Cardi B Carpool Karaoke


  1. TILLY B🥰

    TILLY B🥰Saatler önce

    I’ve watched this too many times

  2. Macintosh elgoog

    Macintosh elgoogSaatler önce

    takitaki rumbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Cecilia Kartika

    Cecilia KartikaSaatler önce

    0:14 cardi said, "wow you can't say that on tv" after james sang the b* word what a considerate person she is 😍😍 even though after that she sings her song as usual... #respect

  4. Aleksandr Vysockij

    Aleksandr VysockijSaatler önce

    The video is funny. I’ve never heard her music but now I have - it’s absolutely terrible. I’m told she’s popular, I’m old. Also, she talks like one of the Orange Is the new black characters. “My music is fun” - I’d describe it as monotonous and soulless.

  5. King Vrock

    King VrockSaatler önce

    Bad bunny 🐰

  6. Relax Bro John

    Relax Bro JohnSaatler önce

    Grab her. By the pussy look at her face reaction she will love it

  7. Erin Myers

    Erin MyersSaatler önce

    Best one yet, she’s actually hilarious but kind as well 😂♥️

  8. Matias blanco

    Matias blancoSaatler önce

    get out of here this was awesome she really is blowing up shes amazing who she just performed for the elderly like legit and that asian woman nodding her head at 13:18 i think. lol good one

  9. Creed Bowen

    Creed BowenSaatler önce

    Cardi is so precious omg protect her at all costs

  10. Pearl Qu33n

    Pearl Qu33nSaatler önce

    I was dancing so hard

  11. LiL DiCE

    LiL DiCESaatler önce

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  12. Laila K

    Laila KSaatler önce

    james’ face at 2:07 😂😂😂 he has no idea what she’s sayin

  13. Erica Conner

    Erica ConnerSaatler önce

    That was too cute..

  14. lovechild tre

    lovechild treSaatler önce

    Loved it!

  15. Ciggy EssBee

    Ciggy EssBeeSaatler önce

    ' I love cardi can't believe this still trending

  16. Deadly Gamer

    Deadly GamerSaatler önce

    13:28 that old man tryna take my nigga offset spot

  17. DREE3267

    DREE3267Saatler önce


  18. MGT_ Adrian

    MGT_ AdrianSaatler önce

    Sub to my channel plz almost at 100 plz

  19. Alexandre Simard

    Alexandre SimardSaatler önce

    Oh Gunter you, you foxy rascal.

  20. Catalina Arifin

    Catalina ArifinSaatler önce

    Best carpool on the late late show

  21. Ned Ryerson

    Ned RyersonSaatler önce

    Fucking LOVE her!!!

  22. Trev O Donnell

    Trev O DonnellSaatler önce

    Those old ppl are horny as fuck

  23. Amy Wambua

    Amy WambuaSaatler önce

    You rock cardinal your the best

  24. Orieoma Mirabel

    Orieoma MirabelSaatler önce

    That time James said: *James: excuse me ladies* *One man in their midst: speechless and confused*

  25. Jose Mazariegos

    Jose MazariegosSaatler önce



    YUME CHILLHOPSaatler önce

  27. Analese Alaia

    Analese AlaiaSaatler önce

    CARDI 4LIFE $$$$$$$

  28. Fernando Maldonado

    Fernando MaldonadoSaatler önce

    #1 trending of course is cardi she's amazing

  29. Henri-Ansel Vallee

    Henri-Ansel ValleeSaatler önce

    Spent have the video like, “What the fuck did she just say?!”

  30. Chris Redfield

    Chris RedfieldSaatler önce

    liseeeeeeeeeen to youreeee moooooooooooom 😂😂😂😂😂❤

  31. The Perez Hilton

    The Perez HiltonSaatler önce


  32. Noble Energy

    Noble EnergySaatler önce

    Wow that was so good...

  33. Bella Stoneham

    Bella StonehamSaatler önce

    And i thought I was awkward in a car..

