How the Las Vegas Gunman Planned a Massacre, in 7 Days of Video | NYT - Visual Investigations


  1. The New York Times

    The New York Times11 aylar önce

    In October, we pieced together 30 videos to understand how the Las Vegas Massacre unfolded:

  2. yea bouy

    yea bouy21 gün önce

    Your whole organization is a joke

  3. JTron6710

    JTron6710Aylar önce

    New York Times, please remove this video. Having it up here is exactly what these mass shooters want from the fame and despicable infamy of committing such a horrific act. I'm serious, look up the "copycat killer phenomenon", it's whenever things like this happen it inspires other psychos to repeat it and then people wonder why these mass shootings keep happening...

  4. Kwaikee Tering

    Kwaikee TeringAylar önce

    die lier!

  5. John Billings

    John Billings4 saatler önce

    He was fired, and he didn't pass a back ground check is why he did it.... Maybe he wet his bed and started fires when he was youngTOO... Pulled the legs off bugs mehbe...

  6. John Billings

    John BillingsSaatler önce

  7. John Billings

    John BillingsSaatler önce

  8. John Billings

    John Billings4 saatler önce

    He picked his nose too... possibly...

  9. Betito Romero

    Betito Romero6 saatler önce

    I live in mesquite TX

  10. Matt Landry

    Matt Landry9 saatler önce

    I don’t even have 21 suitcases..

  11. Namishki901

    Namishki9019 saatler önce

    Garry's Mod DarkRP in real life.

  12. Colby Burgess

    Colby Burgess12 saatler önce

    how many arms does this guy have he did relize you can only shoot one of those at a time and then just change the mag what a moron

  13. kaila deweerd

    kaila deweerd13 saatler önce

    i’ve never had any connections to any of these shootings in the news until this one came around. my aunt and uncle had gotten married, and the day of the shooting was their last day in vegas. my parents had just gotten off the plane and safely home when we saw the news flood in. the hotel right next to the one he shot from was the one they were staying at. most of my stepdad’s family was still there. they were outside smoking when they heard the gunshots. they ran back inside immediately and they had to stay there, scared for several hours.. i can’t imagine..

  14. Nick Slayr Music

    Nick Slayr Music21 saatler önce

    There's gotta be more to it than that. Unnecessary amounts of weapons and ammunition, but only uses a negligible amount. Has himself on so many surveillance recordings. Has a paper trail of him buying some of these weapons. And doesn't even use a silencer or flash muzzle therefore making it easy for law enforcement to pinpoint his location. And then kills himself so he never has to answer any questions or do time in prison. It's as if he was trying to get caught. The courts would have all the evidence they would need against him. But the question is, why? Just because he's insane?

  15. Jesse King

    Jesse King22 saatler önce

    Shoulda used a gold 50 cal that sniper only did 10 damage

  16. Jesse King

    Jesse King22 saatler önce

    Jesus how many suitcases do they allow ? That just should have been suspicious

  17. Haley Rutka

    Haley RutkaGün önce

    I will never forget this moment tbh.

  18. Joe P66

    Joe P66Gün önce

    I wish the gangs in San Quentin prison could have had this vermin for an hour!

  19. Andreas Hansson

    Andreas HanssonGün önce

    Usa for God's sake though your weapons laws. The reason for so much shooting is that private persons have access to weapons. As an outsider, I do not understand how you think about this area.

  20. Shane Bickmore

    Shane BickmoreGün önce

    These places really need to pay closer attention when a *SINGLE* guest is seen bringing in that many bags and luggage....

  21. lol bp

    lol bpGün önce

    My LOL "Android" runs rings around this footage?

  22. NAMO

    NAMOGün önce

    no motive, look at the target of his rampage

  23. Me Meme

    Me Meme2 gün önce

    very creepy to see his movements knowing what eventually transpired 😨

  24. Dragon 100

    Dragon 1002 gün önce

    This was government set up

  25. Jace

    Jace2 gün önce

    You can’t walk around with an open Beer in America but you can legally walk around with a gun 🤦‍♂️. I support common sense gun laws. ie background checks and people with mental illness shouldn’t be allowed to own a firearm

  26. Jace

    Jace2 gün önce

    Thank you New York Times. Well done

  27. Kevin Starr

    Kevin Starr2 gün önce

    He is a legit BOT

  28. Carol Salvador

    Carol Salvador2 gün önce

    I like how the people working there aren't suspicious of this guy bringing 21 bags

  29. lezbnlvr32

    lezbnlvr323 gün önce

    Heavily edited. There are 3 different MEN... With 3 different builds.

