Shooting at Southern California bar


  1. Valerie  Salter

    Valerie Salter28 gün önce

    The lady who is supposed to be "Richard Gere" 's mother named "Barbara" who lives on my street, used to live in Thousand Oaks. If you look on her Facebook, you will see that she did assembly line work that must have been spying for McDonnell Douglas which is Douglas Aircraft who represents Richard Gere and his father John Sether. Richard Gere uses the alias name of "Kirk Douglas Hubbard". I had old evidence that Richard Gere was made to work for McDonnell Douglas and his father also used to make him go to downed airplanes that have crashed to transform them into cargo planes to smuggle cocaine and other drugs into the United States. The military refuses to allow the public to know that they are responsible for flooding the public with illegal narcotics. It is a plan against humanity and to foil the Americans. They had to have planned this hit at the nightclub and using "Borderline" because of Madonna's music. Thousand Oaks could also be "Thousand Island Dressing" which is "Secret Sauce" for "Jack in the Box".

  2. Jeremy 4219

    Jeremy 42192 aylar önce

    Just realized what he said I don't know 30 more rounds I guess I don't know listen to what

  3. Jeremy 4219

    Jeremy 42192 aylar önce

    Wow even the kids are confused they must be high how high keep them out of the bar and I don't need to shoot yourself

  4. Jeremy 4219

    Jeremy 42192 aylar önce

    On TRreporter I don't see anybody about Barb to maybe two or three people how did everybody die can Chucky child's back together quit posting stuff that don't need to be posted

  5. Anne* 411

    Anne* 4112 aylar önce

    Are you emphasizing the gunman was dressed in all black to excuse them police who killed the black security guard at the other bar?

  6. Anne* 411

    Anne* 4112 aylar önce

    where is dudes shirt

  7. I B A 7

    I B A 73 aylar önce

    Which is now happening in America, Islam has said 1000 years ago ,First Hawaii , The Prophet Muhammad told us that ,

  8. Yung life

    Yung life3 aylar önce

    This sounds about white🤔

  9. James Smith

    James Smith3 aylar önce

    And another. I have been watching the hundreds of mass shooting videos come out of America for the last 10 years. The whole gun thing is absurd. They say they want guns to protect themselves but that does not even work. Have they not yet noticed that these "good guys with guns" I keep hearing about, never stop the bad guy when it matters? In every case the shooter kills himself or is only shot by police. Never a random hero. People with mental health problems or just pissed off people show up in the population and we know this. They should just take the guns from everyone so it cuts down the number of potential mass shooters. That's how it works almost everywhere else in the civilised world and we don't have a weekly bar / synagogue / school shot to shit. The truth of the matter is - Americans who want to keep guns in society are selfish. They choose their own prerogative and fantasies of being Rambo over actually saving the lives of many others. I just hope all these 2nd amendment guys are grateful to the people who pay with their lives so they can keep their useless guns.

  10. shake karim

    shake karim3 aylar önce

    Stay away from USA it's not safe

  11. bongo fury

    bongo fury3 aylar önce

    Perhaps NOW “Achy Breaky Heart” will finally be removed from jukeboxes throughout our land....

  12. koolass koolass

    koolass koolass3 aylar önce

    A school shooting at a bar?

  13. رحيق الريحان

    رحيق الريحان3 aylar önce

    He is not a terrorist because he is not a muslim !!!!

  14. Simon The Seal

    Simon The Seal3 aylar önce

    Just imagine if there were 2-3 armed people inside.... to stop a bad guy with a gun... it takes a good guy with a gun

  15. Mr Yusuf

    Mr Yusuf3 aylar önce

    Iam an isis agent and my duty is 2 instill fear on federal officals

  16. Terri Johansen

    Terri Johansen3 aylar önce

    Of course ambulances are heading to the scene! The public never gets to see the ambulances actually on the scene though. People are pronounced dead without a coroner or ever being transported to a hospital. And I guess the injured just drive themselves or maybe they walk?

