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Pete Davidson Wishes Ariana Grande the Best on SNL


  1. Peyton Bell

    Peyton Bell22 gün önce

    A sad day when COMEDIANS can't make JOKES. Funny or not.

  2. M M

    M MAylar önce

    The united states military isn't fighting for us. They're being used by our government to steal tax payers money. Bring our troops home

  3. colton meisier

    colton meisierAylar önce

    the song genuinely sucks

  4. Hansen Says Take A Seat

    Hansen Says Take A SeatAylar önce

    Pete looks sick. Sit in the sun kid.

  5. truestdude

    truestdudeAylar önce

    Ariana Grande can't even write her own songs. These talentless chicks that get into the game & have 2 depend on an entire team of ppl 2 help them maintain their fame kills me

  6. Brandi M

    Brandi MAylar önce

    I Love Charlamagne for standing up for Pete.

  7. Regular Mac

    Regular MacAylar önce

    Yea.......bad joke Pete

  8. Random Commenter88

    Random Commenter88Aylar önce

    Guys please stop saying bad things about Ari. She deserves respect bc her career is positive. She has a great voice, has been through a lot, and promotes kindness, strength, dedication, women’s rights, and mental health awareness. You can’t prove she’s a negative person unless you know her, but you CAN prove she promotes positive values by following her career.

  9. Tina's baby

    Tina's babyAylar önce

    Listening to her sing made me forget I came here to hate her!! Can't deny her talent. She can really, really sing.

  10. Tay Mac

    Tay MacAylar önce

    Thank you envy

  11. Scooby MiKE

    Scooby MiKEAylar önce

    That joke about Patchy was foul but I'd be lying if I said I didn't laugh

  12. Pssst Man you know you lyin

    Pssst Man you know you lyinAylar önce

    This shit hurt Pete.. Ariana out here built like the Annabelle doll but breaking hearts left and right!! Smh Damn shame..

  13. R Sims

    R SimsAylar önce

    Ariana is ran through

  14. vash elray

    vash elrayAylar önce

    What an Ironic thing to say to Pete and have a song about the same thing smh

  15. Michael Miller

    Michael MillerAylar önce

    Who cares there both annoying!

  16. Kourtney Byrd

    Kourtney ByrdAylar önce

    She did not say she had somebody else, that’s how i know he ain’t listen lmaooo 😂😂

  17. C Jac

    C JacAylar önce

    She said she moved on with ARI CTG STOOPID

  18. Bailey

    BaileyAylar önce

    Sorry but I have to say it.. NOBODY looks good in green lipstick. I dont care if your white, yellow, brown, or black.. it looks trash on EVERYBODY. That includes Ariana lol. Ladies please.. stop wearing green lipstick.

  19. Harry Dyckenhaand

    Harry DyckenhaandAylar önce

    That joke was tasteless. He took it on the chin like a G tho. #ISUPPORTVETERANS #ISUPPORTKAEP

  20. S P

    S PAylar önce

    Yeah Ariana needs to get over herself. Enough with the kids and the trolling already, my goodness

  21. Esoteric African

    Esoteric AfricanAylar önce

    Pete looks like a lesbian on meth

  22. FreshFly

    FreshFlyAylar önce

    I honestly didn't find the joke funny either I don't have the balls to go to war so I'd never talk shit about a veteran or joke about them.

  23. ShellzFilms LLC.

    ShellzFilms LLC.Aylar önce

    What's such a hype behind this chick? She is mad average with that same ol pony tail. My little pony doll lol

  24. The Futures Now

    The Futures NowAylar önce

    No jokes are off limits

  25. I'm Dirty Dan

    I'm Dirty DanAylar önce

    Had to leave, listen to that song, then come back. Song is type smooth

  26. astheskylarksings

    astheskylarksingsAylar önce

    CTG stay bias... once you “my guy” you his guy. Sound like the behavior of someone else ? Someone who just might be president of our country?

