Ariana Grande Slams Pete Davidson For Using Her Name For His Own SNL Fame


  1. sishter shook

    sishter shook3 aylar önce

    Sis snapped-

  2. Lauren Page

    Lauren Page3 aylar önce

    literally nobody cares what she says about anything

  3. Juliette

    Juliette3 aylar önce

    Look who else clings to over relevancy!

  4. nxri

    nxri12 gün önce

    I'm looking through all the comments and wondering why nobody is picking up that this behaviour is narcissistic...

  5. Meg love

    Meg love2 aylar önce

    So he's a comedian, makes jokes, mostly at his own expense... But she can literally write a song about her exes and that's ok? Hmm.... Ok? Whatever, idk why I'm even commenting, I could give not even half of a shit about this! 🤷‍♀️😂

  6. The Club Sandwich

    The Club Sandwich2 aylar önce

    hes talking about it cause its fucking hilarious

  7. Evan Hatmaker

    Evan Hatmaker2 aylar önce

    Honestly he’s more taking a shot at himself.... plus he’s a comedian.... plus it’s his relationship as well.....

  8. bali beast

    bali beast2 aylar önce

    No one gives q shitlol

  9. ohohvalerie

    ohohvalerie3 aylar önce

    Maybe it's part of his process. A lot of people use humor to get through difficult situations. Let the kid live.

  10. savage age

    savage age3 aylar önce

    Sounds like a guy who jokes about his emotions because he can’t deal with them himself

  11. Edynol

    Edynol3 aylar önce

    I think she's being stupid. He hasn't said anything negative about her, at all. He's just making references to their break-up, that's it. It isn't like he's airing out their dirty laundry.

  12. Howdy Justice

    Howdy Justice3 aylar önce

    All garbage

  13. Gabriela Avalos

    Gabriela Avalos3 aylar önce

    Pete really messed up

  14. Tammie Alderman

    Tammie Alderman3 aylar önce

    we can not keep i guess its safe to say we got left.......crying in our soup........please hand me a hanky.....before me gets me clothe dank.....oh why all the drama....why can't they jus stay ....with their panties in their hands?.....always gettin in the uproar?????

  15. catfish Johnson

    catfish Johnson3 aylar önce

    Pete Davidson is the dumbest man alive for dating that stupid whore😂

  16. Emmanuel

    Emmanuel3 aylar önce

    Because she's a modern day old jlo going from man to man following her eyes instead of her heart. She obviously goes for a certain look, not for the actual person. She likes that bad boy look. So of course Pete is upset. Arianna probably planned to call off the engagement within a few days of getting engaged because doesn't he have schizophrenia? She probably thought what if he relapses or snaps into another personality and kills me.

  17. John Evanoff

    John Evanoff3 aylar önce

    Why are your earrings so dirty

  18. joel wallace

    joel wallace3 aylar önce

    Host is sexy asf but cringy asf at hosting..

  19. OneTimeHero

    OneTimeHero3 aylar önce

    He’s a comedian. He’s making jokes about his life and mistakes he’s made. It’s what they do...

  20. Gerina Hammock

    Gerina Hammock3 aylar önce

    Him making jokes about the breakup is no different to her writing a song about it...

  21. zinnia sage

    zinnia sage3 aylar önce

    Pete should date selena gomez she much better than Ari.

  22. Dreamwalk Baby

    Dreamwalk Baby3 aylar önce

    Twats attract twats then they die and go to twat heaven.

  23. SundayVlogs

    SundayVlogs3 aylar önce

    Ariana Looks like my Cousin Wilma

  24. Olivia Daniella Yannello

    Olivia Daniella Yannello3 aylar önce

    🤦‍♀️ she would never go lez. Lezbehonest. She referred to loving herself she said ari not aubri geniuses.