  17. prince othello

    prince othello3 aylar önce

    The shooter was an former Marine who was programmed to kill but not deprogrammed after his tour of duty. We create killing machines and scratch our heads as to why this happened.

  18. slickkapone

    slickkapone3 aylar önce

    White men love to do this, its in their nature, they actually bragged about it in history books.

  19. Thirty Six

    Thirty Six3 aylar önce

    slickkapone stfu not all white men are like this the same can be said about any other race

  20. Austie

    Austie3 aylar önce

    A sub machine gun, Remember that when the official story ends up changing. QUESTION THE NEWS!

  21. Simone Eli

    Simone Eli3 aylar önce

    Another white Christian terrorist when will the orange idiot do some thing about them

  22. Proud Gun Owner

    Proud Gun Owner3 aylar önce

    Simone Eli he didn’t shoot in the name of Christianity. Muslims on the other hand shoot in the name of their rapist deity.

  23. guest guest

    guest guest3 aylar önce


  24. Michael Lopez

    Michael Lopez3 aylar önce

    I remember when baseball used to be America's pastime.

  25. Proud Gun Owner

    Proud Gun Owner3 aylar önce

    Michael Lopez yes it’s football now

  26. Господин Юрий

    Господин Юрий3 aylar önce

    Every time there's a shooting in US it reminds me of an AMA thread on reddit of a guy who crossed the state line with a firearm in his car. There was some sort of a pull over and he notified the law enforcement officer that he had a gun in his car and he didn't have permit on him because it's not required in his home state. The dude served 2 years in prison despite having completely clean record. Gun control doesn't stop crazies, it lowers the odds of a good guy with the gun being around when he's needed the most and it puts people who have no proven intent to harm anyone in jail. 2nd amendment is a right to have rights when someone thinks you don't.

  27. Seisems

    Seisems3 aylar önce

    These sarcastic comments from ProGun people are ridiculous. Not one of you mentioned the victims, nor the families and friends OBVIOUSLY affected by this. It's disgusting.

  28. Proud Gun Owner

    Proud Gun Owner3 aylar önce

    Seisems so the demoshits who stand on graves for an agenda get a free pass? I’m sorry, but that’s hypocritical of you. The right offers sympathy all the time with these tragedies, but its liberals who want to take rights.

  29. Victor Olavarria

    Victor Olavarria3 aylar önce

    stop gun violence...😔😔😔

  30. Victor Olavarria

    Victor Olavarria3 aylar önce


  31. Young Forever

    Young Forever3 aylar önce

    The angry Caucasian male is at it again..

  32. Joseph Gallo

    Joseph Gallo3 aylar önce

    If 12 people were shot up, blood would have been flying everywhere. The bar would look like a massacre occurred. Haven't heard any witness say anything about the amount of blood pools, blood splatter, body parts, etc. Haven't seen any blood on any of the witnesses. This is a hoax. These people would be in shock. Like barely able to speak. This guy looks like he just came back from surfing.

  33. Mr. Meeseeks

    Mr. Meeseeks3 aylar önce

    +Joseph Gallo it's not a comeback. It's the truth. You're lying out your ass in an attempt to validate and credit your bullshit theory. You've never talked to a single shooting victim and I know that to be fact because if you had, you'd understand how erratic and unpredictable people's behavior can be after something like this. You have no idea what you're talking about and it is so painfully obvious I can't believe you're doubling down on your accusations. What could possibly be the benefit of creating a hoax like this? Don't even dare say fucking gun control because that's the poorest "evidence" one could possibly come up with to discredit a tragedy like this. You're just some sad sap, sitting behind your computer screen slowly losing your mind in these bullshit conspiracy theories and you will go to any and all lengths to make your worthless point seem valid. Things like this happen, things like this always have and always will happen. How comforting must it be to live in a tiny bubble and shield yourself from the horrors human beings commit. You're ignorant and not even half as smart as you think you are. You're not fooling anyone other than yourself, you're just a worthless troll who knows nothing about how the world works around you. Anyone with an IQ above 90 can see through your bullshit man, give it a rest, you sure know how to make yourself seem like a pathetically unintelligent human being.

