Barbie Instagram - SNL


  1. X Praize

    X Praize13 saatler önce

    Dude Pete's nose!!

  2. Luis Hernandez

    Luis Hernandez14 saatler önce

    wait how are there no comments

  3. Kira Rogers

    Kira RogersGün önce


  4. MidnightCanvas

    MidnightCanvasGün önce

    These are actually really good captions

  5. Nicky Navarro

    Nicky Navarro2 gün önce


  6. Crazy RaniRantan

    Crazy RaniRantan2 gün önce

    Is that Donald Glover I spy??

  7. Donna Robinson

    Donna Robinson3 gün önce


  8. Katelyn

    Katelyn4 gün önce

    Is that barbie?

  9. Énio Ângelo

    Énio Ângelo5 gün önce

    “Not by Barbie. NOT BY BARBIE” 😂😂😂😂

  10. Nicko Cox

    Nicko Cox5 gün önce

    It was just the delivery of the one intern girl’s ideas that made it so funny!

  11. J Scott

    J Scott6 gün önce

    Best episode hands down

  12. Sherry Berry

    Sherry Berry8 gün önce

    Lord, I love Glover in this. 🙌

  13. Erica

    Erica9 gün önce

    This was too good!

  14. Zoey Cardinal

    Zoey Cardinal9 gün önce

    You can tell that Donald Glover was kind of having a hard time doing this with a straight face 😂

  15. Khoe Tran

    Khoe Tran11 gün önce

    Of course cause Barbie is dumb

  16. A Person

    A Person12 gün önce

    Omg! Cecily LOOKS AMAZING!!!!💕😍

  17. Sarcosmic

    Sarcosmic12 gün önce

    I adore the turtleneck guy's voice and lines 😂 The existential horror he delivers so smoothly, ahahaha

  18. MauraMars

    MauraMars12 gün önce

    Barbies ptsd tho

  19. Kira Davila

    Kira Davila13 gün önce

    My Captions Haha lol My Clutch be loolin like a chocolate My Puppy is adorbs Malibu is pretty just like my braid

  20. Dylan Watersnake

    Dylan Watersnake13 gün önce


  21. Janaa Manning

    Janaa Manning13 gün önce

    donald's character was pure gold

  22. Jeff

    Jeff14 gün önce

    lol Barbie actually does have an instagram account

  23. Ava Cooyar

    Ava Cooyar15 gün önce

    2:45 He sooo broke character lmaoo

  24. Ropsana Khanom

    Ropsana Khanom15 gün önce

    Bernard?! Is this...the drawing board for WESTWORLD?!

  25. hey_thatsme

    hey_thatsme16 gün önce

    *i see Donald ~ I click.*

  26. All Mouth

    All Mouth17 gün önce

    0:47, if it was a chocolate bar that would be a good caption.

  27. L Collins

    L Collins17 gün önce

    Love to Keenan but he’s just an actor he’s not naturally funny.

  28. Sebastian A

    Sebastian A17 gün önce

    Donald is so damn talented

  29. Muse California

    Muse California18 gün önce

    I love Donald Glover!

  30. New Thought

    New Thought19 gün önce

    These sketches are way too similar, time for an update SNL!

  31. Nae S.

    Nae S.19 gün önce

    Donald’s character needs to be in more sketches, he is gold 🤣

  32. HeyLexxxie

    HeyLexxxie19 gün önce

    I want to make a Barbie Instagram that posts things like Donald Glover said 😂

  33. Elaine Cherry

    Elaine Cherry19 gün önce

    Donald Glover is a great actor and singer. I really love him on SNL.

  34. Awaking Beauty

    Awaking Beauty20 gün önce

    Peter is not good

  35. Hanah m.

    Hanah m.20 gün önce

    depressed Barbie is cool

  36. Just Another Person

    Just Another Person20 gün önce

    "I can't shake the image of that girl getting hit by that car"😂

  37. LuLu Pera

    LuLu Pera20 gün önce

    watching this i just about died!!!!!!!!! 😝😂😂😆

  38. Kadgee

    Kadgee21 gün önce

    You can see Donald trying not to laugh .

