Pete Davidson on How He Began Dating Ariana Grande


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    All bow to our Lord and saviour Howard Stern! 🙌

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    The Howard

  4. Andrew Darrow

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  5. Escu

    Escu5 aylar önce

    The Howard Stern Show when was this recorded?

  6. Kevin Mayle

    Kevin Mayle5 aylar önce

    Thanks for posting these on TRreporter!

  7. I Got Mc Feels

    I Got Mc Feels3 gün önce

    Idk bout yu but Pete is pretty good looking to me, lol?? Hate when they always seem so surprised she would date him in every interview?! 😭💕😂😂

  8. face lol

    face lol10 gün önce

    then they broke up....

  9. Mafia Tours Philly fox

    Mafia Tours Philly fox16 gün önce

    I wish i could talk to Howard

  10. Leon Barton

    Leon BartonAylar önce

    3 monhs later, new year & new me. Relationships are a mothafucka...let go on ego, stand up for you & everything you truly want in life! Start a relationship for real, remember who you are. BTW if you took the time to read this, Godbless. 😛🐅🍻🎭

  11. J E ss E Y

    J E ss E YAylar önce

    He's such a cutie...

  12. George Washington

    George Washington2 aylar önce

    I take the Duke

  13. George Washington

    George Washington2 aylar önce

    You need to see Stalin's strong arm?

  14. chimp man

    chimp man2 aylar önce

    Thank you, next

  15. Cy Tg

    Cy Tg2 aylar önce

    Would love to know more

  16. thunder god91

    thunder god912 aylar önce

    love pete davidson hes a genius

  17. Taylor

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  18. Daniel Blake Maurice

    Daniel Blake Maurice2 aylar önce

    WAS dating Ariana

  19. Omaha Joe

    Omaha Joe2 aylar önce

    Pete Davidson looks like the singer from the rolling Stones. When they were young

  20. IEEteammateMATT1

    IEEteammateMATT12 aylar önce

    Oh how the times have changed

  21. fLeX 831

    fLeX 8312 aylar önce

    Well stern. I knew she was dating mac miller. But I didn't care neither did her.

  22. David Bri

    David Bri2 aylar önce

    Thank u, next...

  23. Carolina1

    Carolina12 aylar önce

    I guarantee you that as soon as he started making comic/lewd comments about her in relation to sex; that her family & handlers did everything in their power to get her off him asap. The difference between when Davidson was asked sexual questions and when the other kid Miller was; were night & day... Miller did an interview with Charlamagne where he was asked something about their sex life and BOOM, before the question was finished he said "don't disrespect..." This girls career is way too big and that family has poured every ounce of energy into it since childhood, they aren't going to let anything like that pass by and SURELY weren't going to let her take that final step without getting involved. For awhile it was great for her career, brought a lot of press with perfect timing just pre record release You can best believe by the time the marriage crap came into the picture that there was A LOT of energy put into putting the ixnay on that nonsense. Way too much money and image making going on there to let that happen. I love how Howard; who doesn't really give a flying fuck about this little kid romance, is building it up and acting all wowed by it to get Pate to keep talking. He knows what makes good radio and that is the end goal here. That girl is pampered beyond comprehension & there are so many careers orbiting it, including the family, that it was viewed as merely a good time to generate wider base. In the end it all came in handy & everyone got a piece of the pie.

  24. Oh Yeah legatus

    Oh Yeah legatus2 aylar önce

    Damn feels bad ☹️

  25. Jackbbb17

    Jackbbb172 aylar önce

    Here After Breakup?

  26. Trojan Lamb

    Trojan Lamb2 aylar önce

    And dumped over a joke

  27. Alexa Claire

    Alexa Claire3 aylar önce

    "Man, you must feel like a fucking absolute terd next to Ariana Grande!" Dayum, give Pete some credit lol

  28. Victor Velasquez

    Victor Velasquez3 aylar önce


  29. stephen kirk

    stephen kirk3 aylar önce

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂ohhhh Pete 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. Marrissa Zando

    Marrissa Zando3 aylar önce

    He's cute

  31. Mario Duenas

    Mario Duenas3 aylar önce

    This ages quite nicely

  32. EddieMachetti

    EddieMachetti3 aylar önce

    I’ve never seen so many stupid comments by stupid people.

