    Mac needed to be the one to get the help. Ariana could have tried but it probably wouldnt have done any good. It was his responsibility to get clean.

  13. Chapstick Addict

    Chapstick Addict26 gün önce

    It was going way to fast for comfort. I am not surprised it ended. I hope the best for them.

  14. Amber Chloe

    Amber Chloe26 gün önce

    Dates Pete *Gets hate* Breaks up with Pete: *Gets hate* Just leave her alone!!

  15. youtube university

    youtube university27 gün önce

    The Pete shit wasn't real. I think it was tough love to get Mac to get his shit together .... leaving is reality that life moves in without you. When he died ...her own reality hit. She loves and loved him. But.....he wasn't ready unfortunately it took his life

  16. Melissa Carel

    Melissa Carel29 gün önce

    Oh wow big of u tramp ewwwwwwww ct stand her. Tooo bad she didnt fall off in France

  17. Toki Toki

    Toki Toki29 gün önce

    dude stop using peoples names for ur headlines especially someone who isnt here no more to defend themselves

  18. tick man

    tick manAylar önce

    She's a luciferian with blood on her hands..........

  19. Kristy Hope

    Kristy HopeAylar önce

    That title tho😳 no one is responsible for anything and she never even said shit y’all dumb af tryna get views and shit💀

  20. Josh A

    Josh AAylar önce

    Shit I’ll date her 🤔

  21. Divya Sasidharan

    Divya SasidharanAylar önce

    FU for the title !!!

  22. Juan carlos Ruiz Hayes

    Juan carlos Ruiz HayesAylar önce

    Ariana waz trying to mac miller. Jealous


    STEVIE GRANTAylar önce

    If my gf for over 2 years died ..dated someone 1 month ..I get it

  24. Ryan -reeves

    Ryan -reevesAylar önce

    Ariana and Mac was an idolized relationship! 👌🏼 ❤️ stay strong Ariana 😘

  25. Truly Grande

    Truly GrandeAylar önce

    “We both know that's the bullshit!“

  26. Ju ju

    Ju juAylar önce

    Mac was a good dude 💯

  27. Maxwell Bianco

    Maxwell BiancoAylar önce

    What do you want to be when you grow up? "Umm.... A GOSSIP!"

  28. Elizabeth Oelker

    Elizabeth OelkerAylar önce

    “Shtyupid” lol

  29. CaLeB PrIcE

    CaLeB PrIcEAylar önce

    And a hoe was responsible for Mack's health huhh

  30. Rima Ariyani Dewi

    Rima Ariyani DewiAylar önce

    The titles just fucked up

  31. The Ziegler Sisters

    The Ziegler SistersAylar önce

    ohmygod the title smh...

  32. Katie 08

    Katie 08Aylar önce

    2:42 the way he looked at her😍😍😢 rip mac🧡

  33. i am the tired

    i am the tiredAylar önce

    4:24 why does that look photoshopped

  34. Nzallday #

    Nzallday #Aylar önce

    Don't really care for ariana and she is entitled to live her life .. not blaming her for mac but that Pete is a fucking idiot. Literally.. hes a little fucking boy who acts like child. To go from mac to him is a complete slap in the face and downgrade. RIP mac .. miss you brother.

  35. Lola Willman

    Lola WillmanAylar önce

    leave Mac Miller and Ariana Grande alone please and thank you.

  36. Adam O Connor

    Adam O ConnorAylar önce

    I never liked Pete Davison

  37. jimbo

    jimbo16 gün önce

    Obviously, she didn't either.

  38. martyisabeliever

    martyisabelieverAylar önce

    She's a stupid God dening Satanists, a shallow materilaist and a very poor role model for any young woman.

  39. Shuai Zhou

    Shuai ZhouAylar önce

    When ppl have too much free time on your hands

  40. Danny Boy

    Danny BoyAylar önce

    She put Mac into depression and he was in pain...shes responsible.

  41. Fearlesslord

    FearlesslordAylar önce

    People really doing whatever for fame this days(youtubers)

  42. kitty wara

    kitty waraAylar önce

    Rip to pariana relationship

  43. Summer Boulton

    Summer BoultonAylar önce

    I think that Ariana and Mac Miller were soulmates. It took dating Pete and Mac miller dieing to have Ariana realize who truly loved her and who she truly loved. Now she’s having to deal with her own demons so I thinks it’s best to back off of her and give her the space she needs to heal.

  44. Rebel Heart

    Rebel HeartAylar önce

    And it's everyone's business because....... what becacayse Ariana is a celebrity?. .. the fact is she's still human take away the glamour the make up the lights you have a broken young woman who's hearts broken. She's been through more than most her age and she's to contend with the celebrity .... let her be. And remember she's only human. With feelings and emotions like the rest of us !!