  39. Spotless Mind

    Spotless Mind23 gün önce

    Pete Davidson looks good here

  40. Kit Kat

    Kit Kat23 gün önce

    BEST guest in a long time

  41. Zimmit's Fabulous Wonder Hoagies

    Zimmit's Fabulous Wonder Hoagies23 gün önce

    While it was funny to hear the dopey things Pete and the other girl said, I think it would have been even funnier if they gave average, short, expected answers; and then Donald's answers of course would have still been a goofy contrast. I actually also wanted to hear some peppy captions, lol.

  42. Emil Guarina

    Emil Guarina24 gün önce

    I love the way he first said I just can't with the emphasis on the c,a,t with the silent n

  43. Trucking Lane's

    Trucking Lane's25 gün önce

    2019 anyone? They did another one with a less talented person and it made me miss Donald and wish he was a current cast member.

  44. skylar jewel

    skylar jewel26 gün önce

    Pete looks like he’s trying to hide a fart in every thumbnail of every video he’s in lmao

  45. Limit Shulik

    Limit Shulik26 gün önce

    After watching this, I went ahead and actually followed the Barbie Instagram account

  46. Diabolical Dr. Saturnyne

    Diabolical Dr. Saturnyne26 gün önce

    Has anyone found the Instagram of This!!!

  47. JP O'Brien

    JP O'Brien26 gün önce

    Anyone else's back here after watching the not-as-good sequel with Rachel Brosnahan?

  48. Chandra Powell

    Chandra Powell27 gün önce

    Finally.. THIS was funny😁😂😂😂!

  49. Aidan Payan

    Aidan Payan27 gün önce

    “There goes Barbie, poor thing, she doesn’t know she’s a toy”

  50. Aidan Payan

    Aidan Payan27 gün önce

    Donald Glover made me fall out of my chair laughing

  51. giggity goochers

    giggity goochers28 gün önce

    Dang I didn’t know BTI era Gambino was on SNL

  52. Funnywright27

    Funnywright2728 gün önce

    this may be my favourite snl sketch 😂

  53. S I E R R A

    S I E R R A29 gün önce

    Donald really made me die laughing everytime😂😂😂

  54. just plain_name

    just plain_name29 gün önce

    More of the short pink dress please.

  55. Amber Beam

    Amber BeamAylar önce

    2:35 - that slight smile :)

  56. Name Unknown

    Name UnknownAylar önce

    “I’m Barbie” “she’s practicing” Ha some dead😂😂😂

  57. Nilam Zygmunt

    Nilam ZygmuntAylar önce

    Who came here after Ken? To admire how amazing Donald Glover is 🤫

  58. Leshaun Bankole

    Leshaun BankoleAylar önce

    *It’s the fact that Donald Glover had no expression whatsoever and more or less monotone in this skit made me laugh so much...* 😆😂

  59. Tryingcovers

    TryingcoversAylar önce

    Its almost not night anymore 😂😂

  60. Femalicious One and Only

    Femalicious One and OnlyAylar önce

    I swear, I have had people like this in my study groups😂😂😂😂

  61. Steven Quigley

    Steven QuigleyAylar önce

    "Listen to me boy"

  62. Esri Arc

    Esri ArcAylar önce

    why do I love this

  63. Max Lustgarten

    Max LustgartenAylar önce

    who’s here after the ken sketch

  64. Lexi Grace

    Lexi GraceAylar önce


  65. Tajic Blade of the Legion

    Tajic Blade of the LegionAylar önce

    Who else is back after watching the Ken Instagram one?

  66. Black Panther

    Black PantherAylar önce

    Donald Glover is on another level.

  67. JDMime

    JDMimeAylar önce

    Even though Donald Glover almost breaks many times, this is excellent. I do think there's always one overqualified person at every meeting. . . .the deep thinkers. :)

  68. Opinunate ted

    Opinunate tedAylar önce

    I think that "Existential Self Awareness Crisis" Barbie has a real future.

  69. C _00

    C _00Aylar önce

    Had to come back to this after that last ken sketch that missed the mark

  70. Open your mind

    Open your mindAylar önce

    Donald Glover was hilarious here! Great delivery.

  71. David Murray

    David MurrayAylar önce

    Donald Glover is a freak of nature. What can he not do lol.

