1. AJ KOBR

    AJ KOBR25 saniye önce

    90k comments just for cover!? Woow Rosé you are so powerful 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Bethrica Mercado

    Bethrica Mercado32 saniye önce

    Rosé has a beautiful and unique voice, she is multi-talented and she's so beautiful. I like her and everything she is

  3. Hulanfo Xd

    Hulanfo Xd5 dakika önce

    The people who dislike this because their ears problems 😄 p/s:Happy Birthday Rose,i know i wish toooooo lateeee

  4. Yarinda Jailangka

    Yarinda Jailangka6 dakika önce


  5. keemi kim

    keemi kim7 dakika önce

    can we stream blinks? like at least 10 million for this cover? we are not that powerful fandom.. more like powerful selfish akgae

  6. Mia Rasmiati

    Mia Rasmiati9 dakika önce

    The next birthday lisa I cant u lisa 😅

  7. Youssra _9

    Youssra _911 dakika önce

    Who are the idiots who cling to dislike😬😬😡 ... ... It is really the most beautiful, purest and mildest voice you can hear💔😭👏👏 love youuuuuu 💘

  8. Loic Estruy Caudal

    Loic Estruy Caudal11 dakika önce

    Please Jisoo Snow Flower audio version



    Listen when it rains. It’s very good mood~~~~ Angel power voice❤️🌈

  10. Fatmi Oktavia

    Fatmi Oktavia18 dakika önce

    Beautiful rose

  11. KarSeng Koo

    KarSeng Koo21 dakika önce

    좋아요! ~~

  12. Phương Vũ

    Phương Vũ22 dakika önce

    cố gắng đạt 10M nào

  13. Minik BİR BLİNK

    Minik BİR BLİNK23 dakika önce

    I Love Rose 💞🌷🌹

  14. Park ChaeYoungWildNFree

    Park ChaeYoungWildNFree25 dakika önce

    *BLACKPINK ROSÉ - EYES CLOSED* 16/2 06 PM/KST : *7 142 000M* 17/2 06 PM/KST : *7 526 413M* Total views : *384 413* I hope more people stream this. This cover song deserves more views, keep streaming blinks hwaiting 🙌

  15. Haydn Xiang

    Haydn Xiang26 dakika önce

    Thanks Rosè for giving me a brithday song, hope to see you one day irl ;D

  16. piki pici

    piki pici27 dakika önce


  17. piki pici

    piki pici29 dakika önce


  18. Swag oldmin

    Swag oldmin30 dakika önce

    I cant hear she voice really so bad pls stop

  19. 찰Charlotte

    찰Charlotte30 dakika önce

    *How beautiful this song and her voice OMG* 😍😍

  20. Chezka Auguis

    Chezka Auguis32 dakika önce


  21. Irene Hilary Manurung

    Irene Hilary Manurung35 dakika önce

    Her voice very smooth

  22. 파스타놓치다.

    파스타놓치다.35 dakika önce

    i dont know why 9.9k people hate this!? THIS IS COMPLETE PERFECTION ;-; ! maybe their eyes are closed...

  23. Tot Luu

    Tot Luu36 dakika önce

    Rose mv ?????

  24. Tot Luu

    Tot Luu37 dakika önce

    Khi nào rose ra mv vậy mọi người ????

  25. 파스타놓치다.

    파스타놓치다.37 dakika önce

    Ottoke lets reach this 1 million blinks!😆

  26. Yeji Itzy

    Yeji Itzy41 dakika önce

    It used to be hard being a rosénator.... We have to see all those comments saying her voice is annoying... She is faking her voice..... She shouldn't be main vocal.... Now that many are praising her voice it feels good.. 😙😚

  27. Ziana Zakaria

    Ziana Zakaria43 dakika önce

    sounds like avril lavigne 😍

  28. Anh Thư 1510

    Anh Thư 151043 dakika önce

    Her voice is great

  29. Jeon Jenkookie

    Jeon Jenkookie44 dakika önce

    I love ur voice ❤❤😍😍

  30. •Banana SeokJin •

    •Banana SeokJin •50 dakika önce

    wow rosé . just wow

  31. 8D MUSIC

    8D MUSIC54 dakika önce

    I made 8D AUDIO of this song if you guys want a live experience!💖 Have a nicee day! :)

