Liev Schreiber Monologue - SNL


  1. Evilkitty64

    Evilkitty64Aylar önce

    Liev IS Super SEXY🔥 ......Who cares about SNL being Funny, 😯 it hasn't been funny in years

  2. stuntchystrutch

    stuntchystrutchAylar önce

    Man, the episode with this Mummy hosting is complete DUMP TRUCKS.. anyone see that Steve Carrell episode.. possibly worst then this one.. hey SNL!! I’ll write for you guys forrr FREEEE. Man, you need it!

  3. Pam Hawley

    Pam Hawley2 aylar önce

    He should play Comey in the movie.

  4. Jordan Davis

    Jordan Davis2 aylar önce

    My vote goes to President Schreiber!!! Must be lonely in that apartment... :) His funniest line hit me the hardest. A very honest monologue...

  5. Breezeme105

    Breezeme1052 aylar önce

    For some reason, I would really love to see him face off Denzel in equalizer 3 who all agrees...

  6. Peanutbutter Jelly

    Peanutbutter Jelly2 aylar önce

    He’s so sexy

  7. Alex Daniel

    Alex Daniel3 aylar önce

    Wow! Boy is a New Yawker! Listen to that accent. I didn't realise he was so Nu Yauwk

  8. walter bishop

    walter bishop3 aylar önce

    Can someone tell me the color of his shirt? It's not white but wtf is it. it's like dry chalk.

  9. Jessica  Mendoza

    Jessica Mendoza3 aylar önce

    He’s hot.

  10. Arta Mjeku

    Arta Mjeku3 aylar önce

    Is no one going to mention the fact that he said "little wayne" instead of "lil wayne"?

  11. Stephen Tavaglione

    Stephen Tavaglione3 aylar önce

    If you don't think Liev Schreiber is funny...Watch his segment of Movie 43 and enjoy.

  12. jackie ramsbottom

    jackie ramsbottom3 aylar önce

    Oh my word I love this man

  13. cockerspanishgirl kiri

    cockerspanishgirl kiri3 aylar önce



    ANDRE WARMSLEY3 aylar önce

    The most chilled out mundane no big deal entrance in snl history lol great actor though

  15. Péter Alain Szpiriev

    Péter Alain Szpiriev3 aylar önce

    My favorite currently actor arrived! Bravo!! Greatest actor in modern times Boris Soassky,Orson Welles etc the Real greatness arived! Cool! P.S. only one note who played Mr.Hearst If I remember well his name is James Ceomwell the actor also really fantastic tall intelligent with real class care! From Budapest Hungary. I hope will find the way upward! Bobby Fischer forever!

  16. Tommy McGahee

    Tommy McGahee3 aylar önce

    Turns out that he was pretty damn funny.

  17. Alannah Rodriquez

    Alannah Rodriquez3 aylar önce

    eyyyyy Sabertooth ^-^

  18. Vedran

    Vedran3 aylar önce

    Oh dear God is there at least one christian in Hollywood? Is this Israel night live?

  19. doug deman

    doug deman3 aylar önce

    Lol............ "Little Wayne"?

  20. Karson Smith

    Karson Smith3 aylar önce

    LiTTLE Wayne is here😂😂😂 Oh, Mr. Schreiber! You are such a fan😂😂😂😂 Nevertheless, great actor🙏🏼

  21. B Miles

    B Miles3 aylar önce

    Liev is one of those celebrities who's famous but no one knows what they were ever in. Like a 3rd-string QB or the 12th guy on a basketball team.

  22. JDD999

    JDD9993 aylar önce

    In the House Hunting sketch, he reminds me of Jason Bateman. He did a great job!

  23. jonathan bethsaida

    jonathan bethsaida3 aylar önce

    The irony. Every sketch this episode got the comment section praising and laughing with Schreiber

  24. pernus

    pernus3 aylar önce

    It's not applause worthy for 100 million people to vote if they all voted because they thought the other side of a shitty two party system was literally going to end the world.


    ZETANNA3 aylar önce

    Loved him in defiance he played zus very well

  26. ShuffMomo

    ShuffMomo3 aylar önce


  27. Sugar Skulls

    Sugar Skulls3 aylar önce

    Crushing 😍

  28. Michele Hurtado

    Michele Hurtado3 aylar önce

    He was really funny in a 90's movie called "Mixed Nuts" as a suicidal cross dresser.

  29. Vlamir Marques

    Vlamir Marques3 aylar önce

    He’s so hot!

  30. I N

    I N3 aylar önce

    Never watched him before, but he seems like a nice guy.

  31. Cher Crew

    Cher Crew3 aylar önce

    Liev is right... he’s not a funny guy. But I love him anyway. He’s a very actor with a great deal of money and a very nice apartment. Lmao.

  32. KingAlpaca

    KingAlpaca3 aylar önce

    Liev should do ASMR.

  33. dratheart

    dratheart3 aylar önce

    Can SNL not even afford B-List talent anymore to host? Because this guy is a C, at best!

  34. mos ab

    mos ab3 aylar önce

    I wish some of them had stayed on their butts.

  35. Jason Flay

    Jason Flay3 aylar önce

    I've liked his work since RKO 281, I think he did a great job this week.