  34. Joseph Gallo

    Joseph Gallo3 aylar önce

    +Mr. Meeseeks That's your comeback? My grammar? My sentence structure? Hahahaha There is nothing wrong with my grammar nor my sentence structure. If there was, it's youtube, not a motion to the court. Like I said, I've seen plenty of people discuss homicide events and I've seen a lot of crime scene photos regarding homicide. There would be at least some pools of blood, and if the witnesses were rescuing victims, they would have blood on them as well. There's no way around it at the crime scene, especially at a 12 person massacre.

  35. Mr. Meeseeks

    Mr. Meeseeks3 aylar önce

    +Joseph Gallo lmao sure you have and sure you are dude. You're such a fraud that will say anything to push your agenda. You aren't an attorney and you have never spoken to a single shooting victim in your entire life. I can tell just by the way your talking. An attorney would have a lot better grammar and sentence structure than you have now. Have fun with your bull shit conspiracy theories. You're the only hoax here.

  36. Joseph Gallo

    Joseph Gallo3 aylar önce

    +Mr. Meeseeks I've actually spoken with 25+ people about the homicide event they experienced. I've also seen a lot of murder crime scene photos in court since I'm an attorney. There's blood when there's homicide. But in this "shooting" there isn't any. No blood on the floor, no blood on the witnesses, no bodies on the floor at the bar, no debris or drinks spilled on the floor. Nothing. If this were a 12 person massacre, there would be blood and dead bodies. It would look ridiculous.

  37. Mr. Meeseeks

    Mr. Meeseeks3 aylar önce

    Oh of course I forgot about all the shootings you've gone through to know exactly how people would react in this situation. It's kind of funny how complex human emotions are and how when someone goes through something horrible and traumatizing they wouldn't normally act how they usually do or how people expect them to. The real conspiracy here is all these hoaxers so hell bent on disproving things ban together and spew lies. I've come to the conclusion you're just a bunch of trolls who don't actually believe what you're saying, or maybe you're the government shills paid off by the government to make everyone believe this is a hoax. Yeah, to be honest that sounds more plausible.

  38. Wendy Holsman

    Wendy Holsman3 aylar önce

    God bless the victims

  39. lindalovesmusic1

    lindalovesmusic13 aylar önce

    When you have Don Lemon saying we need to do something about white people and how they are the terrorists, there's nuts out there that actually pay attention. I understand he was white guy who shot up the place, but he shot up conservatives which are Republican. All of this violence needs to stop. How does a news reporter still have a job after saying white people are the problem and why is their no white ban? Maxine Waters telling her bunch, all the liberal left when you see a Republican, get up in their face and cause chaos. Many high profile politicians wanting violence and then this happens.

  40. lifer195

    lifer1953 aylar önce

    Another Christian terrorist

  41. William Cornman

    William Cornman3 aylar önce

    It's not the weapon itself. it's the Magazine. stop making Magazines that hold that many Rounds. Think about it.

  42. Thirty Six

    Thirty Six3 aylar önce

    William Cornman in California the gun can’t hold more than 10 rounds

  43. Thirty Six

    Thirty Six3 aylar önce

    William Cornman California has a magazine restriction though

  44. Schpankme Verimuch

    Schpankme Verimuch3 aylar önce

    Nicholas Champion was inside the Thousand Oaks, California bar during the mass shooting. He also survived the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas. CBS This Morning, November 8, 2018 Note: there are 33 establishments within Thousand Oaks, CA that have a Liqueur License.

  45. Syed Shah Nawaz Ali

    Syed Shah Nawaz Ali3 aylar önce

    Is he Islamic terrorist? I don't know why Americans are so afraid of ISIS when they themselves are biggest threat to themselves. You elect Trump, you let corporates go wild, your youth kill your own. Why do you need such a big Army and what do you have to be scared of outsiders?