  34. Maya Khan

    Maya KhanSaatler önce

    "what you can say that on TV" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Nasreen Khan

    Nasreen KhanSaatler önce


  36. SiMpLyJaY

    SiMpLyJaYSaatler önce

    all them cars and cant drive 😂😂😂cardi a mess

  37. Eli

    EliSaatler önce

    I like how they were first trying to cover up the cuss words but gave up

  38. SiMpLyJaY

    SiMpLyJaYSaatler önce

    yesssss❤️❤️❤️❤️ finally

  39. alexisoverit

    alexisoveritSaatler önce

    *Who else thinks Cardi is looking super snatched? This is now my fav carpool karaoke tbh!!* btw anyone want to be yt friends? I vlog :)

  40. Carey Jacobs

    Carey JacobsSaatler önce

    i subd!!

  41. Chioma Ubani

    Chioma UbaniSaatler önce

    Cardi messing me up with that outfit. I love that outfit... Wow

  42. SocialAnxietyDora

    SocialAnxietyDoraSaatler önce

    A buddy cop film I want Edit Cardi is me when I drive

  43. Xavier Zoo

    Xavier ZooSaatler önce

    i love her

  44. Abraham Rivas

    Abraham RivasSaatler önce

    El escorpión Dorado gringo

  45. Diamond ?????

    Diamond ?????Saatler önce

    Best one yet!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  46. Adriasmulti Tutorials

    Adriasmulti TutorialsSaatler önce

    I didn’t sign up for the asmr part

  47. daire kelly

    daire kellySaatler önce

    2:53 cardi low key exposed santa

  48. Karina Rodriguez Navarrete

    Karina Rodriguez NavarreteSaatler önce

    Jajajaja que risa 😂😂😂❤️

  49. Tahiya Choudhury

    Tahiya ChoudhurySaatler önce

    Cardi b or for cardi...or dislike for means the samw

  50. iheart Animatins

    iheart AnimatinsSaatler önce

    Proof that Cardi B is QUEEN.

  51. Sophia Ramirez

    Sophia RamirezSaatler önce

    Omg I absolutely love you Cardi!!!

  52. Mandi Cruz

    Mandi CruzSaatler önce

    😋😋😋lol loved this Cardi B making her dreams happen humble n all ....but 1 thing how u got 5 cars n can't drive 🤔 I'll be damn if I got a Lamborghini in my garage n can't drive it that's like window shopping "i want it but I cant"..😂😂😂 Cardi get yo "L's"....bc I'd be damn to have even one car and can't drive no where ...what if Kulture wanted a ice cream cone....IM JUST SAYIN....LOVE U CARDI B

  53. L

    LSaatler önce

    I wanna bestfriend Cardi B

  54. EmmySwice

    EmmySwiceSaatler önce

    check out my insta please! i’m a new artist and would like some feedback thank you!! @aftmas.2

  55. Savage Strawberry

    Savage StrawberrySaatler önce

    Dose he see that people could see his licenses plate

  56. Cristian Madrid

    Cristian MadridSaatler önce

    13:13 looks like off-set has some competition now 😂

  57. MrPortoPimenta

    MrPortoPimentaSaatler önce

  58. MrPortoPimenta

    MrPortoPimentaSaatler önce

  59. Maryam Jumong

    Maryam JumongSaatler önce

    #1 Trending in the Philippines Cardi did that😂

  60. callum martin

    callum martinSaatler önce

    This a nice video of james corden taking trash to the nearest landfill site.