  25. Umgum Candii!

    Umgum Candii!3 aylar önce

    Snap gurl

  26. Petinkaaa Plch

    Petinkaaa Plch3 aylar önce

    I feel kind of bad for Pete I mean when a singer or writer have to deal with a break up they write about it and put it in a song And he is a comedian so he just does what he is the best at.. Don’t get me wrong Ariana is an absolute angel and I love her and she probably got enough of it But I kind of disagree with it u know Cuz it’s his way of dealing with it 🤷‍♀️

  27. yoga maulana

    yoga maulana3 aylar önce

    pete said he didn't want to use her for his fame, he hates "relevancy" and ariana trust him. But then he did use her for the break up jokes. And by that, it's making him in the spotlight. that's why ariana tweet that.

  28. Heather Bonin

    Heather Bonin3 aylar önce

    Aaaand singers don't write songs about their relationships and breakups ALL.THE.TIME? 😒 He was just addressing the elephant in the room. Not a big deal. He has a right to address it in his own way too. And it's not like he called her out by name anyway. She needs go get over herself. #lame

  29. razorman

    razorman3 aylar önce

    if she does not like him , what the fnck was she doing , watching him on SNL ? DUHHH!!!!!

  30. Harry The Grey Jedi

    Harry The Grey Jedi3 aylar önce

    Never liked him myself. He ain’t funny

  31. Av Av

    Av Av3 aylar önce

    For the record.. He still hit that so.. He wins.

  32. Tara Echo Q

    Tara Echo Q3 aylar önce

    Joking about your life’s down moments is healthy. Most people do it. It’s not like he is bad mouthing her or being nasty. All of his jokes are aimed at himself.

  33. Alice Cooper

    Alice Cooper3 aylar önce

    Pete is such fake

  34. Jackie Araya

    Jackie Araya3 aylar önce

    He's a comedian; he has to make comedy out of misery; isn't it what makes us laugh harder! I don't see why people should get offended honestly. What did y'all expect?

  35. cicijay

    cicijay3 aylar önce

    Hope Pete slams her back for using his name in her new song

  36. Echo Indigo

    Echo Indigo3 aylar önce

    Pete is a twat.

  37. AgentPinkify

    AgentPinkify3 aylar önce

    Weren’t they both in the relationship? Pretty sure that gives them BOTH free range over how to handle situations. Pete makes fucked up jokes about tragic things that have happened to him because that’s how he copes, many other people do the same thing they just aren’t in the spotlight. I think he truly cared for her, and she used that to her advantage to make Mac jealous whatever, and look what happened! I sure hope the same thing doesn’t happen to Pete, who is known for having severe depression and has made multiple jokes about killing himself, because if she has two ex’s back to back commit suicide, I’m not too sure how it’s gonna look for little miss thing

  38. Bob Richman

    Bob Richman3 aylar önce


  39. Karen Perrella

    Karen Perrella3 aylar önce

    *complains about Pete looking for relevancy because of their relationship* *releases song about her exes a couple days later*

  40. Stephanie Wickett

    Stephanie Wickett3 aylar önce

    The guy's a comedian. Some people deal with the hurt differently. He's probably just making jokes to try and make himself feel better because it's hard for him to feel the pain right now. God forbid...AG needs to chill....

  41. Rick C-137

    Rick C-1373 aylar önce

    Pete Davidson is way more legit than Ariana wahtsherface. He actually is talented. That's cool though because she can enjoy the rest of her 15 minutes of fame, then drop off into obscurity like 100s of teeny bopper pop stars before her. Bye Ariana! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  42. Kittypurry

    Kittypurry3 aylar önce

    there was a time when I had a crush on Pete from SNL before he was famous for being Ariana's "Fiance"... those were the times.

  43. Maczeta Maczeta

    Maczeta Maczeta3 aylar önce

    My thought on this is that you're incredibly biased towards Ariana's point of view. You all act unbelievably immature about this subject. Pete never said anything bad about Ariana, he's making jokes only about himself and his rushed personality and who are you to forbid him that right?