  46. Main Street Electrical Parade

    Main Street Electrical Parade3 aylar önce

    6 injured. what a scrub.

  47. Where In The World Is Agent Orange's Tax Returns

    Where In The World Is Agent Orange's Tax Returns3 aylar önce

    I guess this is more of those caravan killers 🍄rump talked about. 🙄

  48. talentedmangina

    talentedmangina3 aylar önce

    This guy accounts for about 20 minutes of the situation. My story would have been “grabbed my friend who was hit and ran like Forest did. Didn’t see anything else.”

  49. Voidwalker

    Voidwalker3 aylar önce

    Sounds like the shooter had a Uzi or a Mac 10. Full auto sub-machine gun, wasn't there a law against that in California? I think so, so where was the police to stop that gun from getting in California let alone having it used in a shooting? Also why did it take the police 10 minutes to get there because you know a cop had to have been close to catch people driving drunk. I feel like those people should be allowed to have something to protect themselves against attacks like this. Thought I'd bet that nightclub was a gun free zone so why didn't that stop the gunman? I just don't want to see people being killed for no reason other than the gunman thought it would be fun, I bet he wouldn't think it be as fun if it was being shot at by the civilians who had been torn out of the fun time they were having and thrown into the the worst possible situation. This situation has 3 things that can happen 1: people realise that gun laws are pointless because shooters are going to break the law by killing you and they demand for gun control laws to be revoked so they can protect themselves 2: California's gun control gets worse 3: this just goes away and those who died, died in vain

  50. Waleed

    Waleed3 aylar önce

    Christian terrorist....

  51. Santos Santos

    Santos Santos3 aylar önce

    Let me find out they are goin to try and banned semi automatic guns now

  52. EcCollectorsYGO

    EcCollectorsYGO3 aylar önce

    What do they expect from the people if their president and authorities are at war and attacking everyone every day, then the ignorance of most of its inhabitants makes them believe that this attitude is normal and that they should imitate. "God save America the Great" ?? it is your karma

  53. peter pam

    peter pam3 aylar önce

    How Many Dead on the streets TODAY through out USA from "KNIFE" Attacks??. How many Dead from Drugs, Just To Day?.......How many DEAD from KNIFE attacks IN LONDON a GUN FREE ZONE???

  54. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee3 aylar önce

    White people are the biggest terrorist in America

  55. Jamal Busby

    Jamal Busby3 aylar önce

    I think everyone is tired of this happening, but let me ask a question. Usually the portrayed shooters have not been treated well by society or by people in there life. I am not saying this is an excuse but this is something that can be stopped. so my question is: Will you always and continuously treat people with absolute kindness no matter what? Will you from here on out treat them as someone important? OR Will you continue to pretend that you don't see anything bad happening in your environment?

  56. Warmachineguy

    Warmachineguy3 aylar önce

    So immigration is more focus then this.....

  57. StarBucks718

    StarBucks7183 aylar önce

    Was it a Black Guy?

  58. J R

    J R3 aylar önce

    Should we go immigrate to another country?

  59. Zach Belton

    Zach Belton3 aylar önce

    But.. But I thought 30 round magazines were banned in California? It's almost like criminals don't follow the law.

  60. TheKoderius

    TheKoderius3 aylar önce

    Guns are for soldiers, and cops, not civilians.

  61. Solomon Kane

    Solomon Kane3 aylar önce

    Russia says they are radical leftist terrorists upset over sessions. More to come. They listed a global terrorist alert.

  62. A

    A3 aylar önce

    Thats why who gives a shit if you have a ccw or not, just carry your gun.

  63. Nik Th D

    Nik Th D3 aylar önce

    The true battle royale experience

  64. Brenda Hernandez

    Brenda Hernandez3 aylar önce

    I love it all this hatred against one another is fascinating to see 😂.

  65. Healing Zone 66

    Healing Zone 663 aylar önce

    I think I will start he hanging around the gun range.Perhaps they will install a coffee shop and offer sandwiches.Any public space without heavily armed law abiding men is a target!