  36. Tflexxx02

    Tflexxx023 aylar önce

    Never heard of him.

  37. lake Speed

    lake Speed3 aylar önce

    Great show and lil Wayne (oxymoron)

  38. mad honeybee

    mad honeybee3 aylar önce

    I vote every election. it is the very least I can do for My GreatGrandMothers who had no rights but still fought hard.

  39. Bjorn Yesterday

    Bjorn Yesterday3 aylar önce

    Let's not be celebrating our pathetic turnout.

  40. Zephyr6083

    Zephyr60833 aylar önce

    One of the best snl episodes in a very long time! Liev Schreiber was a wonderful surprise, bring him on more!

  41. Tim Mc

    Tim Mc3 aylar önce

    I've never heard of this guy lol

  42. Miko Philo

    Miko Philo3 aylar önce

    please liev the political puke to the writers man

  43. Atrophy Queen

    Atrophy Queen3 aylar önce

    i don't know why I instantly thought oh shit its an assassin!! when I saw the woman with long black hair appear over Lievs left hand shoulder right at the end of the clip. Her weapon was just a tambourine. lol

  44. Greg Poblete

    Greg Poblete3 aylar önce

    I wonder how much Anthony Fantano laughed at this show.

  45. rnbsoul8

    rnbsoul83 aylar önce

    Saturday Night Liev!!!!

  46. Lee Xiong

    Lee Xiong3 aylar önce

    Snl needs more views and subscriber

  47. Bradley James

    Bradley James3 aylar önce

    It's always interesting listening to actors, acting voices compared to their real voices. You can actually get a grasp of their range. Liev should have only been cast to play Peter Rabbit, with that voice. You would never be able to tell, from his roles as Cotton, Sabertooth, Ray, etc. The man has range.

  48. TJ

    TJ3 aylar önce

    Omg he TOTALLY said Little Wayne! 😅😂😂😂

  49. The Ultimate Reductionist

    The Ultimate Reductionist3 aylar önce

    There's supposedly 3*10^8 people in the USA. Only 1/3 voted? Only 2*10^8 voted? I mean, even if, say, there's 2*10^6 illegal immigrants who are not eligible to vote, and 1*10^8 who are too young to vote, I'd still expect at least another 10^8 or maybe 9.2*10^7 to vote.

  50. Tee Saifele

    Tee Saifele3 aylar önce

    The better Sabertooth in my opinion tbh

  51. justin M

    justin M3 aylar önce

    His voice is so much different than when he's more high pitched.

  52. mark reiter

    mark reiter3 aylar önce

    It’s funny that he makes a joke about his fame and money when he’s with a model half his age who’s literally only with him for those reasons

  53. Leo Medina

    Leo Medina3 aylar önce

    TIL that his name is not Ray Donovan

  54. headoverheels88

    headoverheels883 aylar önce

    He's so nervous and I just want to hug him. Awwwww.

  55. Dee Gravelrama

    Dee Gravelrama3 aylar önce

    "Little" Wayne is here lol!

  56. Pausen Think

    Pausen Think3 aylar önce

    He is a very good actor. Did he have some plastic surgery? His cheeks look weird. Or is it his make-up?

  57. Alexis Eshem

    Alexis Eshem3 aylar önce

    I like how he came out with zero energy.

  58. li wu

    li wu3 aylar önce

    Me too en Ximena x men

  59. Inês Machado

    Inês Machado3 aylar önce

    He did SO GOOD

  60. Sibley

    Sibley3 aylar önce

    That was an excellent monologue! Semi-dry, like a fine wine. A fine wine with a great apartment...

  61. Qboro66

    Qboro663 aylar önce

    Love his Voice Over work!

  62. V Dotkog

    V Dotkog3 aylar önce

    He's single........

  63. Nelson Gonzalez

    Nelson Gonzalez3 aylar önce

    Ray Donovan! The man, the myth, the mean mutha .....

  64. Tanner

    Tanner3 aylar önce

    I wish you guys would upload these clips in order of appearance.

  65. Maryanne Larsen

    Maryanne Larsen3 aylar önce

    Had no idea Lieb was so funny. Great job.

  66. phosgene2

    phosgene23 aylar önce

    easily one of the worst episodes of the season, but to his credit, he did warn everybody.....

  67. Zoe-Jane Sutherland

    Zoe-Jane Sutherland3 aylar önce

    Have you been smoking crack? This was the best episode this series, Liev was way better as a host than I thought he would be. The past 4 shows have sucked harder than a Dyson vacuum superglued onto someone's genitals and the audiences for those 4 shows were flatter than an 90 year granny's titties. Looking forward to Liev coming back.

  68. fiddlesticks

    fiddlesticks3 aylar önce

    What I got from this is that he wanted to be on, so they let him host as a favor. I wasn’t expecting a bunch of jokes, but it was so lackluster. “I’m a rich actor” Okay?

  69. codeywings10

    codeywings103 aylar önce

    Whoa, who's the new bass player?

  70. Rayan Aknine

    Rayan Aknine3 aylar önce

    He could slap my face, I would ask for another one.

