House Hunters - SNL


  1. HeavyTuber

    HeavyTuber2 gün önce


  2. W hassan

    W hassan2 gün önce

    Whos the magician?

  3. kmallory100

    kmallory1002 gün önce

    I love the bowl of pinecones!

  4. TurKeyBisKiT 64

    TurKeyBisKiT 643 gün önce

    What about the hidden valley ranch?

  5. Fabio Romanelli

    Fabio Romanelli4 gün önce


  6. Hannah Connor

    Hannah Connor4 gün önce

    Who was the magician?

  7. John Thompson

    John Thompson6 gün önce

    Didnt realize it wasnt Jason Bateman until he started talking....

  8. Cableguy818

    Cableguy8187 gün önce

    Absolutely Brilliant!!

  9. Manly Bean

    Manly Bean8 gün önce

    There was nothing normal about this😂😂 i love it😂😂 Can u let me out 😂😂😂😂

  10. Mike Pitts

    Mike Pitts10 gün önce

    Holy shit they finally cast Davidson perfectly

  11. zansemrac

    zansemrac11 gün önce


  12. Lissie Foxx

    Lissie Foxx11 gün önce

    This is wacky 🤣🤣

  13. Daniel Egan

    Daniel Egan12 gün önce

    This might be my favorite Leslie Jones skit where she's like the main focus.

  14. Shi' Ane

    Shi' Ane14 gün önce

    This was perfect! This was absolutely perfect

  15. Makayla Eberly

    Makayla Eberly15 gün önce

    Dub c baby

  16. asro

    asro16 gün önce


  17. Luke Ditton

    Luke Ditton16 gün önce

    This was definitely a mad lib

  18. Darith Bluitt

    Darith Bluitt18 gün önce

    Hahaha.. 😂🤣

  19. Sethunya Nikuru

    Sethunya Nikuru21 gün önce

    Leslie Did Soooo Good In This Skit😂😂😂😂😂

  20. INGSOC

    INGSOC22 gün önce

    He looks like Jason Bateman.

  21. danush seif

    danush seif22 gün önce

    I clean guitars with my tongue and my wife is a stay at home pilot, our budget is 2.6 million

  22. Sean Garmire

    Sean Garmire23 gün önce

    I love the surreal absurdity of it all. Snl still got it

  23. Phylean Panache

    Phylean Panache26 gün önce

    This is my favorite one in at least a year! Phucking Phabulously random! Marvelous show kids and bravo! Who was the writer on this one?

  24. Samuel Tillman

    Samuel Tillman27 gün önce

    I actually wouldn't mind a house that came with a Pete Davidson in the basement

  25. Roger Propes

    Roger Propes27 gün önce

    How did they find a make-up artist who could make Live Schreiber look handsome?

  26. J K

    J KAylar önce

    Am I the only one that lost their shit at the cat on top of the invisible house?

  27. J K

    J KAylar önce

    I come back at least once a month to watch this

  28. mangosandroses

    mangosandrosesAylar önce

    Shoulda gotten the cave

  29. Jackson Shelley

    Jackson ShelleyAylar önce

    And room for my man cave

  30. Seantae Williams

    Seantae WilliamsAylar önce

    Uh...can you let me out?

  31. kenneth bredow

    kenneth bredowAylar önce

    But the bathroom is the man cave?

  32. larry wilcher

    larry wilcherAylar önce

    Liev Schreiber looks like Jason Bateman here

  33. Stephanie Reneé DeRamus

    Stephanie Reneé DeRamusAylar önce

    They forgot to mention he’s a stay at home astronaut and she picks dandelions for a living.

  34. Melonie Summers

    Melonie SummersAylar önce

    😂😂😂😂😂 that was the best!!

  35. Saphire Leon

    Saphire LeonAylar önce

    This would make perfect sense in the magicians universe lol

  36. YoloMaster Sherr

    YoloMaster SherrAylar önce

    I dont think that toilet works

  37. Tin Truong

    Tin TruongAylar önce

    What a nice wedding gift 🤣

  38. Not Bill Gates

    Not Bill GatesAylar önce

    DID you just ASSUME the Man caves gender!?!?