  66. Samuel Baumann

    Samuel Baumann3 aylar önce

    Security guard was there and that obviously didn’t help

  67. Sloth Armstrong

    Sloth Armstrong3 aylar önce

    The sad thing about this is, that the more shootings there are, the more people will be prone to abiding to gun control. But as my industrial safety professor said, “ Those who intend to do evil, will always seek to do evil no matter the circumstances” and taking away gun rights is not the solution

  68. Auset RGB

    Auset RGB3 aylar önce

    Why do we have to live in a world where we have to hope a lunatic doesn't shoot us at a bar?

  69. Haydon Holcomb

    Haydon Holcomb3 aylar önce

    Those gun laws didn’t work?🤷🏼‍♂️

  70. Hail Hydra

    Hail Hydra3 aylar önce

    The Gay Bomb

  71. Ashbrica

    Ashbrica3 aylar önce

    These comments... it really makes me sad how people can be so clueless. It boils down to this: if there are no guns then there is no danger. If it were harder for bad people to get guns then it would be harder for then to do shootings. Only trained personal should be able to handle a lethal device. How can people be this stupid.

  72. S.0.S

    S.0.S3 aylar önce

    Smells fishy

  73. Armor Combat Systems

    Armor Combat Systems3 aylar önce

    This is why people need bullet prof clothing. We sell such items

  74. Dewi Firdaly

    Dewi Firdaly3 aylar önce

    I think shawn mendez's new song(Youth) should be a big impact now after this.. shooting after shooting.

  75. The Yohanders

    The Yohanders3 aylar önce

    That kid would be great in a Point Break movie.

  76. Elaney Williams

    Elaney Williams3 aylar önce

    Reason like this make me afraid to go to events and party’s

  77. Rainel Céspedes

    Rainel Céspedes3 aylar önce


  78. Adam Ferello

    Adam Ferello3 aylar önce

    that time we the "news" have nothing to talk about, so they just make up fake ass, bulshit stories. fucking idiots

  79. Elaney Williams

    Elaney Williams3 aylar önce

    It never ends🤦‍♂️

  80. 0takumike

    0takumike3 aylar önce

    Another mass shooting. Another tragedy. First thing you desensitized bastards do is make it political. This is why nothing ever changes. This is why innocent people keep dying.

  81. J

    J3 aylar önce


  82. Wolf

    Wolf3 aylar önce

    I’m sorry but that person has no idea where the heart is lmao

  83. 303 Dboy

    303 Dboy3 aylar önce

    Don't forget! California has the nations strictest gun laws. But others say strict gun laws can prevent mass shootings so what does this show? Can't legislate moral if someone wants to do something horrible they will do it.

  84. Aaron Jo

    Aaron Jo3 aylar önce

    He sounds like he’s reenacting a scene in call of duty where he got the final kill cam

  85. Beary Captainjack

    Beary Captainjack3 aylar önce

    Too many mentally illnesses including our leader, nowhere seems safe in this country.

  86. Vance Refrigeration

    Vance Refrigeration3 aylar önce

    They must think we’re all idiots

  87. Versace R.I.P

    Versace R.I.P3 aylar önce

    Maybe he was an FBI officer and he shot at people who were under the influence of illegal drugs I mean like who knows?🤷‍♂️

  88. Klown

    Klown3 aylar önce

    FAKE NEWS everyone knows gun control works. California can’t have shootings duh 🙄

  89. iKonic Flow

    iKonic Flow3 aylar önce

    I thought they have gun control there? Huh...

  90. Тевтон Тиберий

    Тевтон Тиберий3 aylar önce

    The man supposedly used a Glock with an extended magazine. He violated California gun law. Criminals don’t care about your rules. The only people that follow your gun laws are law abiding citizens. You’re disarming the innocent with your restrictions. Wake up, California. This is why I carry. I’m gonna defend myself because sometimes even when there is a cop present they can’t defend you. You have to look out for yourself.

