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Jason Terry: Zion Williamson's upside could be compared to LeBron James | NBA | UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED2 aylar önce

    Can Zion Williamson be as dominant as LeBron?

  2. AP Terminator

    AP Terminator5 gün önce

    Zion will be better then lebron he has a micheal jordan like motor and is very competitive something lebron never had. Mark these word Zion will be second to Jordan with a chance to do greater things

  3. Derrick

    Derrick8 gün önce

    +shawn taylor that should scary you my friend

  4. Neil Ft

    Neil Ft14 gün önce

    +Lorri DeBolt Yea maybe but he may never be as great........slow your roll Barkley was a beast

  5. Lorri DeBolt

    Lorri DeBoltAylar önce

    too fundamental. LeBron/ Tim Duncan/ Ben Wallace

  6. Lorri DeBolt

    Lorri DeBoltAylar önce

    a suped up Charles Barkley?!this kid would jump clean over sir Charles. sorry

  7. Business Partners

    Business Partners3 gün önce

    Zion's body control and hangtime and aerial game is miles above LBJ - LBJ's lack of body control is horrific. Zion is closer to MJ here in the air - every shot is creative and double pumped - never seen anything like it since MJ. Shawn Kemp's body control, hang time and height has nothing in common with Zion. Shannon sure is dumb.

  8. AP Terminator

    AP Terminator5 gün önce

    Lebron got killed by a bench player something that never happen to kobe or Jordan not even close and in the NBA finals at that

  9. Detroit 4life

    Detroit 4life14 gün önce

    I do think he's up there with LeBron at this point. Zion and Lebron as a rookie is about on the same level. You cant compared him to the LeBron today.

  10. eric kneip

    eric kneip14 gün önce

    You guys are retards.. Zion is Russell Westbrook on steroids plus HGH..

  11. T Johnson

    T Johnson20 gün önce

    1st of all Shannon, Mt Rush The Moors should be destroyed. Blown up, and A new one built with Aboriginals and some native Americans on it. Stop saying the name Mt Rushmore, its Insulting

  12. Ismail Yusuf

    Ismail Yusuf29 gün önce

    Larry johnson 2.0

  13. Brett Butler

    Brett Butler29 gün önce

    In the social media aspect I’d say Zion is great. Lebron is a lofty comparison. I would compare him to Charles Barkley and Shawn kemp. His body type compares to Charles, but it is 60 percent Charles and 40 kemp. That’s an honest opinion

  14. D K

    D KAylar önce

    Shannon is an idiot, you actually can be shorter in today’s nba with the way the game is played. Back in 90s you had to be taller , Barkley was an anomaly in a league where power forwards were 6’9” or taller. Guys like antawn Jamison were tweeners back then, today they easily can play forward (there are only point guards wings and a center today. Shooting guard, Small forwards and power forwards are just wings now so it doesn’t matter how tall he is)

  15. Dunn Barr

    Dunn BarrAylar önce

    That’s a negative

  16. Chet Duke

    Chet DukeAylar önce

    Skip drinks so much LeBron haterade

  17. Chris Carey

    Chris CareyAylar önce

    lol Terry is actually pretty funny. I enjoyed their improv at the end

  18. Freddy Garcia

    Freddy GarciaAylar önce

    ZION already is better then Kobe and LeBron hands down. He might push The Jordan bar. No doubt. LeBron James, didn't live up to the hype you guys are wrong!!!!! He was supposed to make me forget about Jordan. lol watching ZION almost!!!

  19. Craig Williamson

    Craig WilliamsonAylar önce

    Shannon, it’s WILLIAMSON NOT WILLIAMS. As someone who has the same last name, it’s annoying. We should call you Shannon Shar

  20. Mark Harrison

    Mark HarrisonAylar önce

    I'm just dying to see if everyone who thinks this kid is the next face of the NBA will even post a honest I guess wrong post when he let you down post I'm not mad at him I want him to be great but I'm not going to give him to much sauce

  21. Lorri DeBolt

    Lorri DeBoltAylar önce

    Zion is the next best. jumping out the gym can play any position offensive and defensively. he'll be top 2 if not 1 of all time.

  22. Balazs Czirjak

    Balazs CzirjakAylar önce

    Someone in comments once said. Wait till Zion faces real competition in college 💪😄

  23. gmartyceo

    gmartyceoAylar önce

    did shanon say at 6 5 zion will be undersized at any position

  24. Hans Vergara

    Hans VergaraAylar önce

    I think giannis ante is next , i love to see the match up between zion and greek freak !!!!