  61. Mackenzie Johnson

    Mackenzie JohnsonSaatler önce

    omg i fucking love her

  62. Aprilla911

    Aprilla911Saatler önce

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  63. Aprilla911

    Aprilla911Saatler önce

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  64. Mikayla Grace

    Mikayla GraceSaatler önce

    Cardi driving is literally me trying to drive

  65. Jennifer

    JenniferSaatler önce

    Hardly the best far more talent been on, people seem to like potter mouth plastic people with huge attitude problems 😂😂

  66. XakXakGaming

    XakXakGamingSaatler önce

    cardi after doing a carpool with migos 💀

  67. Roy Diaz I

    Roy Diaz ISaatler önce

    Wow , I watch this as soon as a came on and overnight it went to the millions of views. Just wow. 👍👍👍

  68. Natasha Cute

    Natasha CuteSaatler önce

    Cardi is whole mood when driving tho

  69. Jonathan Mack

    Jonathan MackSaatler önce


  70. MrGalaxxy9

    MrGalaxxy9Saatler önce

    This stupid cookie cutter, fat ass, nobody, sucks. She is no different in lyrics and, talent than the 5 or, 6 stupid idiots before her.

  71. Javier Alejandro

    Javier AlejandroSaatler önce


  72. PigMine 7

    PigMine 7Saatler önce

    Fake as it is, there are real moments in it. At least Cardi loves president Trump, and is a great American woman who likes organic food and looks great and is fun

  73. Deadly Gamer

    Deadly GamerSaatler önce


  74. Aprilla911

    Aprilla911Saatler önce

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  75. DBONEZ

    DBONEZSaatler önce


  76. Samantha Love

    Samantha LoveSaatler önce


  77. Zahra laine

    Zahra laineSaatler önce

    Love her

  78. Glamby oma

    Glamby omaSaatler önce

    Cardi is a mood 😂🧡🧡🧡

  79. Danielle Garcia

    Danielle GarciaSaatler önce

    I love her lmao😭😭😂😂😂

  80. Alex B

    Alex BSaatler önce

    Dj Self is made salty right now

  81. Ladda Prasompun

    Ladda PrasompunSaatler önce

    Cardi is just amazing

  82. Brivelle Dumas

    Brivelle DumasSaatler önce

    This by far the best carpool ever. I can watch this over and over again 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  83. Naya Michaela

    Naya MichaelaSaatler önce

    Lmaoooo I thought I was a bad driver till I saw Cardi drive😂 great show

  84. I don't Know

    I don't KnowSaatler önce

    Offset is found crying while watching this

  85. George Aguilera

    George AguileraSaatler önce

    this guy must practice these songs for 6 hour straight to learn all these songs

  86. Flapping A

    Flapping ASaatler önce

    0:53 jay z?

  87. Chioma Ubani

    Chioma UbaniSaatler önce

    I love what she is wearing

  88. Official A4J

    Official A4JSaatler önce

    The amount of effort James probably goes through to memorize all these lyrics 😂😂😂

  89. TrueWarrior7

    TrueWarrior7Saatler önce

    How many of you drive & have a crappy car 🚗 and she has the dream car but can’t drive.

  90. H

    HSaatler önce

    I hope Cardi actually features on Mariah Carey's A No No remix with Lil' Kim I really like her 😭😩

  91. chobiv7

    chobiv7Saatler önce

    I love CardiB!!!

  92. Jacqueline Piedrasanta

    Jacqueline PiedrasantaSaatler önce

    Awww I love this

  93. Nick Litten

    Nick LittenSaatler önce

    The canned laughter is cringe...

  94. 구짱 Asmr Quzzang

    구짱 Asmr QuzzangSaatler önce

  95. Mahmoud Salameh

    Mahmoud SalamehSaatler önce

    0:53 is that mr.Mosby

  96. Tracey Marrero

    Tracey MarreroSaatler önce

    That was awesome! I loved how sweet she was with seniors 😍

  97. Jay Smith

    Jay SmithSaatler önce

    13:14 Lmao, I bet Gunter will be more loyal than Offset

  98. Denisse Ruiz

    Denisse RuizSaatler önce

    She got in her feelings with “Be Careful With Me” 🖤🖤

  99. iiomp Builds

    iiomp BuildsSaatler önce

    i love how cardi floors it XD

  100. D Ferrise

    D FerriseSaatler önce


  101. Stuff

    StuffSaatler önce

    Cardi is winning!!😍