  27. Mike Minjarez

    Mike MinjarezAylar önce

    Pete Davidson turned into a L after that war joke smh

  28. D L

    D LAylar önce

    She’s weird

  29. Ashley

    AshleyAylar önce

    Ariana makes nothing but hits 🙏🏽

  30. Crystal Bruno

    Crystal BrunoAylar önce

    Am I the only one who can’t make out most of the words in a Ariana Grande song???

  31. J SB

    J SBAylar önce

    "Like a pirate." ENVY!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 DKM

  32. tberroc

    tberrocAylar önce

    ariana is lame

  33. Morgane Freeman

    Morgane FreemanAylar önce

    If CthaGod farted on Ariana's song... I was about to be so mad! That song is nice!

  34. tommykimon

    tommykimonAylar önce

    Ariana is trying to be the new Taylor Swift

  35. Ashley

    AshleyAylar önce

    Dan Crenshaw is running for governor? I don’t SEE that happening 😂

  36. D The Chemist

    D The ChemistAylar önce

    No brainer that was gonna end with those 2

  37. Julisa scotland

    Julisa scotlandAylar önce

    Pete is very funny and all.... But who had mah boi out here looking like he went to a bad Max Rager boat party? The lighting in that photo. Is. disrespectful.

  38. InviteTheLight Readings

    InviteTheLight ReadingsAylar önce

    Pete left himself wide open taking about PORN movies. Too easy for a crushing "well I guess you WOULD know" type -comeback.


    CLASSICAylar önce

    He will always be known as one of her cast offs.

  40. Jennifer Ferreras

    Jennifer FerrerasAylar önce

    That song is fire😎 good for Ariana

  41. Sr. Torres Carmona

    Sr. Torres CarmonaAylar önce

    I don’t understand how you hate political correctness, but when someone makes a joke about you THEN YOU MUST APOLOGIZE IT WAS EVIL

  42. Logan

    LoganAylar önce

    I dislike the hook on thank u next unlike charlamagne but it's got a fire ass beat

  43. Mousey Publishings

    Mousey PublishingsAylar önce

    So making fun of a war veterans battle scars is cool? Got it.

  44. DIX

    DIXAylar önce

    This is what Ariana does. She starts to date someone’s soon as she has a album in the works & when it sells a shit load of copies, she dumps them. She’s just like Taylor swifts, using relationships to sell albums but get mad when the guy does it. Pete is a comedian, they use their life experiences pain and joy to write jokes. Get over yourself Ariana bc you aren’t that hot.

  45. Son of Jah

    Son of JahAylar önce

    100% of people wish their ex the best They all lied...

  46. M. F.

    M. F.Aylar önce

    She’s annoying! That pony tail and that voice are so old

  47. 9ine6ix 6ix9ine

    9ine6ix 6ix9ineAylar önce

    Lol thats how rumors start, she said on the song she moved on to Ari, meaning herself

  48. Friend Zone

    Friend ZoneAylar önce

    Stop not knowing information please

  49. alansjf33

    alansjf33Aylar önce

    That guy in Texas knows what he is doing. He could easily insert a prosthetic eye 👁. But wearing that eye patch reminds people of his sacrifice in battle.

  50. Xolani Sibanyoni

    Xolani SibanyoniAylar önce

    Envy mad for Dan. Lol

  51. jessica Skyy

    jessica SkyyAylar önce ..said that's a lil bop right there....

  52. Armed Mecha Astronaut JM-83

    Armed Mecha Astronaut JM-83Aylar önce

    This show is so wack.

  53. JO PILOT

    JO PILOTAylar önce

    Ppl who go to war are doing it because family tradition or get some benefits GET THEM BENEFITS

  54. Nando garcia

    Nando garciaAylar önce

    Ariana a hoe,vetreans demand too much respect and no one cares about blacks

  55. anthony whitehead

    anthony whiteheadAylar önce

    love love the breakfast club

  56. charmedlilsis1

    charmedlilsis1Aylar önce

    Ariana is letting so many guys run through her. She's on her Kardashian grind.