  33. hunkgod

    hunkgod3 aylar önce

    Look around his eyes, that's exhaustion.

  34. Cage Böhmer

    Cage Böhmer3 aylar önce

    thank u next

  35. leroy jenkins

    leroy jenkins3 aylar önce

    Haha it's over

  36. jim Jerrie

    jim Jerrie3 aylar önce

    Yo she ain't that hot

  37. Aqsa Lodhi

    Aqsa Lodhi3 aylar önce

    I’m sad that they broke up. She actually looked genuinely happy with Pete

  38. Scott Sophia

    Scott Sophia3 aylar önce

    After Mac Miller, and now Pete Davidson, every guy is gonna shoot their shot.

  39. Aubrey Francisco

    Aubrey Francisco3 aylar önce

    thank u, next

  40. Vamps bae

    Vamps bae3 aylar önce

    Thank you Next

  41. Dahlia

    Dahlia3 aylar önce

    Pete is cute as fuck. Stop trying to play my boo

  42. Viewer

    Viewer3 aylar önce

    i find him attractive as well

  43. Silver Dragon

    Silver Dragon3 aylar önce

    Speaking of Larry David I wish he would come on this show

  44. Oitnb Oitnb

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  45. Steve Cupples

    Steve Cupples3 aylar önce

    Ass licker

  46. The American Patriot

    The American Patriot3 aylar önce

    So fucking sad

  47. Deandra Marshall Tha Brain

    Deandra Marshall Tha Brain3 aylar önce

    They are speaking Ariana is some god that is impossible to obtain because of her beauty and success.. as long as you have confidence and a bomb ass personality you can bag any female or male and that’s facts!!! Why in the can’t Pete bag Ariana ??? He has a beautiful personality he just needs to gain confidence and tell himself everyday that he is enough and he is worthy of any woman his heart may dream up. It’s crazy too because this guy is successful I his own right but for some reason he is not using his platform as positive to up his ranking in his dream girl... damn Pete

  48. Hyenage

    Hyenage3 aylar önce

    Biggest mistake of your life Pete, degrading yourself. She will believe you. Sorry bro hopefully you learned.

  49. Stephanie :0

    Stephanie :03 aylar önce

    2:50 😐

  50. Jill Marcum

    Jill Marcum3 aylar önce

    I've never heard of Pete Davidson until recently. I still don't know who tf he is.....I must not be spending enough time on social I'm heading to Google to find out who he is........don't judge, I can't be the only one who doesn't know who he is or what he does 😳😬

  51. K S

    K S3 aylar önce

    "you don't get girls like that." ariana is gorgeous but larry david's daughter is really pretty too? wtf

  52. Alice Mc

    Alice Mc3 aylar önce

    Or does he mean no girls in the world exist like "that" either way he's an insulting piece of shit. He's making it sound like Ariana is like some God like creature. She's a fucking human like everyone else. This whole conversation is killing my brain cells.

  53. Puds Deroiste

    Puds Deroiste3 aylar önce

    yeah I don't get why they are undermining how attractive his previous girlfriends have been....

  54. Mrs. No Name Kid

    Mrs. No Name Kid4 aylar önce

    Don't mind me. I'm just replying and laughing at the old comments.

  55. Chehak Malhotra

    Chehak Malhotra4 aylar önce

    I loved them together ❤️

  56. The Unknown

    The Unknown4 aylar önce

    Ariana isn't even all that, she a thot and will never find the "one" with the streak of guys she had smh

  57. kitsune da o

    kitsune da o4 aylar önce

    DAmmm, Howard is such a great interviewer 🤙🤙🤙

  58. Ashely Playz

    Ashely Playz4 aylar önce

    The jacket THOOO

  59. Patrick Mahomes

    Patrick Mahomes4 aylar önce


  60. The Joose

    The Joose4 aylar önce

    Awkward 😬

  61. Ger -

    Ger -4 aylar önce

    Would you say they already split up here or was it a few days later?