  44. Tabbie Widell

    Tabbie Widell3 aylar önce

    “Yo bro turns out you’re stupid”

  45. Nathan Hunt

    Nathan Hunt3 aylar önce

    She even wrote a song about him

  46. Coin

    Coin3 aylar önce

    "he is constantly making jokes about her-" He made 3 jokes. 3. And he's a comedian, that's what comedians do. Smh

  47. Gloomy Toad Studios

    Gloomy Toad Studios3 aylar önce

    Kinda BS.. Comedy is how he expresses himself just as songwriting is how Ari expresses herself.. Both are arts, and artists use art as their outlet.. Making jokes about the situation is how he can use his craft to express himself.. Just shows that she didn't understand him at all.. not that this was her fault, but she obviously didn't get him..

  48. Meg love

    Meg love2 aylar önce

    Yeah, then she comes out with a song ' thank u next" literally signing a whole song about her exes? Lol..... Ummm..ok?

  49. ohohvalerie

    ohohvalerie3 aylar önce

    Right. She better not be writing any songs that even slightly reference him or I hope she gets it from people twice as bad

  50. Jose Baldon

    Jose Baldon3 aylar önce

    +Naomie Borg yeah his comedy is edgy, which Imo is the funniest jokes

  51. Naomie Borg

    Naomie Borg3 aylar önce

    Still sometimes he takes it too far...

  52. Me Bruh

    Me Bruh3 aylar önce

    Gloomy Toad Studios 100% agree

  53. Roberto Rodriguez

    Roberto Rodriguez3 aylar önce

    So youre mad because a comedian is making jokes about his life, damn lol

  54. Lalisa Manoban

    Lalisa Manoban3 aylar önce

    Now listen to thank you, next😂

  55. rennadroj

    rennadroj3 aylar önce

    Thank you, next

  56. Erica Gamet

    Erica Gamet3 aylar önce

    I don't feel any of it was anti-Ariana...Pete was definitely the butt of his own joke...self-deprecating humor at its finest. I definitely feel he's just cracking jokes at his own expense...maybe as a way of coping.

  57. Ida DeLucia

    Ida DeLucia3 aylar önce

    It doesn't matter if he's a comedian. He needs to show respect for other people. Especially someone he used to be with. Any intelligent woman should be wary of his immature way of handling a break up.

  58. Regina Phalange

    Regina Phalange3 aylar önce

    1. They are both going through this break up and Ariana Grande was the one who dumped Pete. He's probably in a lot of pain and just trying to cope 2. Pete is a comedian and Ariana has defended him in the past with that very same reasoning so it's a little hypocritical that she's getting offended now 3. He makes self-deprecating jokes about all of his past relationships and no one says he is "using her name for fame." The only difference is that this one was a lot more public. 4. He didn't say anything bad about her in any way. If anything, he was making fun of himself 5. People say Pete is using her, but Ariana seems to be the one trying to profit off this relationship. How did she release a hate song about Pete this fast? Why mention Pete and Mac Miller by name? Why start touring immediately? I get people say that touring might be her way of coping, but then why can't comedy be Pete's way of coping I just think the double standard is really unfair. Just because Pete Davidson isn't as big of a celebrity does not mean that he deserves this hate. People forget that a breakup hurts both people involved, especially the one who got dumped. The bias is unreal

  59. Bella Bella

    Bella Bella3 aylar önce

    She got triggered! He got new funny material for his act. The end.

  60. hendery is an art

    hendery is an art3 aylar önce

    ariana used pete dawidson's name on her song tho idk lmao btw im arianator so shit

  61. Kaycee Hetchler

    Kaycee Hetchler3 aylar önce

    I am glad she finally figured out he is a tool and Mac Miller may have had his. issues as did Pete but did you see the b&w pic of Mac Miller Ari. showed on IG OMG he loved her that look The look in his eyes is the way I look at who I love and I'm sorry but I don't see why u would want to date Pete he's is funny ....??? so is alot of ppl I glad she sent Pete swimming lol

  62. Precious Payne

    Precious Payne3 aylar önce

    They split I knew it they would not last

  63. Sam I Am

    Sam I Am3 aylar önce

    I mean he still smashed, right?