  30. Bryant Bailey

    Bryant Bailey3 gün önce

    Anybody notice how his math is absolutely horrible counting the suitcases?

  31. Bon Nguyen

    Bon Nguyen3 gün önce

    He is evils..killed innocents people no reason!!sad day

  32. Leper King

    Leper King3 gün önce

    Should have been a law keeping the maximum luggage limits per customer/number of renters. Scary to think no one will question the renter for bringing in 20 bags in the duration of few days. I'm surprised that even today after so many bombings and massacres, hotels don't have "TSA" to scan/check bags.

  33. Guccicurry

    Guccicurry3 gün önce

    what happened to this event? there is no mentioning about AT ALL anymore. columbine happened allmost 20 years ago and gets more media attention than this mass killing got. i feel like there's more to this story but they're just trying to sweep it under the rug.

  34. Marco Herrera

    Marco Herrera4 gün önce

    Government did it

  35. parmathwal99

    parmathwal994 gün önce

    This guy was dead before those bullets started flying......He was set up to sell firearms and used as a patsy.

  36. Active EJ

    Active EJ4 gün önce

    There hasn’t been a shooting in a while, very suspicious 🤔

  37. Iranian Iranian Iranian plus plus

    Iranian Iranian Iranian plus plus4 gün önce

    He wait, was he white, God forbid?😱😱😱

  38. Iranian Iranian Iranian plus plus

    Iranian Iranian Iranian plus plus4 gün önce

    He wait, was he a white guy, God forbid?😱😱😱

  39. I am I NUFN

    I am I NUFN5 gün önce

    When asked, what would he have told the staff helping him with his bags. What would be a good answer?

  40. Jack Welch

    Jack Welch5 gün önce

    Note: White men can't commit terrorism.

  41. Illuminati11

    Illuminati115 gün önce

    The reason?

  42. Mr. DroCro

    Mr. DroCro5 gün önce


  43. Metal Kittens

    Metal Kittens5 gün önce

    The entrance should have a metal detector & automatic x-ray machine to scan the bags. Could’ve helped avoid this tragedy.

  44. RPioquinto A Race Car Driver

    RPioquinto A Race Car Driver5 gün önce

    Cash&Credit cards:Spending to much money to socialized yourself for shopping,Bar&restaurant,Traveling inside&out of the country until you spend èm all.then cant afford to pay your bills.Now you frustrated and you lost you mine.Some human being their god is the money.60,80, sometimes 100dollars aweek left"combine food and gas"to survive after sending money to my family in philippines.I sending money every week for 12yrs,I go buffet once every month but sometimes not cuz i have to save money to sacrifice my family to avoinding them for hunger.Its hard to survive but you have to.But look,Im 42,im fine and no bad records at all.

  45. Brainstormvideos

    Brainstormvideos5 gün önce

    Some are saying the Government was behind this. Tell me, why would the government be interested in killing people that just went to a concert? This couldn't have even justified a new oil......................errrrrrr.....democracy war.

  46. Ron Thunders

    Ron Thunders6 gün önce

    makes me queezy

  47. Oppa Kuantan

    Oppa Kuantan6 gün önce

    its not terrorist but crazy man..hahaha stupid white people

  48. Sicely Aguilar

    Sicely Aguilar6 gün önce

    I hate how it was on the news for only 2 weeks and then we moved on

  49. Tyger Voods

    Tyger Voods2 gün önce

    That happens with every other tragedy too why are you surprised

  50. 99cape1att

    99cape1att7 gün önce

    Terrorist - a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. Gun man - a man who uses a gun to commit a crime or terrorist act. For all you people hating on whitey and making this a race thing.

  51. Bill Lockhart

    Bill Lockhart7 gün önce

    Something isnt right in all of this. Doesnt add up

  52. Jerry Glen

    Jerry Glen7 gün önce

    Motive could be that he broke inside. Gambling is a dark existence when his losses became to much he was really ready to show his anger to the world. Sometimes trying to make sense of something this horrific is truly impossible. Conspiracy aside guy breaks shoots up a town that's it. We can never recover our innocent citizens. Gob bless them.

