House Hunters - SNL


  1. IKMNification

    IKMNification12 saatler önce

    A couple on House Hunters not looking for an "Open Concept"? Upside-down toilets are one thing, but not saying, "Open Concept" every 3 sentences? One's suspension of disbelief only goes so far.

  2. Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin

    Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin14 saatler önce

    This had me dying 😂

  3. S. Parker

    S. Parker23 saatler önce

    I laughed until I cried and my dog thought I was having a medical emergency!

  4. Drake Boling

    Drake Boling2 gün önce

    The thumbnail is good for tricking people into thinking Jason Bateman will be in it

  5. Cynthia E Kettlewell

    Cynthia E Kettlewell3 gün önce

    Too damn funny Lol

  6. Tele Opinions

    Tele Opinions3 gün önce

    If you think the houses here are bad, you have to see the ones in Europe.

  7. Lis Cohorn

    Lis Cohorn4 gün önce

    Is it bad that I want the invisible one with the cat?

  8. that bitch

    that bitch5 gün önce

    This show is good, but I miss the fliplets

  9. Vinings Gal

    Vinings Gal5 gün önce

    He looks like Jason Bateman with that wig.

  10. kman20

    kman206 gün önce

    Woooo! West Chester, PA shout out!

  11. Everything Gal

    Everything Gal7 gün önce

    Funniest one ever!

  12. Ali Kob

    Ali Kob7 gün önce

    This was awesome

  13. s c

    s c10 gün önce

    Omfg colts Jersey was perfect for man cave xD indiana "pride" over here woooo

  14. Brianda Pondexter

    Brianda Pondexter12 gün önce

    Currently house hunting with my mate....this skit hits so close to home lol.

  15. Hannah Marie

    Hannah Marie12 gün önce

    2:44 The struggle is real.

  16. Joseph Scott

    Joseph Scott12 gün önce

    They don't even have a car.

  17. Bts Trash

    Bts Trash13 gün önce

    Just imagine how many bloopers they must have from this😂😂😂

  18. Ibadibam

    Ibadibam13 gün önce

    If you fed a year's worth of HGTV scripts into a neural network, it would generate this sketch. In fact I'm not entirely sure that's not how it was actually written.

  19. Jacob M. Altland

    Jacob M. Altland14 gün önce

    Both locks were on the interior of the door. He can get out any time.

  20. CaViarLaVar

    CaViarLaVar14 gün önce

    My home town in a SNL video. ❤️ # LifeGoalsAchieved #WestChesterPA

  21. Kadeem The Dream

    Kadeem The Dream15 gün önce

    No they missed the job joke. "I sharpen colored pencils full time, and my wife sells used salads twice a year, our budget is $6mil"

  22. Victoria Grace

    Victoria Grace15 gün önce

    This was the wackiest sketch ever, I cackled.

  23. bigboy

    bigboy15 gün önce

    Horribly unfunny

  24. # dragon

    # dragon15 gün önce

    "IT HAS THE FOYER OF MY DREAMS" Most houses actually come with a cat on the roof...eventually. Not an actual perk. Ha ha!

  25. Antonio Spina

    Antonio Spina16 gün önce

    Tim and Eric did it better

  26. Marshfamlife Vlogs

    Marshfamlife Vlogs16 gün önce

    This was hilarious! Loved it!!

  27. JEDASE

    JEDASE17 gün önce

    They didn't have windows just drawings 😂😂

  28. xoxoaudrey

    xoxoaudrey17 gün önce

    This is so dumb... I love it!

  29. Hollywood Swish

    Hollywood Swish17 gün önce

    Liev Schreiber or Jason Bateman? 🤔

  30. Anastasia Rivera

    Anastasia Rivera17 gün önce

    This is absolutely ridiculous and I love it!

  31. jkitovar05

    jkitovar0517 gün önce

    Liev Schreiber looks just like Jason Bateman here... or am I crazy?


