Outside the Women's Bathroom - SNL


  1. Ethan Films

    Ethan Films10 gün önce

    Can we make this a REAL show please. I would watch this every morning at 1 A.M.

  2. FindingYourChill

    FindingYourChill16 gün önce

    she's the fighta

  3. Roz Britton

    Roz BrittonAylar önce

    This reminds me of how SNL used to be back in the day.....actually funny.

  4. Babaziba

    BabazibaAylar önce

    Heidi is a real find. Always hilarious. And Schreiber's range is amazing.

  5. Xander Beaky

    Xander BeakyAylar önce

    He sucks at reading cue cards.

  6. Orlando Ferrer

    Orlando Ferrer2 aylar önce

    This is hilarious ! I feel like this was me with the week correlating with my week

  7. Welcome To Samrock

    Welcome To Samrock2 aylar önce

    Am I the only one who wants to see more episodes of this? 😂

  8. John Poblete

    John Poblete2 aylar önce


  9. sls sls

    sls sls2 aylar önce

    Baby I don't like any of them, they all got dirty hands!!

  10. Frog

    Frog2 aylar önce

    My worst fear... Being timed

  11. Widdekuu91

    Widdekuu912 aylar önce

    For a moment I thought she was Kirsten Schaal with a low voice.

  12. Comedy 3000

    Comedy 30002 aylar önce

    I’m pretty sure what Dave is doing is illegal.

  13. Comedy 3000

    Comedy 30002 aylar önce

    “Cause the customer is always right sir!” LOL 😂 🤣😂🤣😂 Best Pete Davidson quote ever on the show!

  14. Comedy 3000

    Comedy 30002 aylar önce

    Derrick, why are you filming this?

  15. The Falcon

    The Falcon2 aylar önce

    What I would give to go down on Liev. Damn, he makes me horny

  16. F L

    F L2 aylar önce

    Heidi Gardner needs to be in more scenes. She's good.

  17. eva scharfe

    eva scharfe3 aylar önce

    SNL you have bad Karma.

  18. GalaxyOfFandomsGirl

    GalaxyOfFandomsGirl3 aylar önce

    Why would you do this?

  19. maria koby

    maria koby3 aylar önce

    is this a Jersey accent, haha?

  20. kello92300

    kello923003 aylar önce

    What happened to snl? It used to be funny.

  21. vanityfair001

    vanityfair0013 aylar önce

    Good skit!

  22. doctorwho35

    doctorwho353 aylar önce

    When he doesn't interview Leslie and I think of her Ghostbusters quote "I don't know whether it's a race thing, or a lady thing, but I'm mad as hell"

  23. BiddNo Ro

    BiddNo Ro3 aylar önce

    It’s like one of those weird channels Rick or Morty would watch

  24. Melissa Morgan

    Melissa Morgan3 aylar önce

    Why is women being harassed the butt of this sketch? Do better.

  25. its esozaaa

    its esozaaa3 aylar önce


  26. Quinn Presgraves

    Quinn Presgraves3 aylar önce

    Does SNL really have to rely on the whole "intimidating black woman" stereotype for a laugh? there was such good content in here but that ruined the whole video for me:/

  27. Sonny Crockett

    Sonny Crockett3 aylar önce

    Dick slobber

  28. Jemima Akinola

    Jemima Akinola3 aylar önce

    Ray Donovan will never be the same

  29. Johnny Clint

    Johnny Clint3 aylar önce

    Ooooh, Leslie's death stare. Not sure if that was acting. 😅😅😅

  30. K. Marie Batik

    K. Marie Batik3 aylar önce

    This is basically exact opposite of the song “Michael in the Bathroom” from Be More Chill 🎧🎭📚

  31. ginde baker

    ginde baker3 aylar önce

    *I. LOVE. HEIDI.*

  32. Baked Utah

    Baked Utah3 aylar önce

    Not believable. There was no line of women waiting.

  33. Mike Bradbury

    Mike Bradbury3 aylar önce

    Dave outside of the women's bathroom

  34. salt0ftheearth83

    salt0ftheearth833 aylar önce

    I mean, is the sketch that he can’t even get a sentence out? Jesus.

  35. Francesca Mia

    Francesca Mia3 aylar önce

    did he say Trattoria Romana? Because that’s a real Italian restaurant in SI - pete or Colin Def wrote this sketch.