  71. Sheri

    Sheri3 aylar önce

    Please sir, can I have some more?

  72. Steven Schuyler

    Steven Schuyler3 aylar önce

    TMI, Private.

  73. Private Citizen

    Private Citizen3 aylar önce

    +Steven Schuyler yes hunty. I would suck Liev like he was a famous black man and I was a Kardashian.

  74. Steven Schuyler

    Steven Schuyler3 aylar önce

    Guess there really is a sucker born ever minute.

  75. Norma Flores

    Norma Flores3 aylar önce

    16 Million Networth.

  76. Ralf Jean-Pierre

    Ralf Jean-Pierre3 aylar önce

    This man is one of the best, if not the best, American Shakespearean actors alive. I wonder if people outside of NY know that. I hope he gets to star in a big filmed adaptation of a Shakespearean play before he's too old to really cook. Wish he'd gotten to do Henry V... He'd also be great as Joe Papp in a movie...

  77. Nick H

    Nick H3 aylar önce

    He called him little wayne

  78. hal2526

    hal25263 aylar önce

    His voice sounds different from " Ray Donovon".

  79. bodybalancer

    bodybalancer3 aylar önce

    Unexpectedly heartwarming 😢💕

  80. Cockney John

    Cockney John3 aylar önce

    I thought she was a Scandinavian actress?

  81. International Harvester

    International Harvester3 aylar önce

    Still too many Americans are not voting, also, too may haven't a clue as to what the heck is going on.

  82. amily allan

    amily allan3 aylar önce

    Did he say little wayne?

  83. campos3452

    campos34523 aylar önce

    This was painful to watch

  84. Sean Bean

    Sean Bean3 aylar önce

    Literally one of my favorite episodes in recent years, great writing, and Liev Schreiber was great.

  85. Xander

    Xander3 aylar önce

    "The jerk store called to say they're all out of you" -George costanza

  86. Peacock Feathers

    Peacock Feathers3 aylar önce

    Xander what does that have to do with this?

  87. Sam Jo

    Sam Jo3 aylar önce

    He's so sweet! :)

  88. trytip x.

    trytip x.3 aylar önce

    ouch, that was cringe to watch. did you not rehearse that monospeech before or could it be you can't see the cards

  89. joe doughy

    joe doughy3 aylar önce

    Impeach Trump!!!

  90. Mia7189

    Mia71893 aylar önce

    Love you, Liev. Watched it and you were awesome!


    REAL TRUTH3 aylar önce

    Your RICH and they are Not , You are the ASHKENAZI fake YID's that Have perverted HOLLYWOOD ,New York , Washington in your Goal to Rob AMERICA blind .. The FUNNY thing is 2/3 rds of AMERICA is EAST EUROPEAN who went through ENGLAND for their False names and Religions.. Why do you think They Keep their mouths shut about their real Ottoman / MONGOL Heritage .. Ever wonder why People have no Body Hair in HOLLYWOOD now COMRADE ??? But YOUR RICH in Line with those names like KING/GOLD/DIAMOND/SILVER , I mean Really why not Platinum and Incest , Your Real HOBBIES !!!

  92. stephen madl

    stephen madl3 aylar önce

    Did the announcer call him Layna?

  93. Oliver McErlean

    Oliver McErlean3 aylar önce

    The Manchurian Candidate remake is excellent.

  94. Fab Meyer

    Fab Meyer3 aylar önce

    "Little Wayne is here"

  95. Cameron Bloom

    Cameron Bloom3 aylar önce

    "Little Wayne is here" lmao

  96. dankwrasslin

    dankwrasslin3 aylar önce

    liev is actually hilarious in that deadpan/straight-man style

  97. Red Hood 23

    Red Hood 233 aylar önce

    Liev is an underrated actor, he deserves more credit. He’s a really famous actor, with a great deal of money, and a really nice apartment

  98. varelaable photography

    varelaable photography3 aylar önce

    Muah ja ja ja and your next trump 😈😈😈😈

  99. Igor Schmidlapp

    Igor Schmidlapp3 aylar önce

    I guess the lines didn't stick with Naomi, did they, Liev? ;-P

  100. Josiah Sanchez

    Josiah Sanchez3 aylar önce

    Yo it's Sabertooth

  101. Allyson Wonderland ASMR

    Allyson Wonderland ASMR3 aylar önce

    Cotton Weary still looks exactly the same it's kind of creepy

  102. Devon Cones

    Devon Cones3 aylar önce

    He will forever be Cotton Weary from the Scream franchise to me

  103. Jario

    Jario3 aylar önce

    word is that a melon is in the audience

  104. Tal Moore

    Tal Moore3 aylar önce

    The guy has two kids with Naomi Watts. Clearly he doesn't have a problem with women.

  105. pastorjasonanswers

    pastorjasonanswers3 aylar önce

    That's because he told her, "I am a very famous actor , With a great deal of money, And a really nice apartment"

  106. Daniel Romberg

    Daniel Romberg3 aylar önce

    Thought Liev did a fine job.

  107. Adolfo Pena

    Adolfo Pena3 aylar önce

    He's not as funny as the others. Not saying he's unfunny.