    DRGH DRGH17 gün önce

    young friends Sister outside Man cave Verticle floors Haaaaaa

  33. Mark Beetz

    Mark Beetz17 gün önce

    This crap isn't funny

  34. Dean Summers

    Dean Summers17 gün önce

    Ray Donovan mid life crisis lol

  35. Rabon Megginson

    Rabon Megginson17 gün önce

    Pete looked like bat boy from weekly world news that was great

  36. Sasha Kovlikova

    Sasha Kovlikova18 gün önce

    Man Cave..-"Ummm...Can you let me out?"

  37. Donna Jantz

    Donna Jantz18 gün önce

    They didn't say "happy wife means a happy life" or "this one ticked all the boxes" or are those terms only used on House Hunters International? Either way, perfect skit.

  38. Rachel Manor

    Rachel Manor18 gün önce

    The invisible house with the cat on the roof🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. lucaboden

    lucaboden18 gün önce

    this is really horrible writing...who finds this funny?

  40. Megan Reynolds

    Megan Reynolds18 gün önce

    “Let’s see what Laurie Jo can do, on this week’s episode of you don’t deserve a beach house”

  41. Andrew Rothman

    Andrew Rothman18 gün önce

    Liev Schreiber is like a grizzled, less charming Jason Bateman.

  42. mrdkaz

    mrdkaz18 gün önce

    HAHA wish SNL made more stuff like this!

  43. hoibsh

    hoibsh18 gün önce

    Pretty weak skit.

  44. Robert Lee, Countertenor

    Robert Lee, Countertenor18 gün önce

    I had no idea that was Liev Schreiber ... Thought it was Jason Bateman

  45. Neurotripsicks

    Neurotripsicks18 gün önce

    Yo Liev, you were the BOMB IN PHANTOMS YO!

  46. GEE GEE

    GEE GEE18 gün önce

    Mad tv was better

  47. Simon5005

    Simon500518 gün önce

    So glad they made fun of this dumb-azz show, which was discovered to be fake some years ago.

  48. coachU2

    coachU218 gün önce

    Liev looks like Jason Bateman

  49. coachU2

    coachU218 gün önce

    Liev looks like Jason Bateman

  50. BooMamaDrama

    BooMamaDrama18 gün önce

    This is spot on! I wish they would have added the part where they have regular low paying jobs but an unrealistic limitless budget 😂🤣 #Hilarious

  51. Giggles Bloody Murder

    Giggles Bloody Murder18 gün önce

    I thought that was Jason Bateman in the thumbnail

  52. shontapl

    shontapl18 gün önce

    How do you poop normally upside down?

  53. Brandi M

    Brandi M18 gün önce

    The FIRST time SNL has made me laugh in what feels like 10 years. No exaggeration.

  54. Nikki E.

    Nikki E.18 gün önce

    Lol, how did I miss this?? I have tears coming out of my eyes now.

  55. allison mclellan

    allison mclellan18 gün önce

    this skit sounds like it was made with Mad Libs and I loved it

  56. johnnyparamedic

    johnnyparamedic18 gün önce

    Why is jason Bateman all jacked and hardass looking?

  57. Andy

    Andy19 gün önce

    How do fans of the show find this wholly funny? Could’ve been so much better

  58. GSP1014

    GSP101419 gün önce

    Between this skit and “teacher fell down”, SNL has been killing it with the nonsensical humor lately. I love what they’ve been throwing out there recently it’s hilarious!

  59. Designers Eyes

    Designers Eyes19 gün önce


  60. Ian Burch

    Ian Burch19 gün önce

    Shit aint funny

  61. Yeoman Hernandez Vieyra

    Yeoman Hernandez Vieyra19 gün önce

    Humans are disgusting, if we keep hunting houses at this rate, they’ll be extinct in a few years

  62. Danny Nguyen

    Danny Nguyen19 gün önce

    So stupid. Lmao.