  32. N S

    N S55 dakika önce


  33. Agus Brontoseno

    Agus Brontoseno57 dakika önce

    I love her voice

  34. Jin Ying

    Jin Ying57 dakika önce

    My love

  35. Madchima onngern

    Madchima onngern59 dakika önce

    Love you ROSE`

  36. rose kook

    rose kookSaatler önce


  37. Morel Rihi

    Morel RihiSaatler önce

    Ma luvv💕💕

  38. Holy water

    Holy waterSaatler önce

    Is this going to be on her solo album or Spotify because my sister has been going crazy about the cover and is waiting for it to go on Spotify so she could just listen to it. Also amazing job Rosé i don’t really like Kpop but my sister loves it she always mentions your cover and your name (and your bandmates names). She thinks you all are amazing and talented in your own ways she is also proud of you for not being nervous or shy during the interview in NYC because she says you are always nervous but she thinks its cute. She also said she was “dead” whenever you talked because your accent is to much for her to handle. Also congratulations on the world tour my sister is always mentions that too and she is going to the concert in Newark. Well goodbye

  39. Priya Mourya

    Priya MouryaSaatler önce

    Rosè's voice is just amazing😘. I am in love with this song😍. Everything when I hear this song it's gives me goosebumps.🤩

  40. vân khánh phạm

    vân khánh phạmSaatler önce

    Yêu Rose

  41. Kran Tgy

    Kran TgySaatler önce

    9.9K deaf and dumb people who should rot in hell for disliking this. Fuck y'all.

  42. Muhammad Nashrul Istiawan

    Muhammad Nashrul IstiawanSaatler önce


  43. Iwan Antoni

    Iwan AntoniSaatler önce

    The beutyful voice

  44. Yu Switch

    Yu SwitchSaatler önce

    "WHO HURT YOU ROSÉ??!!!"

  45. jeno enix

    jeno enixSaatler önce

    *My ears are filled with the sound of an angel.* *And the angel name is Park Chaeyoung.* 🙈💕♥️🔥😘😍

  46. กะปิ

    กะปิSaatler önce

    รัก Rosè ที่สุด happy birthday to you

  47. Avpser Channel

    Avpser ChannelSaatler önce

    I love you Rose and blackbink

  48. MARK BAM

    MARK BAMSaatler önce

    Voice Angel 😇 ❤️💖🖤


    MARISA GAPASSaatler önce

    Happy born day rose'

  50. Favorite stars in AI

    Favorite stars in AISaatler önce

    I love you Rosé

  51. Favorite stars in AI

    Favorite stars in AISaatler önce

    I can’t stop listening 🙉 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 click there

  52. camiii lizz

    camiii lizzSaatler önce

    K lindaaa❤️

  53. Desvita xx

    Desvita xx2 saatler önce

    I know where to lay I know what to say It's all the same I know how to play Have nowhere to stay It's all the same Now if I keep my eyes closed he looks just like you But he'll never stay, they never do Now if I keep my eyes closed he feels just like you But you've been replaced I'm face to face with someone new Would've gave it all for you, cared for you So tell me where I went wrong Would've gave it all for you, cared for you Would've trade it all for you, there for you So tell me how to move on Would've trade it all for you, cared for you Now if I keep my eyes closed he looks just like you But he'll never stay, they never do Now if I keep my eyes closed he feels just like you But you've been replaced I'm face to face with someone new They don't realise that I'm thinking about you It's nothing new, it's nothing new Now if I keep my eyes closed he looks just like you But he'll never stay, they never do Now if I keep my eyes closed he feels just like you But you've been replaced I'm face to face with someone new

  54. Yee Phonesavanhກປ

    Yee Phonesavanhກປ2 saatler önce


  55. Aurelia Paramita

    Aurelia Paramita2 saatler önce

    Now chaeng is making me tearing up, her voice is just so heavenly 😭💙 love u park Chaeyoung ❤️

  56. R O S A E Y

    R O S A E Y2 saatler önce

    What spell did this girl put on me? I love you soo much Rosieee💕

  57. 邓柳枫 邓

    邓柳枫 邓2 saatler önce


  58. JSK

    JSK2 saatler önce

    Rose has such a beautiful voice. Fits this cover perfectly💕

  59. 방탄소년단RV_Seokjeonmin7

    방탄소년단RV_Seokjeonmin72 saatler önce

    Your voice is so unique and I love it so much 😭

  60. savage queen

    savage queen2 saatler önce

    the voice of an angel

  61. 방탄소년단RV_Seokjeonmin7

    방탄소년단RV_Seokjeonmin72 saatler önce

    Wahhh.. homayghad I LOVE YOU ROSE 😭💜

  62. waode anggi pratiwi

    waode anggi pratiwi2 saatler önce

    I love it, Rose voice in the English language.

