Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car! - Floral Foam, Squishy, Tide Pods and More!


  1. WaTeR LeMoN

    WaTeR LeMoN36 dakika önce

    Waste of good food Not the friken tidepods fool


    KEVIN KVN56 dakika önce

    Vidio dik berfaedah

  3. Azzy Solomon

    Azzy Solomon58 dakika önce

    Do you know you are wasting your money and food some people don't have food to eat rather eat the food or give the food to someone who does not have food please do that then God will bless you more but you are wasting you food God is getting angry at you because you are wasting food so give the food to someone who doesn't have food please till this to anyone how does this please this is for everyone in this world please or homeless people are couting on you please God will bless you

  4. sanaa ahmed

    sanaa ahmedSaatler önce

    Meaningless video

  5. Andreas Reas

    Andreas ReasSaatler önce

    Astafirulwo alazim membazir makanan dusa ye cari uang

  6. Krishaan Singh

    Krishaan SinghSaatler önce

    stop crushing food please, a big waste. otherwise other stuff is fine

  7. Bana Jaber

    Bana JaberSaatler önce

    Your wasting food

  8. Kritika karmele

    Kritika karmeleSaatler önce

    Waste of things

  9. ام عبيد العلي

    ام عبيد العليSaatler önce

    Not good to dtep on food only toys or squishiy😍

  10. lali wayaa

    lali wayaaSaatler önce

    haduh yang hamberger itu sayang

  11. Slime fan Free

    Slime fan Free2 saatler önce

    Food are now endangered

  12. Enya

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    Normalmente me gustan tus videos pero no me gusta que desperdicien comida...

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  15. Veronika Hvostova

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  16. jimmyd187

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    what a waste of money

  17. 庄司結

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    マックはもったいない 相当なお金持ちなんだろう

  18. Marie Tuguinay

    Marie Tuguinay3 saatler önce

    Just give them to me hahaha

  19. Marie Tuguinay

    Marie Tuguinay3 saatler önce

    Please tama na po kc may nga tao na wlang ganyan...

  20. Chia Cilla jacinda dan andara

    Chia Cilla jacinda dan andara3 saatler önce

    Kak jangat buyang manakan

  21. Jack Grazer

    Jack Grazer3 saatler önce

    NOOO i could"ve had those oreos 😂

  22. Jack Grazer

    Jack Grazer3 saatler önce

    And the cheese puffs too 😂

  23. Agostina Liberatore

    Agostina Liberatore3 saatler önce

    Perdón. No es para que te enojes pero gente quisiera todo eso que estas destruyendo hay gente que declaración comer las Oreo las papitas etc no 🚫 es lindo hacer eso

  24. Ali Ahmed

    Ali Ahmed3 saatler önce

    هههههه 😂

  25. Grace from Dogville

    Grace from Dogville3 saatler önce

    noooooo not a slinky noooooooooooo :(

  26. Heidi Robinson

    Heidi Robinson3 saatler önce

    omg that nd donalds looks so gross when It gets crushed

  27. Heidi Robinson

    Heidi Robinson3 saatler önce

    my favorite one is 3:36

  28. pokemon fan 790

    pokemon fan 7903 saatler önce

    Also you wasted money,items, food,and the worst part is you killing the soda

  29. pokemon fan 790

    pokemon fan 7903 saatler önce

    Imagine you did that and then your car turned into nothing

  30. Tone T

    Tone T3 saatler önce

    Don’t waste food 🥺🥺🥺

  31. Amina Amina

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  32. Yoli Romero

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    That's wasting

  33. Kris Campos

    Kris Campos4 saatler önce

    Más videos como éste

  34. BlueBell

    BlueBell4 saatler önce

    This actually made me even more sad because my grandpa loves mc donald's.. he died yesterday.. so this video deserves a big thumbs *DOWN* :,)

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  37. the eye of the guinea pig junior

    the eye of the guinea pig junior4 saatler önce

    Thus is not wasting food....this is what this person is going to leave them be....stop judging ...OH and a lot of people become picky not just her..!