  25. ChicagoBears Fan

    ChicagoBears FanAylar önce

    There was more hype when Bron was in High School. Zion is a beast, but don't get caught up in the moment. You can't compare any college player to Bron. You can't even compare all star NBA players to Bron.

  26. John Lambert

    John LambertAylar önce

    Jason Terry with the Shay Sharp impressions😂😂😂

  27. Rafy Aqwa

    Rafy AqwaAylar önce

    jason terry? i thought he dead

  28. Reggie Samuel

    Reggie SamuelAylar önce

    This California raisin tries to slam LeBron every chance he gets, the only accolade he can give LeBron is the best passer Lmao!

  29. dawit ambaye

    dawit ambayeAylar önce

    @7:05 Greatest thing ive seen. That what she told me. Yeeeaaaah.

  30. CTKahuna

    CTKahunaAylar önce

    5:29 "thats terrible 😂

  31. Julius Ulit

    Julius Ulit2 aylar önce

    I see another Anthony Bennett

  32. Andre Adams

    Andre Adams2 aylar önce no comparison period

  33. thetruth916 Owanda

    thetruth916 Owanda2 aylar önce

    Someone has to teach LBJ to shoot free throws like Zion tho lol

  34. 10K Cam

    10K Cam2 aylar önce

    kick that black dude off the show. the one with glasses and the part

  35. lamont carson

    lamont carson2 aylar önce

    I love the Shawn Kemp comparison. That’s accurate

  36. Stephen Timmons

    Stephen Timmons2 aylar önce

    I’m 6’5’’ and standing next to Zion he is at least 6’7’’. This was last year during his senior season.

  37. John Doe

    John Doe2 aylar önce

    Jordan need to give Zion a shoe deal before it's too late....

  38. Michael

    Michael2 aylar önce

    Skip is clueless

  39. JonBernard41

    JonBernard412 aylar önce

    Give a Shannon his OWN show ...

  40. Jake Sutton

    Jake Sutton2 aylar önce

    Zion's upside is GOAT

  41. Alessio Magnoli

    Alessio Magnoli2 aylar önce

    Jason look in the thumbnail was like "let him be like lebron so i can come back and cook him" 😂

  42. Castro Belize

    Castro Belize2 aylar önce

    Zion reminds me of Harold Miner 5.0 out of usc do your google, same body type ones 220 the other 285 same ability

  43. AYO B

    AYO B2 aylar önce

    LeBron had the vision and was undisputed the best player coming out of HS. He's not the best recruit in his team. He's going to be a beast, no question, but idk if he can put the team on his back on both sides of the floor like LeBron.

  44. Gnome Chompsky

    Gnome Chompsky2 aylar önce

    tell LeBron Zion coming right after his Weight Watchers meeting

  45. OriginalGamerOnline

    OriginalGamerOnline2 aylar önce

    I'm a Huge Duke fan, and Zion will be a BEAST! But LBJ has "Grown" man strength. Wait a few years to really compare. But I hope he brings Coach 1K his 6th National Title!

  46. Ralphunreal

    Ralphunreal2 aylar önce

    dont do that skip! stop!

  47. TheDonutlover3000

    TheDonutlover30002 aylar önce

    Why Jason jerry look like megamind

  48. Dan Han

    Dan Han2 aylar önce

    Per Skip Logic Lebron is barely a top 50 player so why would he say Zion comparisons to Lebrons is premature 😂. By skips own record Zion can kick a tin can and surpass Lebron immed

  49. LegendaryAssasin Uli

    LegendaryAssasin Uli2 aylar önce

    I'm pretty sure LeBron taught Jason Terry the meaning of POSTERIZATION .

  50. Jr Solorzano

    Jr Solorzano2 aylar önce

    I hate Jason terry. Shannon I know his address!

  51. Demarcus Credit

    Demarcus Credit2 aylar önce

    ROMO?!?! I’m a die hard Cowboys fan but ROMO ain’t even top 25

  52. ADAJ3

    ADAJ32 aylar önce

    Do y’all think Zion has to lose some weight?

  53. The Hall Report

    The Hall Report2 aylar önce

    Jason needs to be on the show more...

  54. LeMan804

    LeMan8042 aylar önce

    If there is an NBA comparison for Zion it's Anthony Mason!

  55. Lonnie Lyle

    Lonnie Lyle2 aylar önce

    He's not just getting on the sceen skip. His high school games are the most electrifying. He's going to be better then lebron. Bron still the 🐐👑 tho