California mass shooting: At least 12 killed at Thousand Oaks bar


  1. InvasionXr alex

    InvasionXr alex4 saatler önce

    can i safley say THIS IS DONALD TRUMPS FAULT

  2. Sebastian

    Sebastian9 saatler önce

    I fcking hate muslim. Ok fine america go on defending muslim the more you defend them the more they will bomb your country. Fact is fact you will never know until you are the victim.

  3. Kenneth Royer

    Kenneth Royer15 saatler önce

    The THOUSAND HOAX faked ; no one shot; no one died or wounded; PROPAGANDA for the masses!

  4. Kenneth Royer

    Kenneth Royer15 saatler önce

    Ha ha ha ha and just more and more laughs this staged faked mass shooting propaganda event is so lame! Total low rent 3rd rate piece of work. As an American taxpayer we are delivered crappy fake shootings. Come on DHS you need to step up your game!

  5. Brugar18

    Brugar1816 saatler önce

    pfff who cares those killed people should be burned on public tv and that guy who killed them should get nobel peace prize

  6. Ro Ca

    Ro Ca22 saatler önce hoaxy.......

  7. Because of Me

    Because of MeGün önce

    "For no reaon" 😁😂😁

  8. R C

    R CGün önce

    Lol this is America

  9. madbubblegum

    madbubblegumGün önce

    America.... The mass shooting capital of the world.

  10. Blahstar Records

    Blahstar Records2 gün önce

    all guns must be banned. the government should go into every American household and take them away. Black market sellers should be shot on sight.


    DAVID TROUT2 gün önce


  12. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel Lopez2 gün önce

    thank god republicans have stopped DHS from investigating right wing extremists and instead focus all their efforrts on fighting dirt poor cental american migrants

  13. H B

    H B2 gün önce

    Cameras were already here to catch people running away from the bar. The video someone took on the inside there are no people there at all, and 12 people dead...not one person on film. And the camera man took a minute to stop and record shooting sounds after everyone had run out before he ran out? Wtf

  14. ThE GrEaT OwL

    ThE GrEaT OwL2 gün önce

    California dreaming....

  15. Teya Gomez

    Teya Gomez2 gün önce

    my city 😔❤️

  16. Rebekah Powers

    Rebekah Powers2 gün önce

    Cave peoples,keep killing each other,white on white crime at its best ....crackers 😂😂😂

  17. Rebekah Powers

    Rebekah Powers2 gün önce

    Danny Carmichael 😂😂😂😂you’re right

  18. Rebekah Powers

    Rebekah Powers2 gün önce

    Danny Carmichael yep 😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  19. Danny Carmichael

    Danny Carmichael2 gün önce

    Rebekah Powers Or 🐷🔫🐖😭😭😭

  20. Danny Carmichael

    Danny Carmichael2 gün önce

    Rebekah Powers PINK on PINK crime is more accurate. Get it. 🐷🐷🐷😂😂😂

  21. Philip Edwards

    Philip Edwards3 gün önce

    They don't want the white boys name leaked.. Ha... White terrorism. America is back to its greatness.. Since 1492 Eh?

  22. Danny Carmichael

    Danny Carmichael2 gün önce


  23. Brittani DeTiege

    Brittani DeTiege3 gün önce

    Faith without works is dead. While prayers are powerful, the actions taken behind those prayers are what make the difference. A serious move needs to be made on the mental welfare of America. The government should pay for everyone to have coverage to improve their mental stability, whether insured or not. We can't wait until this hits home personally to take action, because unfortunately this won't stop until enough of us pull together to do something about it.

  24. Jayden

    Jayden3 gün önce

    Also you can't disregard Flat Earth, and the Matrix Theory after you watch this? Just makes you really think.