  64. Clary Tessa Emma Fairchild Grey Carstairs

    Clary Tessa Emma Fairchild Grey Carstairs3 aylar önce

    Why is everyone on Ariana's side ... guess what world there's 3 sides to every story Ariana's, Pete's and the TRUTH !!!

  65. Mario Duenas

    Mario Duenas3 aylar önce

    Hey @TheTalko go love my comment down there. You know I’m spitting facts.

  66. Vinix Kramaric

    Vinix Kramaric3 aylar önce

    Ariana has not moved on though she claims to have moved on

  67. Arath Alexander

    Arath Alexander3 aylar önce

    What did he mean with « 0 for 3 »???

  68. Matt Peña

    Matt Peña3 aylar önce

    What a worthless bi*ch! Killed a guy then the guy she made him jealous over she just drops. Peice of sh*t bi*ch. Edit: o yeah this dumb host bi*ch has a bad fake accent.

  69. Slicky Kid

    Slicky Kid3 aylar önce

    It was a idiotic thing to say. But I'm getting a feeling she is definitely and hate to say it drama queen and not sure what both of them are saying. But don't tell me that she caused Mac's death. I'm sorry but that's just doesn't sound right. They were not together for a long time. Mac Miller was sadly either depressed or wasn't well I don't know. But she did not cause his death. I don't wanna a believe it to be true. agree to disagree no hating here. I'm just trying to figure out why people believe that she caused his death. Why she mean to him. Please do tell your side of the story. I'm here to understand what's going on. Think about her struggle when the shooting happened at her concert. Absolutely awful and vicious thing to do to innocent lives.

  70. Your Worstnightmare

    Your Worstnightmare3 aylar önce

    He never used her name he made fun of himself, man she needs to come back to reality!!

  71. Victoria Wassie

    Victoria Wassie3 aylar önce

    what she said was right tho bc everytime pete had a chance to say something that would cause conflict he did it. and he also got her whole fan base hating on her. i understand that he’s a comedian but i think he should give it some time before he does this stuff.

  72. Ghanaan Ozzie osman

    Ghanaan Ozzie osman3 aylar önce

    Can we stop with this Ariana grande and Pete Davidson stuff plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!😒😒😒😒😒😒

  73. Homeboy

    Homeboy3 aylar önce

    Pete was always to good for her overrated bullshit. 😁

  74. JoJo show

    JoJo show3 aylar önce

  75. Einar Jonsson

    Einar Jonsson3 aylar önce

    Ily ari

  76. Alice Mc

    Alice Mc3 aylar önce

    Ariana Grande could literally piss on a homeless person and her fans would still defend her. Pathetic.

  77. xxBladeSnowxx

    xxBladeSnowxx3 aylar önce

    Hes trying to make light of it as a coping mechanism. I say let him do his thing.

  78. Another Sone

    Another Sone3 aylar önce

    Who gets engaged after couple of weeks of being together. They both mad dumb.

  79. silent moon

    silent moon3 aylar önce

    I really think Ariana previously asked him to stop mentioning their relationship in his jokes and change topic, because this would be the only good explanation for this response of hers. And obviously we can’t know what they tell each other in private. Maybe this is the time that Pete kept on doing it so Ariana actually snapped. If this is the case, then she’s right to mention “relevancy”, he’d be taking advantage of this to boost his career even more (no one knew who Pete was before this relationship lol). While Ariana has always been very emotional and involved in her love stories so it’s not weird that she writes things about it (and doesn’t need to boost her career at all).

  80. Esha Rahman

    Esha Rahman3 aylar önce

    Duh I could see this from the start he breaks up with his girlfriend at the same time ariana Grande broke up with her boyfriend Mac Miller(miss him so much ly❤) then they just happen to meet straight after that. Then like 1 week later they start dating bcos Pete intentionally bumped into ariana Grande

  81. inXine

    inXine3 aylar önce

    He is a comedian, ariana needs some serious me time and grow up a little.

  82. Ana Tochimani

    Ana Tochimani3 aylar önce

    Wasn't Ariana the to say that was the way he dealt with pain? I understand she may be hurt but let's all not be so harsh on other people...