  53. Mehdi Bet23

    Mehdi Bet238 gün önce

    if he was from middle east?

  54. JayblesFromTO

    JayblesFromTO8 gün önce

    "This the last time we see him" no cameras in the hallways???? Right...... "he opens closes and locks his door repeatedly" convenient that there is no hallway cameras to see who was coming and going from his room.

  55. RamiTube

    RamiTube8 gün önce

    he's not muslim? so who's the terrorists now? ignorants

  56. bryan hippler

    bryan hippler9 gün önce


  57. Jordan Henshall

    Jordan Henshall9 gün önce

    Just all seems like a bit of a ball ache tbh

  58. mexicoolguy

    mexicoolguy9 gün önce

    I thought Las Vegas has top notch security. Since they are good at watching out for gambling cheaters and all

  59. Chris Kalogeropouls

    Chris Kalogeropouls9 gün önce

    He planned this attack. This is an intentional terrorist attack. My question is why? What made him do that?

  60. johnny rodriguez

    johnny rodriguez9 gün önce

    He was an antifa supporter..

  61. Pete F

    Pete F9 gün önce

    This guy had alot of money, he bought a ton of guns, ammo and wasted the rest on gambling before committing the act and killing himself because he was bored with life

  62. Michalis Galanos

    Michalis Galanos9 gün önce

    All the right-wing american dumbasses are so afraid of islam related terrorism and brown people with beards, but the truth is that their fellow white and privileged americans are responsible for the majority of terror acts in the country. Vegas,colorado,broken arrow and countless schools across the us.

  63. Lauren Camarillo

    Lauren Camarillo10 gün önce

    If security did their job and watched the footage as it was happening, this all could have been stopped.

  64. Vegan Of The Reegan

    Vegan Of The Reegan10 gün önce

    My buddies mom died in this Rip

  65. Randy Bridges

    Randy Bridges10 gün önce

    Open borders for Israel Never forget The USS Liberty

  66. Randy Bridges

    Randy Bridges10 gün önce

    A Racial Program for the 20th Century is not a Hoax

  67. Randy Bridges

    Randy Bridges10 gün önce

    Staged Event for the Sheeple

  68. Randy Bridges

    Randy Bridges10 gün önce


  69. Timothy Underwood

    Timothy Underwood10 gün önce

    And this was done by who. And who killed JFK the same people.

  70. Juan Martinez

    Juan Martinez10 gün önce

    Ammo n guns would have made noise transferring from on/off elevators ...why so much for one guy

  71. Juan Martinez

    Juan Martinez10 gün önce


  72. Chitty Bang Bang

    Chitty Bang Bang10 gün önce

    This is the price to be paid for freedom....without responsibility. It's only going to get worse. Obviously.

  73. landon davis

    landon davis11 gün önce


  74. landon davis

    landon davis9 gün önce

    +Pete F WTF

  75. Pete F

    Pete F9 gün önce

    Yes, RIP Stephen Paddock.

  76. Jonathan Gallacher

    Jonathan Gallacher11 gün önce

    Clearly an arms dealer and the deal went bad

  77. lucaboden

    lucaboden11 gün önce

    He looks like a scapegoat for something more sinister.

  78. Micheal Myers

    Micheal Myers11 gün önce

    white terrorist

  79. Micheal Myers

    Micheal Myers11 gün önce

    The terrorist was home grown

  80. Osama Issa

    Osama Issa11 gün önce

    why they didn’t call him terrorist

  81. shlacked

    shlacked10 gün önce

    Osama Issa he’s white

  82. jaimsish

    jaimsish11 gün önce

    Idk this story sounds like something is not right. But I hate how the narrator is "reporting" information like absolute truth. Weird, I know. "He places do not disturb signs are both doors" like what. Who has never done that.

  83. klyonsden

    klyonsden12 gün önce

    The only fix I see here is metal detectors. But, I am guessing the hotels do not want to purchase them and hire security to enforce it. All about profit, and, this security is a drain on profits I am betting, therefore making it not worth it. For God's sake, arm the security officers, or better, hire off duty police officers to effectively secure your establishment.

  84. TheDylan Player

    TheDylan Player12 gün önce

    This guy had alot of money, he bought a ton of guns, ammo and wasted the rest on gambling before committing the act and killing himself because he was bored with life

  85. DaChozenPoww

    DaChozenPoww12 gün önce

    Landing 10 seconds late in pochinki sucks.