  63. Jorge Andres

    Jorge Andres2 saatler önce

    Hermosa melodía, hermosa voz. Es adictivo 🌹 #Rosé #BlackPink

  64. Blackpink New

    Blackpink New2 saatler önce

    Rose is Amazing with Blink

  65. Blackpink New

    Blackpink New2 saatler önce

    Best vocal for me.

  66. Thienhuong Truong

    Thienhuong Truong2 saatler önce


  67. Budi Taufik Rahman

    Budi Taufik Rahman2 saatler önce


  68. endless3cho

    endless3cho2 saatler önce

  69. Zulfikar • 2 years ago

    Zulfikar • 2 years ago2 saatler önce

    Thank you rose for making my day 😍❤️

  70. Thegamer 0

    Thegamer 02 saatler önce

    Happy birthday Rosé ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  71. Lee A-ra

    Lee A-ra2 saatler önce

    1tr like Nhanh nào Blink VN

  72. Little Aisy

    Little Aisy2 saatler önce

    Shes ready for solo now!!!

  73. chaeyoung park

    chaeyoung park2 saatler önce

    i love you rose very much

  74. Karngam Riram

    Karngam Riram2 saatler önce

    please blackpink live together and work together

  75. Victoria Franco

    Victoria Franco2 saatler önce

    The best blackpink voice💜

  76. sena Kokez

    sena Kokez2 saatler önce

    사랑 해요, 로즈 💙

  77. Phươngg Anhh

    Phươngg Anhh2 saatler önce

    Việt Nam điểm danh cái 😙 -yêu Rose nà ❤

  78. sena Kokez

    sena Kokez2 saatler önce

    Omg happy birthday rose 💋❤️✨🔥

  79. Bình An Kim

    Bình An Kim2 saatler önce

    My bias💖💜💝

  80. Jessica Zhang

    Jessica Zhang2 saatler önce

    plz plz plz plz plz release Spotify version

  81. Quỳnh Diễm

    Quỳnh Diễm2 saatler önce


  82. Clare WAI [5T]

    Clare WAI [5T]2 saatler önce

    Rose's voice is just amazing.

  83. Frances M.

    Frances M.2 saatler önce

    Hey, I did an unboxing of BLACKPINK MERCH >>>

  84. Beem kawita

    Beem kawita2 saatler önce

    So cool. I love you rose🌹💐

  85. Mark CHANNEL

    Mark CHANNEL2 saatler önce


  86. Novita Linu

    Novita Linu2 saatler önce


  87. k아리

    k아리3 saatler önce

    Roses Are Rosie Day (생일 축하해 채영아!!) BLINKS happy day❤❤️로제야!!!!!!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  88. Nn Ss

    Nn Ss3 saatler önce

    happy birthday unnie

  89. alison chavez

    alison chavez3 saatler önce

    Love Rose💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

  90. ᴋɪɴɢ ᴇxøツ

    ᴋɪɴɢ ᴇxøツ3 saatler önce

    She's a baby Park Bom!!Rosé's voice is very good💕💗

  91. Blackpink New

    Blackpink New2 saatler önce

    She is better than Park Bom

  92. Phuong Do

    Phuong Do3 saatler önce

    Hay quá đi rose ❤️😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  93. sadha love

    sadha love3 saatler önce

    Happy birthday rose,💕💕

  94. Imam NA

    Imam NA3 saatler önce

    one of my favorite song

  95. khanh ha

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  96. vân khánh phạm

    vân khánh phạm3 saatler önce


  97. Duy Trần

    Duy Trần3 saatler önce

    I love ROSÉ 💕 💓💙💚💜💛

  98. IR L

    IR L3 saatler önce

    Happy birthday rose😘😘😘😘😘

  99. Vikayiaa dw

    Vikayiaa dw3 saatler önce


  100. lisa and jennie Official

    lisa and jennie Official3 saatler önce

    I love roseeeeee

  101. Siriwan Sakanya

    Siriwan Sakanya3 saatler önce

    Make 10M. Please For Present to give her 💙💙