Barbie Instagram - SNL


  1. Vlasis T

    Vlasis TGün önce

    I can’t shake that funk off me

  2. Edie Delgadillo

    Edie Delgadillo2 gün önce

    omg this best snl skit I seen a while!! LOL

  3. victoria Sunshine

    victoria Sunshine2 gün önce

    I need a barbie playdate with Donald. if I ever get famous, I will come to Donalds house with barbies.

  4. T W

    T W3 gün önce

    I freaked out bc one of the girls name is Tamra and that’s my name!

  5. Zil Osorno

    Zil Osorno3 gün önce

    Pete Davidson is not funny.

  6. Frosted MattieWheats

    Frosted MattieWheats3 gün önce

    4:05 I died

  7. Kenni Vest

    Kenni Vest4 gün önce

    da fuck is donald doing here

  8. Vered Cookie

    Vered Cookie4 gün önce

    The airhead( white boy) The emo (black guy) , The captain obvious (girl)

  9. sofia hernandez

    sofia hernandez5 gün önce

    I'm DEAD

  10. Akash Nidhi P S

    Akash Nidhi P S6 gün önce

    Been there, Done that , so Built this App which suggests much better captions and hashtags than those 3 interns. Try it out :)

  11. robert cochran

    robert cochran6 gün önce

    This is not funny. SNL sucks!!!

  12. Cup of Tae, w/Suga Kookies & no jams

    Cup of Tae, w/Suga Kookies & no jams7 gün önce

    I actually would love to see a movie where Barbie finds out she's a toy. An emotional self realization. It'll start off w/ her questioning were the pink convertible & big mansion came from. How she still looks 25 even though it has been several decades now. Why nothing bad ever happens. How she was able to (legally) work hundreds of professional jobs even though she never remembers going to school for them and even if she did go to school, it would take several years to learn the occupations. Why she has vague nightmares of being put on a 50% off Black Friday sale while trapped in a small plastic box in aisle 15 of Toys R Us . Why she can't properly bend her knees. Then somehow, one night she gets transported from the fake Malibu world to the real world. That's when she'll discover who she is. That it's all fake. She'll learn about Mattel. She'll visit factorys were thousands of Barbie dolls that look just like her are pieced together w/ machines. She'll discover Barbie movies, Barbie coloring books, Barbie halloween costumes, and..... she'll meet Nicki Minaj. She'll have many emotional breakdowns. And then she'll reach the all time low when she learns that kids don't want Barbie anymore because they're too busy w/ video games, fidget spinners, & making slime videos. Little girls no longer eat Barbie fruit snacks because their vegan moms only give them flaxseed crackers. This is when she comes to realize that even though she's just a plastic mold without moveable toes & synthetic blonde highlights, she must save the Barbie name & regain her spot as top dog. In the process she meets an abandoned GI Joe & falls in love after realizing she never loved Ken. She was just programmed that way. Along the way she meets Sasha the Bratz doll. And though their friendship was rough in the beginning, Barbie knows that a lot of Sasha's anger comes from the fact that she was forgotten too. They quickly become friends. But then Sasha drowns in a river shortly after because her big head sunk to the ground. After Barbie saves the world she returns back to fake Malibu w/ G.I and gets flexible thumb surgery. (Which she operated on herself because she use to be a surgeon)

  13. James Rawlins

    James Rawlins7 gün önce

    This skit just kept getting funnier and funnier as it went on - Donald Glover is hillarious

  14. Matt Billy

    Matt Billy7 gün önce

    Every time I stumble upon this video I immediately go check Barbie's IG page.

  15. saturnnfox

    saturnnfox8 gün önce

    Someone needs to make a Barbie insta account only with Donald’s captions

  16. SuperDuperKiwi

    SuperDuperKiwi8 gün önce

    I love Donald Glover

  17. Dom Shaheen

    Dom Shaheen8 gün önce

    Hi, it’s Barbie - I can’t find my dog.

  18. kylesteinhauser

    kylesteinhauser8 gün önce

    Kenan and Donald play off each other so well, two pros.

  19. Ethel Simeon

    Ethel Simeon9 gün önce

    "It's almost not night anymore" ahahahaha I love this sketch!!

  20. Liz

    Liz9 gün önce

    Instagramers are that stupid with there captions!

  21. Ramon Reyes

    Ramon Reyes9 gün önce

    Good lord, this would be the greatest Instagram account.

  22. AdamGoesPEW

    AdamGoesPEW9 gün önce

    I'm dying.