  39. War Chaos

    War ChaosAylar önce


  40. firecracker2009

    firecracker2009Aylar önce

    That stupid mancave lol

  41. amberhager

    amberhagerAylar önce

    Rotfl THEY NEED a sitcom 2gether, I cld just see him shitting up side down every week. They are hilarious 2gether

  42. Cherah Lindo

    Cherah LindoAylar önce

    This skit 😂😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀

  43. FoodieGal 99

    FoodieGal 99Aylar önce

    Why does he look like Jason Bateman here?

  44. leeluv96

    leeluv96Aylar önce

    They for got that the woman's closet I'd bigger than the living room and the man's closet is the size of a kitchen cabinet.

  45. Isiah Arnold

    Isiah ArnoldAylar önce

    Yeah but wtf

  46. Jill Pierson

    Jill PiersonAylar önce

    Funniest snl skit!

  47. Uthman Baksh

    Uthman BakshAylar önce

    I’m a wandering nomad and my wife is an aspiring painter. Our budget is 9 Billion dollars.

  48. Xayen Brevard

    Xayen BrevardAylar önce

    Lmao this skit turned around to be funny asf

  49. Valerie OnTheVerge

    Valerie OnTheVergeAylar önce

    What is this?!?!?!?!?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  50. Bejoy Sen

    Bejoy SenAylar önce

    It would be a great sketch without the live audience that laughs at every line, making nothing stand out.

  51. Oliver The Chinchilla

    Oliver The ChinchillaAylar önce

    and yet they’re some how still less annoying and less demanding than the people on the actual House Hunters show

  52. Jennifer Eddy

    Jennifer EddyAylar önce

    Lindsey Moorehead....Listening to Poertishead and E-40?

  53. Jessica Bello

    Jessica BelloAylar önce


  54. Green Grass4ya

    Green Grass4yaAylar önce

    Funny af

  55. Human Being

    Human BeingAylar önce

    That’s so funny!

  56. Sovereign BlackGirl

    Sovereign BlackGirlAylar önce

    He looks like Jason Bateman here

  57. Bug

    BugAylar önce

    That was divine.

  58. Queen Black Fox

    Queen Black FoxAylar önce

    Yes, the real show is equally ridiculous.

  59. Gillian MacDonald

    Gillian MacDonaldAylar önce

    Whoever wrote this needs a full show.

  60. Rachel Hearne

    Rachel HearneAylar önce

    Leslie looks so pretty with longer hair!

  61. Pamela Johnson

    Pamela JohnsonAylar önce


  62. Kandy Johnson

    Kandy JohnsonAylar önce

    This was so good!!! 😄😄😄

  63. K Haynes

    K HaynesAylar önce

    I just needed her to say, when he protested buying the expensive house, “I don’t work or have any money to contribute but I do have this vagina you like so I think we’ll go with my pick.”

  64. flufftronable

    flufftronableAylar önce

    Wow he looks soo like Jason Bateman

  65. Fred Lebhart

    Fred LebhartAylar önce

    Ridiculous. 2:51 the door locks on the inside - so he can get out anytime he wants.

  66. Randi Shellenbarger

    Randi ShellenbargerAylar önce

    that is funny and west chester too.

  67. Cee Cee Baxter

    Cee Cee BaxterAylar önce

    Thought that was Jason Bateman in the thumbnail 😁

  68. Ulrich Skaarsgard

    Ulrich SkaarsgardAylar önce

    UGH. Remember back when SNL was actually funny? So painful to watch anymore. This was the funniest skit of the evening and it wasn't that funny. I get the whole absurdity attempt with this skit, but it fell so short of what it could have been. Nowhere near the caliber of the Phil Hartman era SNL. You hear mostly sympathy chuckles from the crowd vs. actual laughter now. If SNL were a horse, it would have been carried behind the barn and put down because all four legs are broken from jumping the shark years ago. Lorne should hire some of the writers and actors from "Studio C" to bring back actual well written, original clever comedy.