  25. Jayden

    Jayden3 gün önce

    Mass Shootings could be stopped, I love the 2nd Amendment, and I support anyone who is responsible the right to bear arms. However that being said, I believe proper education needs to be provided, example parents need to keep their guns secured in a safe, and education about general safety should be given out. What's really messed up is how easy it is to get a firearm, I am not saying it should be hard but in general a person can buy a Second-Hand weapon without any safety information, warnings or anything and even have an accident due to handling the weapon incorrectly. - What we are lucky with so far is that as far as shootings go most students who have done mass-shootings have been unskilled with use of a weapon I've seen news reports where a student took pipe bombs to school, even 300 rounds of AMMO at one point and failed to actually harm many because their skills were really bad that is how we are lucky so far. But the thing is that shootings in general such as schools, and hospitals should have better security which is part of the main problem behind these mass shootings is that students who go to school are not properly screened for having a firearm, or a explosive device, take Boston Marathon as an example, and watch the "Netflix Series" "Terrorism Close Calls" you will notice that the compounds used are very easy to make with knowledge you can find online on the dark web (non disclosed) and could pose a risk to those experienced enough both chemistry wise, and technology wise which is why security should be our number one concern. Basic things such as - Metal Detectors - Gunshot detectors - Security Guards (Not rent-a-cops) - Bans on (Backpacks) - Preventing bullying - Education in courage others to report things they see that are suspicious. Generally speaking even the most basic of things can prevent a shooting, or explosive device that could cause many casualties, but many of the most big places in America since 9/11 in my eyes are not doing enough to prevent what could happen, as for how for example students could do their work, well get rid of home-work, and do school work on Tablets, and keep all resources such as school supplies in school for a flat $5 fee per month or something per student, anything is better as you can't put a dollar amount on any human life. The only places with even better security I've seen this year were - Blizzcon - Twitch Con Big events increased security, was it 100% safe no, nothing is 100% safe but they at least did their best to try to make a fun event safe compared to some places in America. Also a bonus on top of this, Identity Theft, and Fraud, as well as Cyber Security in many places in America especially places that keep your records such as a doctors office are very vulnerable to hackers stealing your personal information true fact that many do not do enough to even protect your privacy. - Don't forget about how easy it is to get weapons on the street, or buy 80% arms / 3D Printed as well which is part of the problem of making firearm owners responsible within reason for their own weapons. Obviously I will keep everyone in prayer, and hope this never happens again to anyone, and I strongly encourage people to read the good book called "The BIble" teaches many things generally even if you don't believe in a specific way, believe that it's more of a guide of how to live life and what not to do. Also remember the "DHS" Guides, and (If you see something suspecious) report it to police.

  26. M A

    M A3 gün önce

    it bothers me when the sheriff states it does not matter where you live, even if your community is safe it can happen anywhere.... REALLY... but it should not happen anywhere!!!!!!!, we are living on fear, this is unfair, how many people have to die before gun laws change, and please more funding for mental health treatments. Sad we should not get used to this, 307 mass shooting in 311days in this year (2018) almost everyday. I am afraid to go in public places now. God protects us all!!

  27. markv75 instagram photographer

    markv75 instagram photographer3 gün önce

    Nasty person, just disgusting. No morals.

  28. Food & Travel

    Food & Travel3 gün önce

    Over and over and over.......the killers and rapist are domestic. Let's just say he's a foreigner because his last name is Long. Maybe Chinese?

  29. Clinton Stewart

    Clinton Stewart3 gün önce

    Im laughing at conspiracy theorist. Its not false flags, its not make believe, its not crisis actors, its not a conspiracy to take your guns. NO Dummys. ITS GODS JUDGEMENT and its only going to get worse. Its just a beginning of and apocalypse that movies been showing you all your life. Man White people should be shitting bricks by now, its been 300 + mass shootings this year. Wild fires constantly burning Cali this year. Coincidence all of them white people, Helloooo???

  30. Clinton Stewart

    Clinton Stewart2 gün önce

    +Danny Carmichael pink in all the white places then

  31. Danny Carmichael

    Danny Carmichael2 gün önce

    Please replace white with PINK. Hahahaha!!!

  32. whoo else

    whoo else3 gün önce

    They're in denial as usual. They dont wanna admit that they are their biggest enemy.

  33. GIRLonMW2

    GIRLonMW23 gün önce

    Is I-yan, or E-yen?