  57. Larrell Hill

    Larrell HillAylar önce

    DJ Envy don’t think it’s funny but his goof ass said he got a eye patch like a pirate smh 😂

  58. PITTSBURGH GIRL lisa ROXXI sandoval

    PITTSBURGH GIRL lisa ROXXI sandovalAylar önce


  59. HipHopScholar95

    HipHopScholar95Aylar önce

    Bruh has a hoodie saying, “gooniversity,” definitely a clown

  60. 13oTToM 13!TCH

    13oTToM 13!TCHAylar önce

    Thumbnail got Pete looking like a thirsty vampire

  61. Hay Black

    Hay BlackAylar önce

    I love Pete lol

  62. Aminah McKenzie

    Aminah McKenzieAylar önce

    She said she met someone new and her name is “Ari” ... she’s talking about herself lol

  63. Ravioli Ravioli

    Ravioli RavioliAylar önce

    Also a lot of people are breaking out the “oh well she’s a woman so” card which is something a retard would say. Ari literally said nothing about the breakup, didn’t even acknowledge that it really happened until Pete decided to make a joke about them getting married and brush it off his shoulder as off he doesn’t care. She had every right to be as angry as she was as he had the right to be mad at her if she pulled something off like that. Although Pete did tell everyone that he will not discuss the breakup out of respect for Ariana. She hasn’t talked about it whatsoever to any press, nor has she ever been snide to him other than when she clapped back to Pete’s joke. As well as the whole “she moved on already” conspiracy, she’s talking about self love and care. She isn’t with another guy, and I don’t think she wants to get with another one for a while.

  64. Ravioli Ravioli

    Ravioli RavioliAylar önce

    K sweetie, Ari didn’t move onto another guy k, if you actually listened to the lyrics she said she moved onto herself cause she’s a strong independent woman and is focusing on herself and her work. Get your facts straight, thank u, next.

  65. Russian Bot from Russia

    Russian Bot from RussiaAylar önce

    This is unimportant garbage news

  66. Max Moore

    Max MooreAylar önce

    If Ariana already has a new bkyfruend...that girl has issues and is the reason she is going through a break up now. She clearly can't be alone of she is moving forward that fast...AGAIN.

  67. Zaya Sagittarius

    Zaya SagittariusAylar önce

    New music on my channel check it out 🌟 subscribe I'll sub back

  68. Nic & Carla

    Nic & CarlaAylar önce

    She moved on with HERSELF "STOOOPID"

  69. zuri boo

    zuri booAylar önce

    nobody will watch the color purple with me anymore lol

  70. Ezra Von Hindenburg

    Ezra Von HindenburgAylar önce

    Theres is something troublesome about Pete. He does not seem mentally well. I hope he is getting help, mental health is nothing to play with.

  71. Briggs Neal

    Briggs NealAylar önce

    IDC that’s fucking funny. 😅😂🤣😂😅🤣🤣😃🤣🤣😃🤣😂🤣😅🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😅🤣😂🤣😅😂😅. He will be alright

  72. e p h

    e p hAylar önce

    Ariana &that tired ass ponytail

  73. TiMiqua Lebron

    TiMiqua LebronAylar önce

    e p h 😂💀

  74. Aceboggy 3223

    Aceboggy 3223Aylar önce

    e p h tired ass act dick hopping like any female entertainer

  75. Fabienne Eugene

    Fabienne EugeneAylar önce

    Pete is sooooo girl, RUN

  76. D G

    D GAylar önce

    Pete Davidson did it to himself, he left his long time girlfriend for Ariana.