  62. packlesswolf1

    packlesswolf14 aylar önce

    And boom they broke up. No love story

  63. Allan Appiah

    Allan Appiah4 aylar önce

    Thats the end of every love story

  64. Ammata Pierron

    Ammata Pierron4 aylar önce

    There are things on life that we as individuals will always scratch our heads and ask why that dont seem to make sense to us. Also things we will not agree with and dont like but for fuck sake just let people live man. I get it. Really I do, but at the end of the day there's a saying what other people eat dont make you shit! So just let people live their damn lives of it doesnt affect you whatsoever even if you dont like it.

  65. Pog Champ

    Pog Champ4 aylar önce

    Bro do you understand podcasts?

  66. Josh Williams

    Josh Williams4 aylar önce

    life comes at you fast

  67. Elana Leanna

    Elana Leanna4 aylar önce

    Maybe Robin was right and Ariana started to feel like a commodity in that relationship.

  68. elina a.

    elina a.4 aylar önce


  69. Okurrr *L U C A S*

    Okurrr *L U C A S*4 aylar önce

    They broke up so...smh

  70. Melissa Lang

    Melissa Lang4 aylar önce

    To me, Ariana is (well, was) the lucky one.

  71. charliestravels

    charliestravels4 aylar önce

    Welp this is awkward

  72. Anna Jensen

    Anna Jensen4 aylar önce

    Im so sorry for Ari. She must be broken

  73. Chris B

    Chris B4 aylar önce

    Anna Jensen why is everyone sorry for Ariana and not for Pete? There are two emotional vessels involved in this breakup thefak

  74. Common Sense

    Common Sense4 aylar önce

    What world do all these folks live in?!?! Who couldn't tell this relationship was doomed!!! They live in a fantasy world. all of these Hollywood folks!! This dude is not grounded and is drifting........... the poor kid need to get out of NYC and get a normal life!!

  75. warhawk

    warhawk4 aylar önce

    They just broke up, Ariana’s world is a fart joke. I’m not really saying I love her or hate she’s just messed up right now. She’s the new Elizabeth Taylor except she won’t go through 10 marriage she will go through a 1,000 relationships before she’s dead.

  76. I Am Worthy

    I Am Worthy4 aylar önce


  77. Indianna Moon

    Indianna Moon4 aylar önce

    This is the most awkward thing. Ever. Can you imagine being in a relationship with someone with the whole world making jokes about how your significant is better than you, like held on a pedestal? It's so weird. They're just people. Ariana just has a strict brand now that she has to emulate, but NOT THAT LONG AGO she was a curly haired kid that was actually pretty edgy. They make sense together if you strip down her ariana "brand" and get down to the fact that she was a punk and probably still is under the mask.

  78. nichole

    nichole4 aylar önce


  79. JonDoe

    JonDoe4 aylar önce

    They broke up

  80. The dude that gets hit by the bell in GOT

    The dude that gets hit by the bell in GOT4 aylar önce

    This interview funny af now hahahaha

  81. FieryFaery

    FieryFaery4 aylar önce

    SEXY voice. Love the lil N.Y. accent too.

  82. ViolentJay1985

    ViolentJay19854 aylar önce

    Guy seems Really cool, who wouldn’t date a guy that will make you Laugh everyday. 🤣

  83. marie kr

    marie kr4 aylar önce

    hes one of those guys who dosent know how good looking he is,wow sexy as hell.

  84. S W

    S W4 aylar önce

    We love men like him...hes cute, tall, hilarious, self deprecating and humble...but also very confident. Yup...hes delicious

  85. ATR

    ATR4 aylar önce

    cue the curb your enthusiasim

  86. The Hangout Podcast

    The Hangout Podcast4 aylar önce

    1:45 - 1:53 🤣🤣🤣


    ANURAG GUPTA4 aylar önce

    He is so handsome.

  88. Ali Mukwevho

    Ali Mukwevho4 aylar önce

    He’s good looking, he is funny and his personality is amazing 🔥🔥

  89. Griffin Endress

    Griffin Endress4 aylar önce

    The visual of Pete scrolling through Channing Tatum, One Direction, Justin Bieber and Ariana just being like "nope...nope...nope" makes me laugh so hard lol. Like Pete's like "wtf is wrong with you". I love the fact that he's with her though and they seem truly happy rn.

  90. Uriel Valdez

    Uriel Valdez4 aylar önce

    I love how honest this guy is!