  34. Joseph Telles

    Joseph Telles3 gün önce

    It's crazy that some people think mass shootings are staged...the NRA has so many people on strings

  35. whoo else

    whoo else3 gün önce

    White folks, ya see this? Your biggest threat is YOURSELVES, not some black guy wearing a hoodie with a small amount of weed in his pocket. You're the same folks who stay bragging & boasting about your high IQ, going to this school & that school, etc. but most of you have very little common sense. And you wonder why you're on the decline.

  36. Danny Carmichael

    Danny Carmichael2 gün önce

    whoo else Pink folks is a better description. Btw he dindu nuffin.

  37. John Smith'

    John Smith'4 gün önce

    So this guy walks into a bar.....

  38. michelle c

    michelle c4 gün önce

    No matter what people will still get guns through the black market. How will banning guns completely make us safe

  39. Brian PRM

    Brian PRM4 gün önce

    Right wing nut?

  40. enemigo 505

    enemigo 5054 gün önce

    We dont need foreign terrorists. American know how cant be matched.

  41. Raghu Seetharaman

    Raghu Seetharaman4 gün önce

    One of two laws need to be passed. *If the public does not want to give up ownership of guns* 1. All guns need to have unhackable fingerprint scanners only issued to an owner who has undergone extensive background check and testing. 2. Sale of semi-automatics should be made illegal. *If public is okay with relinquishing ownership of guns* 1. Make the sale of any gun illegal. *"Like" if you agree*

  42. Tyson the G.O.A.T Fury

    Tyson the G.O.A.T Fury4 gün önce

    Well, he watched This is America music video and thought it would be cool to go out there shoot some people and start jumping and singing.

  43. Bob C.

    Bob C.4 gün önce

    Video surveillance please.

  44. Betty Bros

    Betty Bros4 gün önce

    So can we finally admit that Caucasian men are the most dangerous terrorists in america. Not mexicans, blacks, muslims, arabs, etc. Caucasian Men.

  45. Danny Carmichael

    Danny Carmichael2 gün önce

    The PINK RECESSIVE GENE CARRYING ALBINO WAS AND IS PSYCHOLOGICALLY DYSFUNCTIONAL from the time they were first conceived in AFRICA until today in these modern times as they spread their depravity worldwide. They have successfully brainwashed society in to calling them white and others BLACK, RED and YELLOW when the TRUTH is they are PINK and all others are BROWN everywhere around the globe.

  46. whoo else

    whoo else3 gün önce

    That'll never happen. These folks got too much pride in them to admit it.

  47. Bryan Raiz

    Bryan Raiz4 gün önce

    Wait a minute 18, 19,20 year old?

  48. JBdeuce

    JBdeuce4 gün önce

    You won't find the truth unless you dig deep. Multiple people survived this and the staged Vegas shooting. It's all an agenda we're all being programmed to go along with being unarmed even the crysis actors were laughing while being interviewed. I'm surprised David Hogg wasn't there line dancing. Wake up people you're being programmed and brainwashed the only truth is Jesus Christ

  49. Long Tang

    Long Tang4 gün önce

    Bouncers should now wear riot gear withbullet proof mask and vest

  50. isaac douget

    isaac douget4 gün önce

    alex jones the right wing nut and his fans think this is a psyop left wing blames mental illness amirite?

  51. Russian Gopnik

    Russian Gopnik4 gün önce

    I thought Cali had strict gun laws?

  52. Patrick Morand

    Patrick Morand4 gün önce

    Another false flag.

  53. vikramsinh adsure

    vikramsinh adsure4 gün önce

    I dont understand . Are mass shooting increasing nowadays or its just we are getting news fast and more frequently due to internet and tech.

  54. Dwagon

    Dwagon4 gün önce

    If this was staged wouldn't it make more sense for it to take place in a state that supports guns? 🤔

  55. andrew mondik

    andrew mondik4 gün önce

    So after this guy did this the hole place burns down 🤔🤔 I mean god is just not there

  56. Juan Lopez

    Juan Lopez4 gün önce

    White men you guys a destroying AMERICA and no one seems to care.