  36. Bazkerville Rouge

    Bazkerville Rouge3 aylar önce

    Melisa Villaseñor is a gorgeous woman.

  37. Alexia Tr

    Alexia Tr3 aylar önce

    Melissa's face🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. Denise Delangeli

    Denise Delangeli3 aylar önce

    He looks like an older Bradley Cooper. Sweet.

  39. Odessa Blow

    Odessa Blow3 aylar önce


  40. Diamond Eubanks

    Diamond Eubanks3 aylar önce

    I loved that red dress! I want it. I NEED it!

  41. Set Fire to the Whole Damn House

    Set Fire to the Whole Damn House3 aylar önce

    online for sure, try asos

  42. Liz Liz

    Liz Liz3 aylar önce

    She’s not funny

  43. Slammin Sami

    Slammin Sami3 aylar önce

    "The customer is always right sir".... 😂😂😂😂😂😂rofflmao.. Omg right on time...

  44. Rollin Kocher

    Rollin Kocher3 aylar önce

    That last line

  45. Black Magician

    Black Magician3 aylar önce

    Kenan dropping some pounds-! Good for him- bruh.

  46. Waqas Bashir

    Waqas Bashir3 aylar önce

    he sounds like my cozen Vinny

  47. Lewis Norman

    Lewis Norman3 aylar önce

    Leslie's makeup wasn't matching at all!

  48. samsung user

    samsung user3 aylar önce

    This guy is really talented!

  49. GMSD 773

    GMSD 7733 aylar önce

    Stuttering Stanley

  50. Ash A

    Ash A3 aylar önce

    Huh, didn’t know Liev was in Downton Abbey

  51. DLevene16

    DLevene163 aylar önce

    This was actually laugh out loud funny

  52. theoneafterthelast

    theoneafterthelast3 aylar önce

    SNL steals another one of my skits.

  53. Aandunno

    Aandunno3 aylar önce

    How did they let him mess up so many lines. Make this a regular character/Movie.

  54. Jon Saunders

    Jon Saunders3 aylar önce

    Heidi 😍😍😍

  55. Rose Bauer

    Rose Bauer3 aylar önce

    This is weird

  56. Jacob Lewis

    Jacob Lewis3 aylar önce

    Is the background song Manhattan?

  57. Envi Ously

    Envi Ously3 aylar önce

    this role was made for billy eichner :c

  58. Meme Cakes

    Meme Cakes3 aylar önce

    Leslie 😂

  59. John Rambo

    John Rambo3 aylar önce

    Leslie Jones is devastating silence here. Lough in stiches XD

  60. Ivan Johnson

    Ivan Johnson3 aylar önce

    Heidi is so...... damn hot. That long feline body of hers. Plus, she's pretty funny. What a catch. 😍

  61. John Grenier

    John Grenier3 aylar önce

    great idea.

  62. Freddy The Platypus

    Freddy The Platypus3 aylar önce

    Liev is a great actor. He just transformed into this douchey Dave guy so easily.

  63. Stephen H. Koontz

    Stephen H. Koontz3 aylar önce

    One of the rare times an SNL sketch starts off bad and gets better.

  64. Ben Wade

    Ben Wade3 aylar önce

    He looks like Taran here lol

  65. Lemon Squeezy

    Lemon Squeezy3 aylar önce

    Please less Pete Davidson cameos, otherwise this was pretty funny.

  66. Jonathan Martinez

    Jonathan Martinez3 aylar önce

    Damn,Liev is 6”1’. When Leslie comes out,she’s just as big as him. She’s a big dude

  67. AverageGameBoy

    AverageGameBoy3 aylar önce

    Does Liev ever age? He still looks the same as he did when i saw the Scream movies when they first came out

  68. bravo 20

    bravo 203 aylar önce

    funny shit,that dude does a good goomba accent😂lmao

  69. Vee

    Vee3 aylar önce

    Cute dress 💕

  70. Amy Sutton

    Amy Sutton3 aylar önce

    It's so refreshing to see a skit that isn't political, left wing or pushing politically correct ideology. Thank goodness! 😃

  71. Ashley Burgos

    Ashley Burgos3 aylar önce

    Leslie Jones was the best part of this skit 😂

  72. Brian David

    Brian David3 aylar önce

    Heidi is low key one of the best actresses on this show for real lol 😂

  73. Jay Rock Jinx

    Jay Rock Jinx3 aylar önce

    “Hey I’m Dave I’ll see ya after” I’m done😆.