  23. fajita fajita

    fajita fajita10 gün önce

    “today is the first and very last day of my life”

  24. Caro yeEt

    Caro yeEt10 gün önce

    I’ve watched this too many times

  25. RedHeadRedemption

    RedHeadRedemption10 gün önce

    This would be a great recurring character for Donald, just pitching increasingly alarming ideas for various marketing/social media campaigns

  26. Kitten Resident

    Kitten Resident11 gün önce

    I remember when I was a kid, SNL was actually funny.

  27. Darious Nelson

    Darious Nelson11 gün önce

    2:33 You can tell he wanted to laugh 😂😂😂

  28. XxFlaming SoulxX

    XxFlaming SoulxX11 gün önce

    Jason's captions are me .

  29. Deku kushR

    Deku kushR13 gün önce

    Lmao one of the best ive seen

  30. Ashley Pacheco

    Ashley Pacheco13 gün önce

    Who went on the Barbie’s Instagram page after watching this? 😆

  31. Alexa the Tea Lizard

    Alexa the Tea Lizard13 gün önce

    2:34 you can see Donald trying not to laugh and it's hilarious

  32. gringochucha

    gringochucha13 gün önce

    And I just found out that there actually is an official Barbie Instagram page...

  33. Valerie

    Valerie14 gün önce

    “It’s not a chocolate bar” lol

  34. Laura Kolb

    Laura Kolb14 gün önce

    I haven't laughed this hard in so long.

  35. Dom Shaheen

    Dom Shaheen15 gün önce

    Donald Glover every season please.

  36. Homeowner with a Comb over

    Homeowner with a Comb over15 gün önce

    This is absolutely the best! I love it😂.

  37. Amjad Mustafa

    Amjad Mustafa16 gün önce

    "It's the only way she can be free" I died at that point 😂🤣😂🤣

  38. Cashman2323 YT

    Cashman2323 YT17 gün önce

    Every like I get I will add another 🍔 🍔

  39. Enya Epps

    Enya Epps17 gün önce

    Holy shoot, it's my main man, Childish Gambino

  40. MyNycgirl

    MyNycgirl17 gün önce

    She has one boyfriend

  41. dani

    dani18 gün önce

    pete's hair looks adorable

  42. JamJam

    JamJam18 gün önce

    You know it’s a good skit when even Donald Grover cracks a little 2:35

  43. Isabel Miriam

    Isabel Miriam19 gün önce

    How did Donald keep a straight face the whole time?! 😂

  44. Queen Queen

    Queen Queen19 gün önce

    Didn’t laugh once

  45. Zoey 101

    Zoey 10120 gün önce

    Pete davidson was hot af here

  46. Cashman2323 YT

    Cashman2323 YT21 gün önce

    👱🏻‍♀️ 1st what I think 👗🍫 👖 “I’m Barbie and I’m holding a chocolate 🍫 bar* 👱🏻‍♀️ 2nd what I think 👚 👖 🐶. “hi I lost by cat 🐈 plz help” 👱🏻‍♀️ 🧥 👢 “wow what a beautiful view”

  47. Abby Sprawka

    Abby Sprawka21 gün önce

    for the second one i woulda said *spills tea*

  48. Grace C

    Grace C21 gün önce

    Donald Glover’s part are 🤣 ,,,,,,,,

  49. Eric Bonewicz

    Eric Bonewicz21 gün önce

    “Now me”

  50. Adelaide Beeman-White

    Adelaide Beeman-White21 gün önce

    “It’s the only way she can be free.” HA HA HA!

  51. Detrich Reyes

    Detrich Reyes22 gün önce

    That awkward moment when you lose your Barbie doll at the park and then realize that you are a grown man with little to no social skills and less than a pre-school education. Beeeeotch

  52. Overwatch is SPlatoon 2

    Overwatch is SPlatoon 222 gün önce

    I love Barbie because she is rich and in toy story and according to my fan fiction loves Shrek

  53. Drago

    Drago22 gün önce

    Ken you not do that

  54. Lucy Link

    Lucy Link22 gün önce

    *listen to me boy*

  55. violetclover1224

    violetclover122425 gün önce

    I can't believe they didn't use the phrase "clutching my chocolate bar"

  56. journey1186

    journey118625 gün önce

    damn those blonde jokes tho lmao

  57. Jitana Martinez

    Jitana Martinez26 gün önce

    The captions they had are basically the summary of life in the dreamhouse when I watch it with the kids I babysit 😂

  58. Rooster 2000

    Rooster 200026 gün önce

    Why couldn't we have gotten a Lando film with Glover instead of Solo?