  57. Danny Carmichael

    Danny Carmichael2 gün önce

    Juan Lopez PINK man is more like it.

  58. Sork Lee

    Sork Lee4 gün önce

    Gun control propaganda!

  59. 哥帅

    哥帅4 gün önce


  60. stone tooth

    stone tooth4 gün önce

    The guy at the end said he started shooting for no reason at all. If that isn't a dumb statement I don't know what is.

  61. Jon 710

    Jon 7104 gün önce

    *I wanna see how it looks inside*

  62. Daniel Valdez

    Daniel Valdez4 gün önce


  63. trexchoi

    trexchoi4 gün önce

    And Americans still chanting "Guns aren't the problem! It's the people!" Imagine that guy could only hold a knife in his hand. Someone would've smacked him in the head with a chair or whatever. Instead, people still say there should've been another guy with a gun so he can shoot him. Stop justifying gun possession. American legalization of gun possession was a mistake.

  64. Eric Nelson

    Eric Nelson4 gün önce

    We need to ban these white people ,caucasians from guns. It's always them.

  65. Danny Carmichael

    Danny Carmichael2 gün önce

    Eric Nelson From now on please refer to Caucasians as PINK. THANKS!!!

  66. Tyler

    Tyler4 gün önce

    He must not have seen the No Guns Allowed signs.


    BOONIQUE4 gün önce

    Children Of The Damned. I would avoid large crowds of white people. You don't want to be there when their father comes to collect.

  68. Victory Saber

    Victory Saber4 gün önce

    Build a state with mentally unstable people and illegal immigrants and then inrage them with political bs like hilary did or sjw bs and youll see this more. Now they just need a mother to say i dont want prayers i want gun control. Barf!

  69. Erik Smiley

    Erik Smiley4 gün önce

    This is America!!! Guns in my area I got da strap I gotta carry em

  70. ravshanormsby

    ravshanormsby4 gün önce

    Magician rule: Do not show a trick twice.

  71. Tyson the G.O.A.T Fury

    Tyson the G.O.A.T Fury4 gün önce

    Get tjese mexicans out of our country.


    KARLOZ LOPEZ4 gün önce

    Fake news

  73. Fry

    Fry4 gün önce

    All these soldiers are doing the shootings. So much stuff going on their messes their brain up and they go crazy. Sad.

  74. L H

    L H4 gün önce

    i don’t even know what to say anymore

  75. Mark Zobel

    Mark Zobel4 gün önce

    No tears.

  76. Mark Zobel

    Mark Zobel4 gün önce

    More b.s. probably. We will see whether they get exposed, or not.

  77. Kat indaHat

    Kat indaHat4 gün önce

    No one was bleeding, now the fiRes,, mmmmmmhuh

  78. Daryl Dozier

    Daryl Dozier5 gün önce

    I don't think mental illness plays a part in. Any of these mass shootings i think it's just the terrorist nature

  79. Daryl Dozier

    Daryl Dozier5 gün önce

    Domestic terrorist entered bar so sad now what color was he

  80. hakthemonsta

    hakthemonsta5 gün önce

    Whatever happened to the Muslim terrorist

  81. Sky Gravity

    Sky Gravity5 gün önce

    Every member of the NRA is personally responsible at this point. If they don't wise up and find a reasonable middle ground soon, the second amendment is going to be completely nerfed. If you stand unmoving in the face of needed change, the change will eventually mow you over.

  82. Rozen Maiden

    Rozen Maiden5 gün önce


  83. rakesh

    rakesh5 gün önce

    Americans are becoming worst than ISIS

  84. fernando guzman

    fernando guzman5 gün önce


  85. LiesAreEverywhere

    LiesAreEverywhere5 gün önce


  86. MindFlowersDotNet

    MindFlowersDotNet5 gün önce

    Fictional reality t.v.

  87. Los Angeles, CA

    Los Angeles, CA5 gün önce

    Can California catch a bring. First, off, Malibu has went up in flames, and now people are getting sprayed at bars

  88. DaemDogg

    DaemDogg5 gün önce

    Dude this is so sad..