    Greg and Stacie are looking for a two story A-frame that’s close to Greg’s work in the downtown, but also satisfies Stacie’s need to be near the beach. With two kids and nine on the way, and a budget of seven dollars, let’s see what Laurie Jo can do.

  70. Geekery15

    Geekery15Aylar önce

    😂🤣😂🤣😂 lmao!!!

  71. T Mystery

    T MysteryAylar önce

    Leslie is beautiful

  72. Black Lanner

    Black LannerAylar önce

    I can't wait until houses come with a second woman cave. Sharing a kitchen is rough.

  73. sarah jones

    sarah jonesAylar önce

    Literally thought that was Jason Bateman until I heard the voice lol

  74. Mina Rosered

    Mina RoseredAylar önce

    Mike Tyson's skit about House hunters was hilarious also. The part where they keep introducing each other was hilarious. And they settle on the beautiful Victorian with murderous ghosts.

  75. C C

    C CAylar önce

    The premise of the skit had so much promise! The jokes are horrible though and not clever at all. Seriously...toilet humor? Ugh.

  76. Tory Stephens

    Tory StephensAylar önce

    Lmfao ygmfu

  77. Serenity

    SerenityAylar önce

    This reminds me of a book I had as a kid called Bamboozled

  78. LCR

    LCRAylar önce

    Love it.

  79. Tom Gillfillan

    Tom GillfillanAylar önce

    That was great!

  80. Danny Spitzer

    Danny SpitzerAylar önce

    They could have done so much more with this skit; had a lot of potential

  81. Isaac Parks

    Isaac ParksAylar önce

    I wish every episode of house hunters was this way!! This was genius!!

  82. banglebabe1

    banglebabe1Aylar önce

    When did he start looking like Jason Bateman?

  83. Aisha Bowens

    Aisha BowensAylar önce

    Now, let's see SNL do a parody of My Lottery Dream Home.

  84. Shaye Eller

    Shaye EllerAylar önce

    You do see some weird stuff when you’re looking for a house. That plenty of towel bars thing was a little on the nose.

  85. Margie Jones

    Margie JonesAylar önce

    This is so true! I need more of these ones!

  86. Five Cents Matter

    Five Cents MatterAylar önce

    My mother-in-law loves this show. Same thing over and over again.

  87. Madi McDonald

    Madi McDonaldAylar önce

    The windows part was honestly the best part of the skit I snorted

  88. dexburwell

    dexburwellAylar önce

    - house # 6 was clearly the best choice.......any fool could see that. comes with a cat on the roof ....Gheez

  89. Kiana Parks

    Kiana ParksAylar önce

    “The yard was fenced in so we can let your sister run around” LMAO

  90. Blake S

    Blake SAylar önce

    Heidi can run around in my back yard any time she wants.

  91. Ash on a Star

    Ash on a StarAylar önce

    I dont know what it is about this skits humor but I loved it

  92. M Loftin

    M LoftinAylar önce

    I just graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in social work last month. My wife works from home hand-making mittens for dogs. We are both 22 years old. Our budget is $1.7 M.

  93. Curtis Joseph

    Curtis JosephAylar önce

    Did they get the actual House Hunters narrator?

  94. Nacindia DreamChild

    Nacindia DreamChildAylar önce

    love it lol

  95. GuruLunacy

    GuruLunacyAylar önce

    didn't laugh once :/

  96. PABIV

    PABIVAylar önce

    that beast isn't funny

  97. jonhon

    jonhonAylar önce

    Liev looking like a loving, suburban house dad flooded my basement

  98. Jonathan Heidenreich

    Jonathan HeidenreichAylar önce

    "The yard was fenced in, so your sister could run around." 😂💀

  99. Anonymous Anonymous

    Anonymous AnonymousAylar önce

    holy lord has SNL kicked the can

  100. SteveUrkel

    SteveUrkel2 aylar önce

    sorry but those kids are cool