SNL ESPN Classic - Best of Pete Twinkle and Greg Stink


  1. adamcshelby

    adamcshelbyYıl önce

    Greg Stink is the classic straight man

  2. Maurice Andrews

    Maurice AndrewsYıl önce

    Holy crap I had to pause this 3 times to keep from choking on my own spit! Lol

  3. Nick Amato

    Nick AmatoYıl önce

    what is will forte doing a crossword puzzle?

  4. FAYMprod

    FAYMprodYıl önce

    SUDSY! back when snl was watchable

  5. Kowasi

    KowasiYıl önce

    So good it makes me want to find the products and buy them! The full sketches are much better than the isolated clips, but this collection was successful as a gateway for me to those sketches. Sadly, it appears that only eight were made.

  6. Tony Hong Fishing

    Tony Hong FishingYıl önce

    As close as you get to not breaking character

  7. Sucker Punch

    Sucker PunchYıl önce


  8. 3642130

    3642130Yıl önce

    Vagisil is my favorite condiment!

  9. Erik Carrizales

    Erik CarrizalesYıl önce

    these were my favorite sketches of all time

  10. Mike P

    Mike PYıl önce

    Jason sudeikis, the poor man's Ed Helms.

  11. Seth

    SethYıl önce

    Mike P not really

  12. The Angry Dudeist

    The Angry DudeistYıl önce

    funniest shit EVER!!!!!!

  13. hendrixhead90

    hendrixhead90Yıl önce

    greg stink is the best part wtf?!

  14. Lucas Ervin

    Lucas ErvinYıl önce

    Forte's lost, joyful face... goddamn lmao

  15. Joseph Rapp

    Joseph RappYıl önce

    when your panties hit your socks and it smells like a kitty box!

  16. thatHighguy4:20

    thatHighguy4:20Yıl önce

    .....was that Tim honks?????

  17. Лилия Ренова

    Лилия Ренова7 aylar önce

    thatHighguy4:20 да

  18. T Clark

    T ClarkYıl önce

    sadly...this IS ESPN now

  19. Joe Roman

    Joe RomanYıl önce

    the guy on right looks like the neighbor on F is for Family

  20. tisdue

    tisdueYıl önce

    I never saw these originally. Wow. So funny.

  21. The Real ToxicBeast

    The Real ToxicBeastYıl önce

    Greg Stink.

  22. rushguy1

    rushguy1Yıl önce

    "Speaking of sealed lips, VAGISIL!" Dead.

  23. Sean Sullivan

    Sean SullivanYıl önce

    I'm the funniest SNL

  24. Wes 76

    Wes 76Yıl önce

    Sean Salvati No you arent

  25. Nick Umoh

    Nick UmohYıl önce

    Was that David S. Pumpkins?

  26. Josh Squash

    Josh SquashYıl önce

    Jason Sudeikis looks like Donald Sutherland at around 7:30ish

  27. HappyC Is Me

    HappyC Is MeYıl önce

    Literally one of the Funniest sketches ever on SNL! I would bet that a woman wrote those jokes. 👍

  28. theivory1

    theivory1Yıl önce

    This is Gold Jerry, Gold!

  29. Ethan Newman

    Ethan NewmanYıl önce

    I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Comedy perfection on every level.

  30. Alex Cofield

    Alex CofieldYıl önce

    Summer's Eveee.... Douche

  31. omg hey there

    omg hey thereYıl önce

    Oh shit- that's good. "Tampax- helping your relax when Mother Nature attacks your slacks".

  32. Rapportus5

    Rapportus5Yıl önce

    "When your uterine lining looks like the elevator from the shining!" LOL

  33. K August

    K AugustYıl önce

    Rapportus5 That always gets me!

  34. Josie Englin

    Josie EnglinYıl önce

    *This HAS to be the best sketch they have ever done.*

  35. Ray Khan

    Ray KhanYıl önce

    Greg stink supercut please

  36. Ebony White

    Ebony WhiteYıl önce


  37. HappyC Is Me

    HappyC Is MeYıl önce

    Holy Crap... I laughed Soo freaking Hard, I had to pause it 3 different times to compose myself!