  72. Liorah Goldsmith

    Liorah GoldsmithAylar önce

    Barbie doesn't sound like a word anymore

  73. Kirby Coffman

    Kirby CoffmanAylar önce

    -am I cool yet?-

  74. fajita fajita

    fajita fajitaAylar önce

    my favorite skit from snl

  75. Quantasia Fluker

    Quantasia FlukerAylar önce

    That's what's under the jacuzzi!

  76. Miguel Alejandro

    Miguel AlejandroAylar önce

    Who came back after seeing the Ken Instagram skit?

  77. Brenna Pelletier

    Brenna Pelletier8 gün önce

    Same here. I think addressing the trauma is important.

  78. Roni Jae

    Roni Jae25 gün önce

    +SilentSaturn ahh of course!! 😂

  79. SilentSaturn

    SilentSaturn25 gün önce

    +Roni Jae Yes, cause it was Ken driving the car. That's why they're both so traumatized. 😜

  80. Roni Jae

    Roni Jae25 gün önce

    +SilentSaturn oh ok so the girl from four years ago is under the jaccuzi 😂

  81. SilentSaturn

    SilentSaturn25 gün önce

    +Roni Jae They're the same thing.

  82. Chocolate Daddy

    Chocolate DaddyAylar önce

    Am I the only one that thinks the caption about her not being able to find her dog was a good one?

  83. Eric's Evo

    Eric's EvoAylar önce

    I don't get the humor

  84. Chad Kase

    Chad KaseAylar önce

    Does Pete have a black eye?

  85. Coin

    CoinAylar önce

    Better than the Ken skit😅

  86. Arcadia _

    Arcadia _Aylar önce

    That guy in the middle is basically me.

  87. Gabbi Durham

    Gabbi DurhamAylar önce

    *Today is the first and very last day of my life* 😭😭😂

  88. Devin Laker

    Devin LakerAylar önce

    I actually just found out Donald Glover and Childish Gambino are the same person

  89. stephsmithanie

    stephsmithanieAylar önce


  90. Lola VanWinkle

    Lola VanWinkleAylar önce

    i miss long hair pete

  91. David Salas

    David SalasAylar önce

    Watch @couplething it’s all Barbie trying to kill ken

  92. Hannah Mae Lowe

    Hannah Mae LoweAylar önce

    is that childish gambino

  93. Devin Laker

    Devin LakerAylar önce

    Hannah Mae Lowe yeah

  94. Hannah Mae Lowe

    Hannah Mae LoweAylar önce

    Donny Laker yeah aren’t they the same person

  95. Devin Laker

    Devin LakerAylar önce

    Hannah Mae Lowe it’s Donald Glover

  96. chris olson

    chris olsonAylar önce

    Does Heidi talk like that in real life?

  97. MsAngelsheart

    MsAngelsheartAylar önce

    “It’s the only way she can be free”

  98. GTA5Player1

    GTA5Player1Aylar önce

    Oh millennials...

  99. Luz Rodriguez

    Luz RodriguezAylar önce

    Love this episode

  100. Mark Hillmon

    Mark HillmonAylar önce

    Donald Glover was hysterical in this.

  101. shazzy

    shazzyAylar önce

    i think the only funny part of this sketch was donald everyone else really wasint funny rip snl has gone downhill

  102. Bluedevi Tekken monster

    Bluedevi Tekken monsterAylar önce

    He almost broke character lol

  103. Scott Fitzgerald

    Scott FitzgeraldAylar önce

    My commercial was of Ariana grande. Ironic.

  104. Dayton Midwest

    Dayton MidwestAylar önce

    Donald Glover is perfect in this loooolllll😂😂😂😂

  105. Anaranya Majumder

    Anaranya MajumderAylar önce

    Tamra's captions are relevant

  106. Kainoa Teague

    Kainoa TeagueAylar önce

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 Omfg . The guy with the brown jacket

  107. Owee Go

    Owee GoAylar önce

    I was like, "this dude looks like Childish Gambino." And it said that, the actor in the middle was Donald Glover, so I Googled it and...OoOooOookk. He is talented 👌🏻

  108. Owee Go

    Owee GoAylar önce

    I was like, "this dude looks like Childish Gambino." And it said that, the actor in the middle was Donald Glover, so I Googled it and...OoOooOookk. He is talented 👌🏻