  91. tasteslikeawesome

    tasteslikeawesome4 aylar önce

    He scrolled through EVERYBODY.

  92. Rhea Booth

    Rhea Booth4 aylar önce

    I don't think Pete gives himself enough credit. I'd be lucky to date someone like him. A great sense of humor makes life better.

  93. Aaron Hernandez

    Aaron Hernandez4 aylar önce

    There is one thing I learned, if she’s into you, she will make time to hang out with you, no matter what

  94. Fish

    Fish4 aylar önce

    Stern so sweet

  95. SHOWer-oke

    SHOWer-oke4 aylar önce

    Honestly seeing that she crushed on Jim Carrey and her personality, I think she just likes goofy guys. Not every girl wants the manly man, the chiseled statue, some girls just like to have fun. She strikes me as a stereotypical girl in elementary. Not into the whole "grown up" vibe but just wants to have fun and be around fun people in a quirky world, not the depressing real world. It's cool.

  96. itsdastuff

    itsdastuff4 aylar önce


  97. Rainface Atriarch

    Rainface Atriarch4 aylar önce

    stop telling her that every day pete.

  98. Ramen Vermicelli

    Ramen Vermicelli4 aylar önce

    So nice to see two preteens falling in love for the first time. There's definitely something special about middle school puppy love.

  99. Renee B.

    Renee B.4 aylar önce

    LMAO "Here's all of one direction...are you sure?!" He's too funny. He also seems like a genuine and fun guy to hangout with. I wish him and Ariana nothing but the best :)

  100. aNoYinG vOicE

    aNoYinG vOicE4 aylar önce

    Pete's tone during this part of the interview is so sarcastic and it's like he's over getting asked such questions😂😂😂

  101. Isabel Perez

    Isabel Perez4 aylar önce

    This is the sweetest thing ive ever seen

  102. amelia st. george

    amelia st. george4 aylar önce

    “here’s all of one direction” MEEEE

  103. Ella Porter

    Ella Porter4 aylar önce

    what kind of starbucks drink is that

  104. Rach C

    Rach C4 aylar önce

    I think it's a latte with vanilla or hazelnut 💁

  105. Larry Smith

    Larry Smith4 aylar önce

    Why do I see a future DC joker in this pete guy , he has a fuckin chance at it , he would be a perfict batman joker

  106. MisterNygma

    MisterNygma4 aylar önce

    Anyone know what coat that is?

  107. Whitney Stephens

    Whitney Stephens4 aylar önce

    I’m so annoyed at how everyone acts like Ariana is so out of his league. He’s hot af, so hilarious, and has the kindest heart. He must get so tired of hearing this. Wonderful for someone’s self esteem 🙄🙄

  108. Serena Ruvalcaba

    Serena Ruvalcaba4 aylar önce

    He’s not that bad. I don’t understand how people find this unbelievable.

  109. Courtland Smock

    Courtland Smock4 aylar önce

    Cazzie David seems way cooler to date than Ariana Grande but that’s just me.

  110. Esperanzilla

    Esperanzilla4 aylar önce

    Pete kinda sounds like Tyler, the Creator

  111. TheBluePanda

    TheBluePanda4 aylar önce

    He won the lottery.

  112. Jasmin Buell

    Jasmin Buell4 aylar önce

    He’s like asking him all these questions he really shouldn’t be... but we all kinda want to know the answer

  113. J. Ascension

    J. Ascension4 aylar önce

    Keep in mind, Women will date a fun goofy guy who they know won't cheat on them, over the "Hot guy" who gets any chick he wants and doesn't value any female over the other. It's chemistry, literally you have to affect her brain chemistry with your personality.

  114. Emma Schlesinger

    Emma Schlesinger4 aylar önce

    I love Howard he’s such a great interviewer and creates excellent content

  115. woodyjonz

    woodyjonz4 aylar önce

    You two are the effin cutest and I looooove watching you guys be in love. Please always put EACH OTHER first. I honestly can see you 2 doing a "Sonny & Cher"-like show. I would watch it in prime time. BUT....NOT if it's gonna destroy ur relationship. But an idea.....ENJOY THE LOVE. IT IS RARE. And everybody don't get that lucky. Treasure it above all else, including money.