  59. yohan zheng

    yohan zheng27 gün önce

    Wait isn’t that Donald Gloover from this I’d America

  60. Hazel Grace

    Hazel Grace28 gün önce

    “That’s the only way she will be free”

  61. Martin Shkreli

    Martin Shkreli28 gün önce

    This was BORING!!

  62. J.T. Tomas

    J.T. Tomas29 gün önce

    sketch of commercial?

  63. Mark Jackson

    Mark JacksonAylar önce


  64. Robin Robin

    Robin RobinAylar önce

    donald glover's character is me LMAO

  65. 11cylynt11

    11cylynt11Aylar önce

    Cecily Strong looking thick! 🍆💦

  66. bean

    beanAylar önce

    this is one of my faves ngl

  67. Joseph Schneider

    Joseph SchneiderAylar önce

    Tamaras answers seemed 100% Barbie to me!

  68. Ivan Cardenas

    Ivan CardenasAylar önce


  69. Astro Fuse

    Astro FuseAylar önce

    This is America

  70. Jo

    JoAylar önce

    “I’m so stupid goodbye”

  71. weston depratt

    weston deprattAylar önce

    “It’s Barbie bitch” great caption for the phone

  72. Ashley Hernandez

    Ashley HernandezAylar önce

    I can watch this over and over again and crack up every single time😂

  73. Memesus

    MemesusAylar önce

    Donald Glover is so funny

  74. Laura Caskey

    Laura CaskeyAylar önce

    I need Donald Glover to become a repeat host.

  75. Melissa Hancock

    Melissa HancockAylar önce

    I’m back to thinking about that girl from four years ago! 😂

  76. Violet Snowflakes

    Violet SnowflakesAylar önce

    They need to have Donald as a host again!

  77. MidnightMix

    MidnightMixAylar önce

    Donald Glover got me thinking deep and laughing.

  78. Ursie Minor

    Ursie MinorAylar önce

    I love this skit, I love Donald and Pete so much

  79. Rondalyn Reynolds

    Rondalyn ReynoldsAylar önce

    I love Donald Glover!

  80. Nathan P

    Nathan PAylar önce

    That guy in the turtleneck is possessed by Daria Morgendorffer.

  81. Brigitte McDonough

    Brigitte McDonoughAylar önce

    Just press a button!

  82. Ryan Smith

    Ryan SmithAylar önce

    “I’m Barbie.”, “ She’s answering the phone saying ‘I’m Barbie.’ ?” , “No, She’s just thinking it” 😂 💀 😆 ❤️

  83. David Wade

    David WadeAylar önce


  84. Yasmin Ib

    Yasmin IbAylar önce


  85. enlightenedapple

    enlightenedappleAylar önce

    I want more of this.

  86. not even mad

    not even madAylar önce

    Hold my beer

  87. Tee Jay

    Tee JayAylar önce

    Awww that is freakin hilarious 😂😂😂

  88. Naveed Sheikh

    Naveed SheikhAylar önce

    This is the funniest skit i have ever seen on SNL. I laughed so hard on the middle one's captions.

  89. Naveed Sheikh

    Naveed SheikhAylar önce


  90. tymarrie

    tymarrieAylar önce

    You can see that Donald is trying so hard not to laugh

  91. moimoi819

    moimoi819Aylar önce

    Pete Davidson sounded like Jay from Big Mouth. It made this sketch even more enjoyable.

  92. Alice Cooper

    Alice CooperAylar önce

    Donald glover went to the Emmys as a white man and no one said "white face" or anything!!

  93. V B

    V BAylar önce

    Heidi's character reminds me so much of Phoebe from Friends 😂

  94. Falis Ali

    Falis AliAylar önce

    I can’t stop laughing 😂

  95. Silver Anna

    Silver AnnaAylar önce

    And also a raging alcoholic if u watch sam and Mickey's Barbie parodies

  96. angkur rongpi

    angkur rongpiAylar önce

    Fuck SNL and the whole cast..Tell them Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass..More specifically they can kiss my asswhole..

  97. MovieFanZ

    MovieFanZAylar önce

    This scene made me chuckle just based on the different personalities displayed

  98. Roberta 29

    Roberta 29Aylar önce

    “It’s the only way she can be free”

  99. sila

    silaAylar önce

    where do i get that outfit that the blonde girl is wearing?

  100. Cabrera Cristal

    Cabrera CristalAylar önce

    Childish gambino!!! 😃

  101. Kdl Kek

    Kdl KekAylar önce

    Donald tho