I Found A Mysterious Box In My Backyard And It Changed My Life


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    I flushed my goldfish ACTUALLY HAPPENED

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    OMG 😱 1 tendance

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    Anything has led you to read this comment.

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    Moving to Mars will take us thousands of years... Don't worry.

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    Saving his heart for her is out in Amazon unlimited!!!

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    It dint change ur life drastically

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    if you're good at making up stuff that makes the sheep calm before the slaughter utube will green light you to the top there is a special place in hell for those people

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    How do these videos keep getting on the Trending page?

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    I found a cat in my hat out in my back yard.

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    everyone let’s see how high we can count in the replies. i will start: 1

  14. Nyc Bible

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    I am from the future, enjoy this moment! All that is left in the future are time machines that everyone uses to go back into the past to live life because the future sucks!

  15. Chase FM

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    This is the most touching story I've ever listened to. Great job

  16. Fernando Cocom

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    This is so cute

  17. Jack Booted Hug

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    who buys this SH!T!!! oh well.. I guess I should be happy it's not another holocaust story made by jews to lay a heavy guilt trip on the world..

  18. Jack Booted Hug

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    or IS IT!?!?!

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    I’m going to do this too. This video was very inspiring

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    It didn't actually happen btw

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    Did you end up gardening that day...

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    Everyone thought it was the game master?

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    I found a dead penguin infront of my house

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    How is it #1 on trending :-:

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    Roses are red, *don't click read more* *Read more*

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    I wonder are these stories real

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  30. Ataribot

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    I found a box. It had someone's dead pet from the 50's in it so naturally I tracked down the original owner and returned it. ACTUALLY HAPPENED

  31. Kiejung

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    Hmmm how exactly did this change her life? Is her life that insignificant that planting a time capsule is considered "life changing?"

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    You can’t sit with us Megan

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    How much likes can I hit? plz 3

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    I found a dude under my bed.... He’s still there

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    Seems like a pbs kids commercial

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    The scriptwriters are running out of ideas

  38. TD

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    Is a time capsule

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    I found my father in my closet. My parents are lesbians

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    Why is this shit always trending

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    All these stories are not real right?

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    You might be #1 trending but not worth watching it.

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    Cute story even though the ages and dates don’t add up lmao

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    Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view but also by looking into this metter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's valid opinion,I honestly believe that i completely forgot what i was going to say

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    Wtf is this trending

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    Phonix monkey Rules thinking the same thing

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    No offence but your voice sounds like Siri.

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    I opened a box under my mom's bed.. I found stuff. *aCtUAllY hAppEnED*

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    Why is this trending?

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    Congrats on #1 trending

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    I like stories such as this one. I think it’s important to leave pieces of history for others to learn.

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    El comentario en español que querías .

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    This channel makes up stories btw

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    This is so sweet

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    This channel is the definition of over exaggeration holy shit.

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    These videos are getting out of control

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    Who else watching before the new box is found

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    0:22 gacha life background.. But its animated

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    Holy fuck, better sell the rights to Sony. They make any trash into a movie.

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    Sooo cool

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    How was this life changing exactly?

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    I loved this story it was so awsome

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    I found out the neighbors cat just took a shit in my garden

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    awwww that is a cute story 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

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    This is #2 trending!

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    Did it give her super powers?

  73. Jason Yang

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    I'll save u guys time. It was 8mm snuff film. She enjoyed it so much. She made one herself.

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    #2 trending!!!!!

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    I just realized my birthday was on the the day I was born *actually happened*

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    #2 on trending wowie

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    Who else watch these while trying to sleep?

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    You don’t put the story in the description no more??!

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    811 Dig- call before you dig

  80. Jerome Jackson

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    Who cares what you found in your backyard. Backspace.

  81. Owlle the bunny

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    I left a time capsule at my old house

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    This is actually pretty good

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    Why do all the girls sound the Same 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♂️

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    Pretty cool story. Great to ponder on.

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    Bro wtf I just watched this bc I thought she found a time machine watch that's db I to high for this🤣😂


    LM SNEAKERS2 saatler önce

    About to go dig up my whole backyard

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    *i found myself looking at comments saying where they found themselves*

  88. ItsLinsy Plays

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    I left a time capsule in my grandma's house in a couple of months my uncle found it and trew it away inside was my freinds and my old toys now we dont know where it is now

  89. 5Rounds Rapid

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    People with dementia keep their old memories, but can’t make new ones. My grandmother had Alzheimer’s. She could tell me stories from her childhood 60-70 years before.

  90. N.S.A *

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    Maybe Your Dads old Playboy Stash

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    why do I still exist

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    Just skip the video, it's just a dildo

  94. communistjesus

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    What a wonderful and beautiful story. Hopefully, you will keep in touch with the old lady. I think it is terrible how the young forget about their elderly relatives. Abandoning them in old folks homes. Ironic, how a lot of these young people forget that when they were babies children who could send for themselves these abandoned them in orphanages....Now, I understand that there are elderly people which require constant medical supervision. However, I think that this fact doesn't grant anyone carte blanche to just drop the elderly and forget about them. Always keep in contact with them. Making sure that they are comfortable and that all their needs are always met.....

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    Shoulda put darla’s stuff in there too

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    Checkout my latest video. I made it about a skyscraper.

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    I made a story that’s less creative than a Disney Channel sitcom! ACTUALLY HAPPENED

  98. Sorta Sadist

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    Yo no way I found a metal box too! It has some red labels that say “Explosives inside handle with care”. While digging it out I accidentally hit it with the shovel though and now it wakes this loud beeping noise, I threw it to my neighbor’s backyard since it was getting annoying. I never got to see what was inside and since my neighbor’s backyard blew up shortly afterwards for some reason I don’t think I’ll be able to find out :/

  99. Reneta Diddee

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    I wish I could find a time capsuel Like and comment if you agree

  100. Kim Gamble

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    Once I took a water bottle and put it under ground in my local playground though at recess my friend found it it was a little annoying no there was a leaf in it and I put a pencil or marker a crayon and that’s all it was pretty boring though I didn’t have much in it

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    She sounds like a text to speech woman

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    I found gold and it changed my life *Actually happened!*

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    You're actually a savage if you press read more *ACTUALLY HAPPENED*

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    Savage lvl 1