  77. IXIRob_MarleyIXI

    IXIRob_MarleyIXIAylar önce

    Man she is sooooooo looooooose

  78. Ocean City

    Ocean CityAylar önce

    I thought Ariana Grande was a meal at Taco Bell

  79. Bizzy Scott

    Bizzy ScottAylar önce

    😂😂😂😂😂 im fucking dead

  80. Ald Performance

    Ald PerformanceAylar önce

    She got more BFs than trump has supporters 😂😂

  81. Jon Vega

    Jon VegaAylar önce

    She said shes found someone new which was herself.....did you finish the song 😩

  82. Black Skip Bayless

    Black Skip BaylessAylar önce

    I’m a liberal but why isn’t anybody calling out Pete for mocking a disabled republican

  83. Destiny Shakir

    Destiny ShakirAylar önce

    Charlemagne stupid " Thank u, next" LMAOOOOOOO

  84. E T

    E TAylar önce

    Hey what’s up everyone!! Go check out the mixtape Dreams That Die by Supermanny

  85. JD AllDay

    JD AllDayAylar önce

    Im not a big fan of hers but I actually love that song

  86. Datsizer

    DatsizerAylar önce

    Oprah stay Greenlighting some Old Negro slave shit.. wtf.. We get it. Let's get some Black empowerment Movies going. Like that Don Cheadle movie coming out

  87. Jamie

    JamieAylar önce

    All her songs sound the same

  88. dbo I

    dbo IAylar önce

    From dating to engaged to divorced all before Thanksgiving. Smh. Don’t let your hormones run away with you kids, get to know someone first before you give up the valuables and decide to get married...

  89. Beautiful Blessings

    Beautiful BlessingsAylar önce

    Fake apology. Its all scripted. He didnt even sound sincere when he read it to make it so bad.

  90. Itz Akuma

    Itz AkumaAylar önce

    We should stop giving this narcissistic lil girl. So much attention. Shes not even talented. I'd rather listen to a nick cannon project, then her music. She gets famous off of her relationships for the most part. I'm done entertaining it.

  91. Aceboggy 3223

    Aceboggy 3223Aylar önce

    Itz Akuma another voice of reason thank you I’d rather listen to Adeles unattractive Ass belch cause maybe then I’ll hear Some substance not just a simple minded brat cause even though she looks like a child she’s an adult I wish she’d act like one

  92. paulina

    paulinaAylar önce

    Charlemagne is stupid

  93. The Tainted Gentleman

    The Tainted GentlemanAylar önce

    I'm surprised she was ever with this idiot!

  94. Adrian Smith

    Adrian SmithAylar önce

    Dan believes that women should not have the right to have abortions and is in fear of free speech YET this is the nonsense he spouts because someone made a joke. Dan chose to join the military and defend our country come what may. Veterans are not worried about SNL, they are worried about homelessness and a lack medical and employment benefits after their service to this great country. He needs to lose that tunnel vision of selfishness and gaining votes and concentrate on truly helping his fellow brothers and sisters on issues that matter. Seriously upset over a comment by Pete? Continue being the soldier Dan.

  95. DJ AB

    DJ ABAylar önce

    She’s not irritated. That’s called publicity 😂😂

  96. Timothy Veigh

    Timothy VeighAylar önce

    R.I.P Mr. Miller

  97. Jay

    JayAylar önce

    Pete cant going anywhere without talking about Ariana. That must to hurt. Poor Pete.

  98. Mike Woods

    Mike WoodsAylar önce

    Is he albino?

  99. godking 2020

    godking 2020Aylar önce

    She getting with Chris brown next.

  100. J. Will

    J. WillAylar önce

    Who the hell is Ricky tho?

  101. Terrance Jones

    Terrance JonesAylar önce

    That hitman joke 🤣🤣💀

  102. SolidTree Videography

    SolidTree VideographyAylar önce

    Celebs creating relationships and breaking them to create hit songs. Love is a just a joke to celebs and the masses who follow them.

  103. Nathan Logan-cooney

    Nathan Logan-cooneyAylar önce

    If I had a porno pirate patch, I'd laugh.

  104. Asher Thèroux

    Asher ThèrouxAylar önce

    That song actually sounds great 😦