  89. Skidz Skidz

    Skidz Skidz5 gün önce

    Are we going to just pretend he didn't say a bunch of 18 and 19 year olds were in the bar drinking?

  90. Gianni Villeda

    Gianni Villeda5 gün önce

    Gta5 in real life

  91. gosh blueprint

    gosh blueprint5 gün önce

    Africa: expect it to be hot. Australia: we got kangaroos mate. USA: you will get shot in the head by a phcycopath

  92. Breandan Downey

    Breandan Downey5 gün önce


  93. Sagar Dahal

    Sagar Dahal5 gün önce

    What is wrong with Americans? Seriously!

  94. Lipsy Sama

    Lipsy Sama5 gün önce

    Mental illness is real

  95. Yoandri Dominguez Garcia

    Yoandri Dominguez Garcia5 gün önce

    their reaction is so fake (or it feel). like, the whole world know by now our land is mass shootings. nothing wonderful by now. thats it. we aint givin you social points for you making like you care EDIT by the way, Cali wont be worried bout gun violence since it got itself all the gun laws and even more, the bad thing is the city life not the suburbs. twelve is bad but twelve is more often in las angeles i guess. gun control aint bout suburbs. it never was and thats good. most woke black folk now dont need em guns, only thinking. race and location is big deal, not the shooter or the gun, more or less

  96. Jas K Judge

    Jas K Judge5 gün önce

    Shame on trump n Republicans... they r responsible for all these lost lives... #guncontrol

  97. marksman plays

    marksman plays5 gün önce


  98. thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid

    thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid5 gün önce

    It's the norm now. Wow. What is wrong with these people. It will only get worse before it gets better. Our society has created this. We have to reevaluate our system and our society. Stop broadcasting it for the world to see. These killers live for that. The sensationalism. We have to take responsibility for our part... Which is social media and just being a really bad society in general. Not respecting each other. Our society has been in term oil for quite some time. People feel in general devalued in the workplace at school, at home. The way we treat each other matters in the grand scope of things. We need to reunite. We are separated. We may have lost it completely. I just hate to see this all of the time now. Makes me sick.🍀

  99. Cookie Wolf & Cookie Lion

    Cookie Wolf & Cookie Lion5 gün önce

    It said 50 people from the Vegas shooting were at that bar. How can anyone believe this crap?

  100. whatsyurprob ?

    whatsyurprob ?5 gün önce

    FAKE NEWS!!! I wonder how many know that this guy killed himself with "3" self inflicted gunshots to the chest. It gets better though. He also had time to post on FB DURING this designed shooting. Something the MSM doesn't want us to know. . . . to late. WWG1WGA

  101. yknowgirl

    yknowgirl5 gün önce

    Country music fans are getting targeted it seems.

  102. Smulian

    Smulian5 gün önce

    Gun control has been won by the right wing

  103. NøAH

    NøAH5 gün önce

    This is not real. Sorry m8

  104. Cam Fam

    Cam Fam5 gün önce


  105. Jason Reese

    Jason Reese5 gün önce

    Ban all white people from owning guns!??!?!!

  106. KAST79

    KAST795 gün önce

    I dont believe ANYTHING on tv anymore... "Horrific scene" inside one cop.says,but video from inside DURING the shooting shows no blood,no bodies NOTHING!! And what are the odds of being at the vegas shooting and then witness this one?...something seems VERY sketchy on this "story"

  107. NON STOP

    NON STOP5 gün önce

    28 or 29 years old 🤦🏽‍♂️

  108. Emir r

    Emir r5 gün önce

    Just a regular day in america

  109. chim chim with tae and kookies

    chim chim with tae and kookies5 gün önce

    *...Alexa play despacito*

  110. toadamine

    toadamine5 gün önce

    Unarmed groups of people make easy targets for terrorists... Notice he only killed one cop... They shoot back, he killed twelve times as many unarmed people.

  111. Jimmy Briscoe

    Jimmy Briscoe5 gün önce

    А вы говорите в России плохо

  112. Mr jay

    Mr jay5 gün önce

    White men are crazy !! Let’s see who’s the next mass shooter will be .