  45. Charles Clary

    Charles ClaryAylar önce

    I think the obvious think about Arianna Granda (Taylor Swift and numerous female celebrities also) is that she thinks everything is all about her. I'm shocked and surprised when male individuals take the risk because they like the hype. Egocentric and self-centered person's aren't exactly couple material.

  46. Crystallyzer t

    Crystallyzer tAylar önce

    She doesn’t need to admit it.. nothing ends a rebound like ur real love dying.

  47. 1216azlee

    1216azleeAylar önce

    Pete should be understanding and give her her space

  48. 1216azlee

    1216azleeAylar önce

    I totally agree with her

  49. Darren Cavazos

    Darren CavazosAylar önce

    Wow. Can't even let the man rest

  50. PITTSBURGH GIRL lisa ROXXI sandoval

    PITTSBURGH GIRL lisa ROXXI sandovalAylar önce


  51. PITTSBURGH GIRL lisa ROXXI sandoval

    PITTSBURGH GIRL lisa ROXXI sandovalAylar önce


  52. jimbo

    jimbo16 gün önce

    Pete had her walking funny for a while...

  53. Sheikha Koleed

    Sheikha KoleedAylar önce

    They’ll do anything for views

  54. Helaman Lavea

    Helaman LaveaAylar önce

    Thumbnail not loyal to Arianas forehead tho... smh

  55. Ms_Princess Of Attitudes

    Ms_Princess Of AttitudesAylar önce

    Oh My God! Just let it go. Let him Rest in Peace. And leave Ariana alone.

  56. Bruno Consul

    Bruno ConsulAylar önce


  57. bailey marsh

    bailey marshAylar önce


  58. Jake Paul Lover

    Jake Paul LoverAylar önce

    I wish they got married, I shipped them so hard

  59. jimbo

    jimbo29 gün önce

    She's playing the broken hearted widow quite well.

  60. Oliver Man

    Oliver ManAylar önce

    How will she laugh @ tomorrow when she can't even laugh today.

  61. jimbo

    jimbo29 gün önce

    Oh, please....

  62. ara p

    ara pAylar önce

    yall seriously can't stop talking about ariana and Mac, huh. ariana is going through a tough break up and Mac isn't resting in peace. yall cold mfs. leave these people alone. smh

  63. Proud Vietvet

    Proud VietvetAylar önce

    It is sad that most men have major jealousy issues concerning ex's. Women have feelings and emotions 10 times stronger than any man. I have seen so many really great relationships destroyed by the jealousy of ex's place still within the heart of the lady he loves. Women can not simply turn a switch off and disappear feelings for ex's. True, they will in most cases be completely faithful to the one they are 'engaged' with but, there are still those memories that can last a lifetime. Guys, be supportive of your Lady and help her through hard times just such as this. Just because they grieve and morn the death of an ex, does NOT mean they love YOU any less nor does it mean you have lost her love for you.

  64. Proud Vietvet

    Proud VietvetAylar önce

    +jimbo Quite possible..........

  65. jimbo

    jimboAylar önce

    Maybe he got over her and she realized she could get more publicity by breaking up with Pete and playing up the 'broken ex' in mourning angle.

  66. Hey Jamie

    Hey JamieAylar önce

    Why does she sound like an American doing a terrible British accent

  67. jimbo

    jimbo16 gün önce

    Because she's fake...just like her extensions.

  68. BullToTheShit

    BullToTheShitAylar önce

    What's up with her only being attracted to tattooed druggies?

  69. Sour Cream

    Sour CreamAylar önce

    Can u imagine u pretend to get over the l.o.y.l with another man, and then he dies suddenly maybe thinking you didn't even care about him no more. When you both could have been together if it were for exchanging pride for honesty.

  70. The Legend of Legends

    The Legend of LegendsAylar önce


  71. Faith Ogie

    Faith OgieAylar önce

    You didn't even read out his name during that bit of you showing her Insta with ariana and him tf? What a way to respect him.

  72. w0w

    w0wAylar önce

    But she never actually admitted it.

  73. C Ls

    C LsAylar önce

    Nobody’s responsible for the breakup but the 2 people involved obviously

  74. Ivelisse Ayala

    Ivelisse AyalaAylar önce

    How do you let a Deadman ruin your relationship you don't you were never in love to begin with

  75. handsome squidward

    handsome squidwardAylar önce

    Dis like this shiy

  76. Jessica Coy

    Jessica CoyAylar önce

    What I think once The news came out this and the other times journalists, news casters need to End This . It’s old news and repeats are so boring. Time to let it go now.

