Film Theory: The Spiderman 2 Mystery! Why Spiderman Lost His Powers!


  1. Nick Butler

    Nick Butler37 dakika önce

    Aftef watching this...i think i need to go to the doctors

  2. Carolina Marchese

    Carolina Marchese2 saatler önce

    I watched this movie when it came out (I was 9 yrs old) and I knew that the reason behind his power loss was stress... 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. Matthew Wong

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  4. DrStarfucker

    DrStarfucker3 saatler önce

    okay for the first time the intro was unbearable, loved the video, but the intro was annoying

  5. Cauã Teixeira

    Cauã Teixeira3 saatler önce

    Kkkkk muito engraçado adorei

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  8. Bricksilver

    Bricksilver8 saatler önce

    It's always funny and a little weird to see people praise the Spider-Man trilogy as the only one that redifined superhero movies when just two years before Spider-Man 1 we had the first X-Men, and if you want to you can count Unbreakable. Both superhero movies from 2000. I enjoy the trilogy, but it didn't do everything we praise it for all on its own. Those movies deserve their share of the credit.

  9. Infuriated chip

    Infuriated chip9 saatler önce

    f in the chat boiiisssss

  10. Will Janszen

    Will Janszen9 saatler önce

    Not a single pizza time joke?

  11. champlax8

    champlax810 saatler önce

    The reason y Spider-Man lost his powers is because of his stress in the movie and how has trouble balancing his daily life and his life as Spider-Man

  12. Chill Papi

    Chill Papi10 saatler önce

    Spiderman 3 holds up better than 2 because its hilarious

  13. Chill Papi

    Chill Papi10 saatler önce

    *Spider-man PS4- 9/11*

  14. Justin Estby

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  15. Is this face of happiness?

    Is this face of happiness?10 saatler önce

    He lost his power because he missed Joe's 29 minute guarantee and Dr. Connors class.

  16. AusTinTGR

    AusTinTGR10 saatler önce

    i thought this was a damn bad plothole

  17. Jhes

    Jhes11 saatler önce

    this is your best-est theory, Matpat. thank u for making me love Peter more than necessary.

  18. Alex Unknown

    Alex Unknown13 saatler önce

    I kind of thought that he lost his powers due to his mental state when I watched it but I also kind of like that it doesn't explicitly say it either because it only just gave MatPat enough to figure it out and for other commenters to say they kind of speculated the same thing too. I mean just call it me but I like having something to think about plot-wise when leaving the cinema.

  19. Jose Taku

    Jose Taku13 saatler önce

    thought that was obvious

  20. Tbone 13

    Tbone 1313 saatler önce

    1:22 collab with Jablinski Games?

  21. AssasinGames

    AssasinGames14 saatler önce

    When I was a kid and watched the first movie of Spider-Man, I was so scared thinking every spider was venomous and could put you in a hospital or coma, after watching it, I expected that he was really in a coma and this was a dream, you can’t beat a 5 year old solving that.

  22. Edison Juela

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  24. Atharva S

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    Spider Man Spider Man Does whatever a Spider can Everything's, really dark I don't feel so good Mr.Stark Oh Noooooo There goes a spiderman

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  27. Chibi Kitchen and other random stuff

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    My that neighbor girl get justice

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  29. EXTREME DInO Derp

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    Mr Matt I don't fetal so good

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  31. Ethayes-david channel Hawley

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    The intro tho

  32. David Garcia

    David Garcia20 saatler önce

    Yea it’s pretty obvious

  33. Typical Asian

    Typical Asian20 saatler önce

    I think I saw this theory somewhere else does anyone know?

  34. Anna George

    Anna George20 saatler önce

    I have been diagnosed with 2 forms of PTSD

  35. big q gamer 25

    big q gamer 2520 saatler önce

    The real question is what happened to the spider that bit him

  36. Titani Cish

    Titani Cish21 saatler önce

    Green lightener

  37. Jay Vlogs

    Jay Vlogs21 saatler önce

    You're wrong dude, he's in love in Mary Jane and trying to balance between him and Spider-Man. Him seeing MJ with someone messes with him. Doctor otto said "If you keep something such as love stored up inside, it'll make you sick. Aunt may said aslo "To chase your dream, you must give up the thing you wamt the most." It's these things that Peter went through with the movie

  38. Inton

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    “Get dunked on Andrew Garfield! *Smack*” You got me dead! 😂

  39. Tallen Lent

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    U should do a video on how strong kratos is


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  41. Trent Radovcich

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    who here is a spider man fan!

  42. Mark

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    singular of criteria is criterion. just sayin


    BEAN MACHINE22 saatler önce

    Tom Holland could never

  44. Owa G

    Owa G22 saatler önce

    Aren't the spider-man and the PS3 fonts the same??

  45. Dom Rivers

    Dom Rivers23 saatler önce

    4:04 who else laughed?

  46. Zash of The Kyobi

    Zash of The KyobiGün önce

    Unpopular theory: Peter B Parker IS Sam Reiney's spiderman

  47. George Sakkas

    George SakkasGün önce

    Why are Broadway musicals so cringy and crappy

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  49. Amazing_ Games

    Amazing_ GamesGün önce

    I love your channel but there is one thing, you theorize every movie like it's amazingly crafted like the usual suspects or the sixth sense

  50. Mae  Cruz

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    Matpat please do a theory about the real traitor in My Hero Academia 😆💞