  38. Karina Lopez

    Karina Lopez5 saatler önce

    Yu .uuu

  39. Paulina Paez

    Paulina Paez5 saatler önce

    Tanta gente en Venezuela que ni lavarse los dientes puede por falta de dinero y tú desperdiciando todo la verdad q en este video diste muy mal ejemplo Miles de personas que quisieran comer y tú desperdiciando niños que desean tener juguetes 😔 para mí es una falta de respeto

  40. Lucia  Mena Pagan

    Lucia Mena Pagan4 saatler önce

    muy bien dicho que hay gente pasando hambre porque no tienen dinero y tu desperdiciando las hamburguesas las patatas y el refresco y muchos juguetes y cosas mas me parece una gran FALTA DE RESPETO :-@

  41. Lia Karliana

    Lia Karliana5 saatler önce

    mah hmn vnb dcv hmbm

  42. Hj 7y

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    حرام عليكم الله لا ينطكم العفية😤😤😡😠اتلعبون بي نعمت الله حسبية الله ونعم الوكيل 👎👎😾😤

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  45. Lidia Seidy Villarreal

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    Que desperdicio por dìos

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  48. Gatinha Fox

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    Tantas pessoas passando fome eles ficam estragado as comidas 😡

  49. ოღAkemi-chan ღო ?

    ოღAkemi-chan ღო ?6 saatler önce

    A milharea de pessoas pasando fome e vc faz isso DESLIKE!!!

  50. Janelle Francois

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    L l

  51. Gatinha Fox

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    Quem é do Brasil Eu

  52. Bethbirai Garduño

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  53. mkh mkh

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    stop wasting food for subscrbers food is what keeps you alive

  54. Rusia Chan! :3

    Rusia Chan! :36 saatler önce

    Heheheh... This is so sastifying... *Sees **0:31**, **1:13**, **1:28**, **2:30** and **3:48* .... *Points pistol at the person in the car*

  55. Nathalia Reis

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    Que disperdico

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    4:25 is the BEST part tf😖❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥😍😍😍

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    qual é nececidade de atropelar cumoda

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    Dam this video go ALOT of views

  60. Eduardo Alvarado

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    On the food part it really made me cry

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    Your wasting

  62. Lais Moreira

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    Ela fica estagrado comida

  63. Roman Jimenez

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    Tanta jente que no puede comprar o comer todo eso y ustedes desperdiciandolo Que mal🤬🤬😠

  64. Kimberly Ibanez

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    Hellomaphie vengo de tu otro canal a decirte de que porfaa quiero ganar el sorteoo ye venia a decir de que ya me suscribi a este canal por lo menos quiero el unicornio o la poposita ojala gane💖

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    una palabra . gaz

  66. Leighna Black

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    Hey that meal could have gone to a homeless person

  67. Alberto Villanueva

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    Es una colaboración like si cres lo mismo;)

  68. Leonora Jackson

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    Things that can be donated are being destroyed.

  69. Maria Rodrigues

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    tanta pessoa passabdo fome e ela gastando

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  71. GamerJhalil- Vlogs And More

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    This is a waste of food and pepole are starving out there with no drinks are food.pepole always care about youtube instead of life of other things

  72. ماجد الزويهري

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    الله لايسامح الامثال هاذي.... ***

  73. Taryn Schwerha

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    Don’t kill the Oreos

  74. Samuelson Regalado

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    Stop it you can not have food so stop crushing foods or things like if you agree

  75. Cailey Torivio

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    Why you crushing the food

  76. Caleb James

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    I can't even believe that I actually stayed and watched this video, what am I doing in life.

  77. Caleb James

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    Satisfied tho, great job

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    Para de estragar comida filho da puta😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

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    You such

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    Floral foam is meant for hard and fake flowers

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    Like si no queres mas maltrato a la comida:"v

  84. Grace Bada

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    Your such u crazy person.......your keep waisting money........don't you realise that........after all of what you did in tis things......what are you going to do with this..........if you want have more follower subscribers and be famous........this are through internet but instead of doing this necessary ones

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    Ya some dumbass people

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    Si es que ganooooooo!!!!😁😁

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    Yo ya me suscribi yo voy a regalar los jugetes a los niños nesecitados😁😁

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    it's color full ♥♣♠♦

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    Que buen video

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    Den esto porfas en español

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    puedes ir a su otro canal que es en español

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    Tambien gente esta sufriendo por comida

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    Please stop crushing food its like paying alot of money for something your gonna break

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    Coitado do McDonald's do Salgadinho do óleo e da batatinha

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    Como es posible que utilicen comida? Como desperdician, tanta gente que necesita😒

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    Só estraga as coisa desgraçada

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    My target food 😊😊😊

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    Por que no cojen toda la comida y la aplastan de una ves a miyones de personas que de sean comer

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    Si tuviera carro eso es lo que haría con el

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    Hay muchas personas que desiarian almenos una gayeta orio