  63. norlens noel

    norlens noel19 gün önce

    Of course!!!’ Entertaining!!! Entertain friends! Entertain Entertain! The most common used word on House Hunters

  64. Hunter Lane

    Hunter Lane19 gün önce

    The Fucked up thing is 400k$ is still a lot to this entire generation and no real increase in pay in the last 40yrs, so now if you a millennial with 800$ student loan payments combined with a 1200$ a mo apt and a PhD this is a close to home buying as you will ever get! (unless your trust fund) thanks genXer’s

  65. The Psychic Files w/ Julian

    The Psychic Files w/ Julian19 gün önce

    I thought it was Jason Bateman in the thumbnail 😂

  66. Brittany Ausborn

    Brittany Ausborn19 gün önce

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 omggg the couples legit sound like that

  67. Meeky W

    Meeky W19 gün önce

    hilarious! I actually really can't stand house hunters

  68. Saoirse

    Saoirse19 gün önce

    This caught me off guard bc snl hasnt been funny for a while now but THIS HAD ME DYINNNGGG

  69. James Raymond

    James Raymond19 gün önce

    I am So Not Laughing. 😐

  70. Sookki

    Sookki19 gün önce

    One of the best skits. Perfect!

  71. BridE Of ThE NighT

    BridE Of ThE NighT19 gün önce

    is that only me or snl getting worst and worst by years..... I miss all of those amazing comedianss Tina,Amy,Will etc..... good old times :*

  72. Kari Tacoma

    Kari Tacoma19 gün önce

    BridE Of ThE NighT, it’s been awful since the 90’s.

  73. M Soda

    M Soda19 gün önce

    The magician in bathtub had me 😂

  74. SarahClaus78

    SarahClaus7819 gün önce

    Nailed that show. Loved the towel bar wall 😂

  75. T #DeterminedB

    T #DeterminedB20 gün önce

    I love that hair on Leslie 😍 it really becomes her 😘

  76. Kristina C

    Kristina C20 gün önce


  77. Kieran Herron

    Kieran Herron20 gün önce

    I was dying laughing @ the vertical floor part

  78. Jose mendez

    Jose mendez20 gün önce

    Why does he look like Jason Bateman here.

  79. Rodge Rodriguez

    Rodge Rodriguez20 gün önce

    God Leiv is so fucking hot

  80. Mateo

    Mateo20 gün önce

    i looooooove me some house hunters. and yet it's sooooooo fucking awful!

  81. Jack Williams

    Jack Williams20 gün önce

    I don’t want this to be funny but I’m laughing my ass off

  82. Jak Jak

    Jak Jak20 gün önce

    One of the best skits in a loooong time "What about the hidden valley ranch?"

  83. Jordan Ebarle

    Jordan Ebarle20 gün önce

    “5 cents over budget” was the best line.

  84. Falon Smalls

    Falon Smalls20 gün önce


  85. A P

    A P20 gün önce

    I really thought that was Jason Bateman on the thumbnail!

  86. Nance N

    Nance N20 gün önce

    Anyone else seeing Jason Bateman?!

  87. mariokartexpert1

    mariokartexpert120 gün önce

    “can you let me out?” i’m screaming

  88. Jen Talks Forever

    Jen Talks Forever20 gün önce

    "So, how's work Marcus?" 😭😭😭

  89. Random Rosa

    Random Rosa20 gün önce

    awww they let Pete live in the man nice of them

  90. Feline Fatale

    Feline Fatale20 gün önce

    No mention of needing 5-8 spare bedrooms for when they have houseguests? That's too close to the actual show.

  91. mahjacat

    mahjacat21 gün önce

    He looks like Jason Bateman's Stunt Double.

  92. LiiTe

    LiiTe21 gün önce

    What kind of retards make this shit

  93. Terrica Landon

    Terrica Landon21 gün önce

    Why does he look like Jason Bateman in this skit?

  94. Doyoan

    Doyoan21 gün önce


  95. Ali Devers

    Ali Devers21 gün önce

    I clicked play because I thought that was Jason Bateman...

  96. Jay Els

    Jay Els21 gün önce

    Saber tooth looks like Bateman.


    ALLINKNOTS21 gün önce

    I thought that was Jason Bateman.

  98. Bearhappy 711

    Bearhappy 71121 gün önce

    They made him look like Jason Bateman! lol Such a resemblance here.

  99. Grason Wood

    Grason Wood21 gün önce


  100. monari_ michelle

    monari_ michelle21 gün önce

    Golden ✨✨✨

  101. Cashman2323 YT

    Cashman2323 YT21 gün önce

    I would take the first house because I could break the wall and ADD windows