  91. Nubia Aparicio

    Nubia Aparicio3 aylar önce


  92. Justin Nixon

    Justin Nixon3 aylar önce

    How did he know it was 30 rounds. In a situation like that your first thing to found an exit not to count how many bullets are coming at you hear. His guy has never live in the hood with drive bys.

  93. Muenster Cheese

    Muenster Cheese3 aylar önce

    If you want the real fucking source of a lot of this shit stop talking about some globalist conspiracy bullshit and learn about these self described "incel" dweebs. I don't know about this shooting but seriously so many of these gunmen are these incel fucks

  94. jhon viel

    jhon viel3 aylar önce

    lol an ex marine with PTSD!!!! guess civs arent worth protecting lol

  95. Skank hunt42

    Skank hunt423 aylar önce


  96. Andrew Cannon

    Andrew Cannon3 aylar önce


  97. U G

    U G3 aylar önce

    Used a glock? Let's ban AR15!

  98. Aaron Stone

    Aaron Stone3 aylar önce

    No wonder, It's trending in the US.. NOW

  99. BNAMusic88 _

    BNAMusic88 _3 aylar önce

    An Ex-Marine shoots up a country theme nightclub...the news is about to all types of tricks smh

  100. Andrey Ivashin

    Andrey Ivashin3 aylar önce

    Ladies and gentlemen this right here is why you pussy libbies need to stop crying, stop drinking your soy, and start carrying, unless of course a firearm "triggers" you snowflakes 😂 VOTE ON THE RIGHT SIDE #MAGA2020

  101. Paul Austin

    Paul Austin3 aylar önce



    DRUNKEN RAMBLE3 aylar önce

    an f-16 is NO MATCH for my AR-15 - FAKE NEWS !!!

  103. rvfjone

    rvfjone3 aylar önce

    I'm too sexy for my bod ... deadly shooting?! ... 😀 🔥

  104. Unruly77

    Unruly773 aylar önce

    HEY MEDIA, stop turning these psychos into celebrities! It makes other unstable individuals wanna COPY THEM.

  105. Lucif

    Lucif3 aylar önce

    NRA FOR LIFE lol 🤣

  106. jo mana

    jo mana3 aylar önce

    Racist name for a restaurant bar hosting Country dances.

  107. Earl Green

    Earl Green3 aylar önce

    MEMORY QUAIL Exodus 16:13, Numbers 11:31 Quail are ground nesting game birds, a delicacy in some quarters. While reading through my Bible again I realized that GOD sent the Israelites quail on two occasions. First when they were hungry because there was no food and then when foreigners enticed them to yearn for meat. The common thread is the approach of the Jews; they did not ask or pray for their needs, they chose to complain. If they remembered that GOD had brought quail once before maybe they would realize that they only needed to ask for it again. Don’t complain to JESUS, ask then praise Him for meeting your need, it’s on the way!

  108. Fevirre

    Fevirre3 aylar önce

    You people ain't funny with your gun jokes You're soo immature...

  109. Shrekken

    Shrekken3 aylar önce

    Black, White, Hispanic etc we all SUCK!

  110. Jus Money

    Jus Money3 aylar önce

    How dose gun free California have so many mass shootings.

  111. Addison Heddins

    Addison Heddins3 aylar önce

    First gun stops when the second gun gets on the scene.

  112. Schpankme Verimuch

    Schpankme Verimuch3 aylar önce

    No one can defend their ass with a beer bottle.

  113. Schpankme Verimuch

    Schpankme Verimuch3 aylar önce

    +Decoy4232, be careful where you stick your wick.

  114. Decoy4232

    Decoy42323 aylar önce

    John Wick can

  115. Nnamdi Nzeduru

    Nnamdi Nzeduru3 aylar önce

    Vanilla Ice is in the thumbnail

  116. Quicks1lvr

    Quicks1lvr3 aylar önce

    Remember folks criminals will have regular capacity magazines because they don't follow the laws we citizens have to. Cops are not restricted by the handgun roster (pretty weird since we talk about police violence on minorities).