  74. Lauren W.

    Lauren W.3 aylar önce

    I love how he immediately stops talking and becomes horrified when Leslie gets in his face 😂😂👌🏽

  75. Henny LeBeau

    Henny LeBeau3 aylar önce

    Heidi is a low-key hottie

  76. MsJoiBella

    MsJoiBella3 aylar önce

    Lol the last 10 seconds saved this skit for me...

  77. Eastside Bros

    Eastside Bros3 aylar önce

    MsJoiBella this was sooo funny hopefully my skits make it to snl 1 day

  78. Close Your Eyes ASMR

    Close Your Eyes ASMR3 aylar önce

    Aidy was sooo pretty here! She should always do her hair/makeup/clothes like this

  79. Jon Dunmore

    Jon Dunmore3 aylar önce

    Heidi Gardner is SOOOO HOOOTTT!

  80. Monk Abrahms

    Monk Abrahms3 aylar önce

    Because black women can't be treated like everybody else right SNL?

  81. Damage

    Damage3 aylar önce

    How'd it go in there?

  82. MsLogjam

    MsLogjam3 aylar önce

    I wish I could summon at will whatever power it was Leslie Jones was wielding here.

  83. Nick Thomas

    Nick Thomas3 aylar önce

    The concept of the show is still better than half the crap you see on TV. No pun intended.

  84. Mrs Sadie Adler

    Mrs Sadie Adler3 aylar önce

    New film strait outta bathroom ft Dave It’s a sequel to strait outta Compton film 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  85. dedmanthrashin

    dedmanthrashin3 aylar önce

    This is great

  86. Eastside Bros

    Eastside Bros3 aylar önce

    dedmanthrashin snl inspired me to start making skits i love this

  87. Jon Sanders

    Jon Sanders3 aylar önce

    Seems like a show from Rick & Morty's inter-dimensional cable 😂

  88. Earl of Wickshire

    Earl of Wickshire3 aylar önce

    Man i wanted one of them to say that they made da big poopoos

  89. Ruben Leyva

    Ruben Leyva3 aylar önce

    Hahahahahahahaha Liev needs to be doing more Raunchy Comedies...

  90. vanessa dieudonne

    vanessa dieudonne3 aylar önce

    So a couple of things 1. I think Liev is SOO hot, and I actually made out with a guy who looks *just* like him when I visited Ireland, the most beautiful country in the world, last month. 2. Why was this cut from the show?? 3. You can see Pete's light blueish hair on the side, under the wig 😂

  91. Tmanaz480

    Tmanaz4803 aylar önce

    Liev could make a great Don Corleone in a few years.


    CHICKEN KURRY3 aylar önce

    Oh my god, he legitimately looked afraid of the black lady.


    NO COMMENT3 aylar önce

    so so bad👎🏾

  94. Russell Nathan Gwinn

    Russell Nathan Gwinn3 aylar önce

    Pretty cool that Tracy Morgan appeared in this skit.

  95. squishy salamander

    squishy salamander3 aylar önce

    Hey, uploaded 21 hours ago!

  96. Foofer Bob

    Foofer Bob3 aylar önce


  97. Papa Woody

    Papa Woody3 aylar önce

    Jason Bateman used to be much funnier!!

  98. Hannah Johnson

    Hannah Johnson3 aylar önce


  99. purplelucys

    purplelucys3 aylar önce

    he sounds exactly like coach steve from big mouth lmaoooo

  100. The Angry Dudeist

    The Angry Dudeist3 aylar önce

    This is funny... It actually is close to something that happened about 25 years ago. Too funny So if the show is outside the bathroom, i guess that makes the bathroom the green room... 🤔

  101. TerrenNicole

    TerrenNicole3 aylar önce

    Aidy looks like she lost weight 😍😍

  102. bbrock RailFan

    bbrock RailFan3 aylar önce

    I can tell most of the women on SNL are super uptight. I am surprised they are even called comedians. This was actually a funny bit.

  103. Emily Muscat

    Emily Muscat3 aylar önce

    pete’s wig lmao

  104. Naim Hussain

    Naim Hussain3 aylar önce

    "letterman had his top 10 list, mine is twice as good top 20" how did the audience miss this fucking clever joke...oh right they're American....