  86. Reyan Hasan

    Reyan Hasan12 gün önce

    thats a terrorist and by the way hes not a muslim.

  87. can we get 70 subscribers without a video

    can we get 70 subscribers without a video12 gün önce

    My dad is a construction worker. After the shooting Mandalay bay had to remodel that entire floor, changing room number and every thing. He told me and my family that, once you're in that room. You can truly feel something happened there. He said that it was so surreal to be in a room where the largest modern day mass shooting happened. It was so eerie he said. Almost like Steven paddocks souls was still in there

  88. Nick Johnson

    Nick Johnson12 gün önce


  89. gareth carpenter

    gareth carpenter12 gün önce

    He wears the same clothes all week?

  90. shlacked

    shlacked10 gün önce

    gareth carpenter some people are just weird like that

  91. Jigglypuff

    Jigglypuff12 gün önce

    This guy was a real jerk

  92. MoDeen’s Monkey

    MoDeen’s Monkey12 gün önce

    How is it 2019 and there are still no more answers given by the government ?? He must have left traces of a motive, why are they so quiet ???

  93. Nathan Webber

    Nathan Webber12 gün önce

    All a set up come on people

  94. shlacked

    shlacked10 gün önce

    Nathan Webber low iq

  95. cattycorner

    cattycorner12 gün önce

    It sure got bump stocks banned.

  96. shlacked

    shlacked10 gün önce

    cattycorner exactly. we have to suffer because of the actions of criminals

  97. best gamer

    best gamer13 gün önce

    why didnt the hotel have package checking like air ports do.

  98. Gene

    Gene13 gün önce

    If he won the jackpot that night, maybe he would have called off the attack...

  99. Pete F

    Pete F9 gün önce

    Possibly, but it would of only delayed the inevitable.. as a compulsive gambler those same murderous thought would of been reactivated over time and loses, conclusion being everybody still dies.

  100. Ro Man

    Ro Man13 gün önce

    I think watching Lebron James interview push him

  101. SICKmania

    SICKmania13 gün önce

    he had to keep world order, the balance was restored, they had to die.

  102. EatMySoup GT

    EatMySoup GT13 gün önce

    I know this

  103. trek tra

    trek tra14 gün önce

    this is really sad

  104. Special Spoon Gaming

    Special Spoon Gaming14 gün önce

    Is the Voice Over Guy Irish Cause I’m Irish and He sounds Irish

  105. Diary Productions

    Diary Productions14 gün önce

    almost all of the victims voted for trump

  106. Diary Productions

    Diary Productions10 gün önce

    +shlacked we can see you are slow

  107. shlacked

    shlacked10 gün önce

    Diary Productions what does that have to do with anything

  108. Bill Phil

    Bill Phil13 gün önce

    And that's why non whites were happy about the attack.

  109. XGamer knows

    XGamer knows14 gün önce

    It's China's fault for making gunpowder

  110. Bill Phil

    Bill Phil13 gün önce

    Not just gunpowder. The first gun was invented in China 1000ad

  111. Orivyx Productions

    Orivyx Productions14 gün önce

    Yah ok that guy was able to bring in 20 suitcases into a hotel room without anybody thinking anything of it. U ain’t taking my guns nice try

  112. PeachyAndromeda

    PeachyAndromeda14 gün önce

    It’s crazy how I was only 30 minutes away when it happened.

  113. Lil pollo the tasty ass G

    Lil pollo the tasty ass G8 saatler önce


  114. Preston Gamez

    Preston Gamez4 gün önce

    PeachyAndromeda mad

  115. K M

    K M14 gün önce

    😂😂😂 I couldn’t think of anything more believable 🙄

  116. dakidjahsiah

    dakidjahsiah15 gün önce

    If he was Mexican or Muslim this would still be talked about daily.

  117. Bill Phil

    Bill Phil13 gün önce

    How do you know?

  118. Jagvir J

    Jagvir J15 gün önce

    what was his job or source of income

  119. redz shokase ent

    redz shokase ent15 gün önce

    The triggering comments 🤣

  120. redz shokase ent

    redz shokase ent15 gün önce

    Lol Baaaaa!

  121. Vusi Sangweni

    Vusi Sangweni16 gün önce