  77. Rebecca Watson

    Rebecca WatsonAylar önce

    How horrible can you fucking be, she never said anything

  78. Jana Emy

    Jana EmyAylar önce

    Each time when she said "schtupid" instead of stupid, i died a little bit. omg. PS. Leave Ariana alone.!!!

  79. siifaah seohyun

    siifaah seohyunAylar önce

    Title is definition of fake news

  80. Mike Uriegas

    Mike UriegasAylar önce

    u can see this is still a immature little girl at heart once u r all the way grown in ur mind ur not jumping from one guy to the next after being in a serious relationship W mac for how long? Even big Sean said grande was crazy what 4 years ago.. sad for Pete man but he will get over it he seems mature enough to cope W this bs but then again Arianna pussy is prolly great... who knows a fine rich popstar comes ur way I think anyone would just pipe her down and not ask questions..

  81. Mary Swenson

    Mary SwensonAylar önce

    This is so sadness Mac miller

  82. Little mango 17

    Little mango 17Aylar önce

    Leave them alone they’re business isn’t yours

  83. Sabrina Supreme

    Sabrina SupremeAylar önce

    Nowhere in this video did she ever say anything remotely close to the ballpark of the lie you posted in your title.

  84. Tamira Bennett Volk

    Tamira Bennett VolkAylar önce

    Miller was a drug user.

  85. Danielle Williams

    Danielle WilliamsAylar önce

    how was he responsible? man leave mac alone and let him rest in peace. ariana is going through alot right now I'm sure. this title is trash. idk who Pete is tbh but leave him alone too

  86. Grammar Nazi

    Grammar NaziAylar önce

    Michael jackson:Drug overdose Prince:Drug overdose Mac Miller: DRUG OVERDOSE Comment more vvvvvvvv

  87. sa!nts_n_s!nners !

    sa!nts_n_s!nners !Aylar önce

    You mother fuckers will do anything for money huh

  88. Dina Kakabawoh

    Dina KakabawohAylar önce

    Yeah just live her alone everyone should know now that she had a very hard year ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭

  89. D Sangha

    D SanghaAylar önce


  90. Feud Frenzy

    Feud FrenzyAylar önce

    Well what a disappointing title... Leave Pete alone... Pete and Ariana all were over each other... More then Mac was, now she has been distracted by her career and still has a broken heart from both of them... Honestly leave them alobe

  91. maxine chan

    maxine chanAylar önce

    Ariana should focus on her career. Love her album , sweetener

  92. Isabel Sensei

    Isabel SenseiAylar önce

    Dude let Malcolm Rest In Peace & making up lies about Ariana. She’s already getting enough hate atm. & that wasn’t their last appearance. Mac & Arianas last appearance was at Coachella. That’s how I know y’all are full of shit & just want views.

  93. Nick Marotta

    Nick MarottaAylar önce

    So she used Pete as a rebound. Terrible. Lost respect for her. Pete rushed it too. Live and learn.

  94. Shanice Turner

    Shanice TurnerAylar önce

    i think she cheated on mac miller

  95. maisey le

    maisey leAylar önce

    what i thought Mac Miller was Ariana’s brother

  96. Aubrey Curran

    Aubrey CurranAylar önce

    That poor girl has been through enough just leave her alone

  97. ian uwishuknew

    ian uwishuknewAylar önce

    why was this in my recommended? celebrity gossip is such a stupid waste of time

  98. Yareli Espinoza

    Yareli EspinozaAylar önce

    Y’all just don’t want to let the man Rest in Peace 🤦🏻‍♀️

  99. Jessica Tellez

    Jessica TellezAylar önce

    Turns out he’s always been stupid 😒

  100. Olivia ♡

    Olivia ♡Aylar önce

    leave ariana alone and let mac rest in peace

  101. Louise G.

    Louise G.Aylar önce

    Actually in tears watching this ...poor Ariana has been through a LOT in 2 years ...

  102. jimbo

    jimbo29 gün önce

    Grow up.

  103. Sitting Gamer

    Sitting GamerAylar önce

    So .. where was the part where she admitted it.

  104. Peeton

    PeetonAylar önce

    Wow. This video is a great example of toxic media.

  105. Micky Daly

    Micky DalyAylar önce

    ‘admit’ wtf

  106. arianatoroliver

    arianatoroliverAylar önce

    omg stop blaming mac, the man sadly passed away it’s not his fault they split.. she’s going through a difficult time. leave her alone.

  107. zurg

    zurgAylar önce

    stop making titles like this, she didn’t admit anything and it’s really kinda disrespectful to mac. i know you’re trying to get views and such but it’s really not cool. do better...

  108. Kristin DeVille

    Kristin DeVilleAylar önce

    This title is poorly worded. Mac Miller is deceased; he is not responsible for anything.

  109. yam

    yamAylar önce

    gibi is that you...