  38. Mr O

    Mr OYıl önce

    its funny to hear women laughing at this.

  39. Лилия Ренова

    Лилия Ренова7 aylar önce

    Mr O so... what's wrong with that?

  40. RuthlessGriz

    RuthlessGrizYıl önce

    5:18 Tom Hanks look like Ian Mckellan

  41. The Ultimate Reductionist

    The Ultimate ReductionistYıl önce


  42. shanetheclassic

    shanetheclassicYıl önce

    If you watch the skits Sudeikis was in, he never broke character by laughing which was very hard for him to do as a lot of his sketches were hilarious, this one being a prime example..same goes for Will

  43. shanetheclassic

    shanetheclassicYıl önce

    "When your uteral lining looks like the elevator from the shining! Maxi Pads" Best One

  44. Peter Nault

    Peter NaultYıl önce

    Gyne-Lotrimin, Tap out that mildew with anti-fungal jujitsu, Gyne-Lotrimin Vaginal cream

  45. Peter Nault

    Peter NaultYıl önce

    Gyne-Lotrimin, When you're spreading cheese when you sneeze and have flies between your knees, Gyne-Lotrimin

  46. Peter Nault

    Peter NaultYıl önce

    Summer's Eve, When the smell you're crease is producing is Harakiri inducing, Summer's Eve

  47. Rob Rosenberg

    Rob RosenbergYıl önce

    Wesley Adams Douche!

  48. Peter Nault

    Peter NaultYıl önce

    Vagisil, When your clams full of grit smear some cream on that slit, Vagisil

  49. Peter Nault

    Peter NaultYıl önce

    Gyne-Lotrimin, Tap out that mildew with anti-fungal jujitsu, Gyne-Lotrimin

  50. Peter Nault

    Peter NaultYıl önce

    KY Jelly, When she's dried up like a raisin and needs a little persuasion, KY Jelly

  51. Nick Krise

    Nick KriseYıl önce

    Wesley Adams Wesley. My man. Props.

  52. PIX Promos & More

    PIX Promos & More2 yıl önce

    Summer's Eve.........DOUCHE!

  53. Ammar Ali

    Ammar AliYıl önce

    PIX Promos & More why does he keeps saying douche

  54. Shelley H

    Shelley H2 yıl önce

    This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen!!

  55. Nick Krise

    Nick KriseYıl önce

    Shelley Hamilton Thank you Shelley for chiming in. It's certainly helpful that the women can laugh at this too. (I felt like such a freaking slug laughing so hard.)

  56. The Solid Creative

    The Solid Creative2 yıl önce

    when your mans in a coma from your panty aroma.

  57. AnthonyYouTubeFan

    AnthonyYouTubeFan2 yıl önce

    "...vaginal crem." They ALL get me, but that's the one that I always comes, "...Yelly!" When Tom Hanks appeared in the skit, it took it to another level. I'll forever love Jason for these skits, alone!

  58. Timothy Schultz

    Timothy Schultz2 yıl önce

    Great job of editing the promos together from one of my favorite SNL skits. Still makes me laugh uncontrollably!

  59. jshudo44

    jshudo442 yıl önce

    You will never see these two break character very often.

  60. jimmy hunter

    jimmy hunterYıl önce

    jshudo44 waitttttt. will i never see it,or will i not see it often?

  61. Jonas Butler

    Jonas Butler2 yıl önce

    Let's all give it up for Will Forte. He didn't say a word, but he kept it weird and uncomfortable the whole time, and never broke.

  62. Hermit620

    Hermit620Yıl önce

    Jonas, I come back just to watch Will now. Your fault!!

  63. Jeffrey Armstrong

    Jeffrey ArmstrongYıl önce

    Clayton Brown I suspect the riffs used live were different from the ones used in rehearsal. They would do that to Bill Hader when he would play Stefon on Weekend Update. Of course, he would always break. Only the cast and writers could verify my suspicion, obviously.