  83. allure searles

    allure searles3 aylar önce

    Ari should have not taken it seriously he's a comedian it's a job

  84. leahsodyssey123

    leahsodyssey1233 aylar önce

    Love Ariana, but she really needs to let Pete heal in his own way.

  85. Super Sy

    Super Sy3 aylar önce

    I don’t think he was dissing Ariana at all. He is more so dissing himself about how he keeps failing at love. That’s just how comedians deal with such things. Yeah, SNL is milking it but none of it is targeted to offend Ariana. However, Ariana went through so much her anger is excusable. People shouldn’t be harsh. Hope she feels better soon.

  86. George Chege

    George Chege3 aylar önce

    The best channek

  87. kim love

    kim love3 aylar önce

    Like what ever

  88. Brooke Faulkner

    Brooke Faulkner3 aylar önce


  89. ari fandom

    ari fandom3 aylar önce


  90. Awesomesauce Souls

    Awesomesauce Souls3 aylar önce

    So she can deal wit it how she wants and he can't? He got mega used by her!!

  91. Alex Stanley

    Alex Stanley3 aylar önce

    I have to stick up for Pete. He has so many mental illnesses and things wrong with him that he just doesn't know how to cope and act. I feel bad for both of them, but I've known and loved Pete much longer. Give him a break PLEASE.

  92. Fan of Too Much

    Fan of Too Much3 aylar önce

    They went from loving each other to shading each other

  93. Sierra Chenault.

    Sierra Chenault.3 aylar önce

    Pete davidson is an Idiot, and not right for Ariana Grande u deserve better then him. He is a looser don't forget that. Ariana You're amazing talanted Singer, and you are Beautiful nothing can change that I LOVE YOU'RE SONGS❤❤❤

  94. marrissa Lambert

    marrissa Lambert3 aylar önce

    Y'all probably need to change the title because it sounds really biased. His feelings are just as valid as hers 😤

  95. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel Martinez3 aylar önce

    Fucking entertainment Hoe...close ur legs..lil girl

  96. sephora k

    sephora k3 aylar önce

    he didn’t even use her name tho

  97. Nehlin Ahmed

    Nehlin Ahmed3 aylar önce

    I feel bad for her but I knew that they rushed it. Hopefully she’ll take things slow next time and have a happy relationship! But it’s her choice!

  98. Hannah's Crazy World

    Hannah's Crazy World3 aylar önce

    Meow, love this channel🤗😘

  99. phoenix42890

    phoenix428903 aylar önce

    I’m with Pete when life hands you Lemons make lemonade.. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  100. Tatiana Morgan

    Tatiana Morgan3 aylar önce

    He’s using SNL as an outlet for his pain obviously

  101. Gotta Blast

    Gotta Blast3 aylar önce

    Y'all need to stop with this "BuT hE's A cOmEdIAn" excuse. Y'all look dumb and the line is tired.

  102. marrissa Lambert

    marrissa Lambert3 aylar önce

    It's not an excuse. Remember Ariana defended his right to make jokes to cope, she can't take it back now.

  103. Monica Garbanzo

    Monica Garbanzo3 aylar önce

    He’s a comedian, he’s just making fun of his own life. He had half of the break up too, and has the right to say whatever he wants about it. Leave the dude alone

  104. Kate R

    Kate R3 aylar önce

    It’s self deprecating humor. Not towards Ari. I understand she’s in pain but it’s his pain too.

  105. Finn Uzumaki

    Finn Uzumaki3 aylar önce

    but he’s a comedian. thats how some people just cope w stuff. smh

  106. Beans luhmow

    Beans luhmow3 aylar önce

    He's a Comedian. She needs to get over it.

  107. sophia barrett

    sophia barrett3 aylar önce

    I love ari and all, but..... common. The guy made jokes about his dad that died in 9/11 and you expected him not to make jokes about y’alls 2 month long engagement. I’m surprised he hasn’t compared it to Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage yet, Js.

  108. Süß Mensch

    Süß Mensch3 aylar önce

    It's "going on" not "gongging on" dafuq?