  64. Clayton Brown

    Clayton BrownYıl önce

    Jonas Butler Easy, the jokes themselves aren't that funny and they've both been through rehearsal so the joke is old now, its the situation and his character as a confused sportscaster thats the funny part

  65. Hermit620

    Hermit620Yıl önce

    Absolutely. How that guy didn't break character is beyond me.

  66. Mike Smith

    Mike SmithYıl önce

    McGruber !!!

  67. Tony Estrada

    Tony Estrada2 yıl önce

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for vagina cream

  68. Matthew Hudson

    Matthew HudsonYıl önce

    Or maybe it's vagine'l cream.

  69. Pele23

    Pele232 yıl önce

    Tony Estrada awesome bro read this exactly as dude was flowing those exact words😂

  70. JammastaJ23

    JammastaJ232 yıl önce

    I can't stop watching this...

  71. Random Stuff In Oregon

    Random Stuff In Oregon2 yıl önce

    my gut felt like it was gonna explode

  72. Josie Englin

    Josie EnglinYıl önce

    the GOOPER - I hear ya.

  73. mfriedrich2012

    mfriedrich20122 yıl önce

    The smile melts away.....

  74. skyblue Lvr

    skyblue Lvr2 yıl önce

    How the hell does he do this without cracking up? He truly is an awesome comedian!!! I couldn't stop laughing throughout this sketch, probably because I'm a woman ❤️😆😝❤️🙋❤️😂❤️

  75. Josie Englin

    Josie EnglinYıl önce

    You may have a point there. I lost my stuff when he said "a wet croutons".

  76. biteme sucka

    biteme sucka2 yıl önce

    Holy crap I almost wet my pants watching this!! Hilarious!!

  77. Brandon Low

    Brandon Low2 yıl önce

    best skit

  78. Trent Voigt

    Trent Voigt2 yıl önce

    My favorite skit from SNL, especially the "unitard" comment in the weight lifting episode. My wife and I always cut up about the "I'm not a unitard".

  79. John Flores

    John Flores2 yıl önce

    who ever wrote this sketch is a genius

  80. Theomite

    TheomiteYıl önce

    Must have been Norm McDonald then.

  81. Joe Smith

    Joe SmithYıl önce

    Jason Sudeikis

  82. Nick

    Nick2 yıl önce

    I would assume that they did and its fantastic.

  83. stabbingastar

    stabbingastar2 yıl önce

    The best of Pete twinkle is more accurate

  84. TheDrip82

    TheDrip822 yıl önce

    Helpin you relax when mother nature attacks your slacks Tampax!

  85. Greg Walker

    Greg Walker2 yıl önce

    I'm lovin this, but I agree with Chad. No Greg Stink!? His total cluelessness was part of the charm of these sketches.

  86. Ken McBreairty

    Ken McBreairtyYıl önce

    alec L'Amoreaux and it's not as funny without the whole skit

  87. alec L'Amoreaux

    alec L'Amoreaux2 yıl önce

    It's because these are abridged versions of the full skits. If you watch closely you can see where they cut the video in between slogans.

  88. Zeg Narn5oo 101

    Zeg Narn5oo 1012 yıl önce

    Knick knacks patty wacks stop your flow this tampax!......TAMPAX!

  89. Samuel Bonham

    Samuel Bonham2 yıl önce

    -a yeast-free vagina" X'''D

  90. Samuel Bonham

    Samuel Bonham2 yıl önce

    holy crap these dudes never quit lmfao x'''D

  91. Chad Frahm

    Chad Frahm2 yıl önce

    Greg stink never talks.

  92. Alexia Tr

    Alexia Tr2 yıl önce

    Chad Frahm yes he did, only to say something depressing or to show he did not anything about sports. this is just a compilation of the sponsors but the whole sketch es were hilarious

  93. Maya

    Maya2 yıl önce

    All ladies- watch this!!!!!!!!!!