The Poddys - SNL


  1. Thedjbj2

    Thedjbj212 gün önce

    I recently listened to a podcast sponsored by Poo-Pouri. The next episode the host had to inform the listeners that she wasn't pulling a prank on them.

  2. NerdNeckSwifter

    NerdNeckSwifter14 gün önce

    Is that a blue yeti?

  3. RapidObsessor

    RapidObsessor18 gün önce

    the pod save america boys are SHOOK

  4. Reinhardt Presents

    Reinhardt Presents22 gün önce

    Why isn’t Kevin Smith in this?

  5. Stuart Allard

    Stuart Allard26 gün önce

    Oh hi, Alan Linic...

  6. TheMangomelon789

    TheMangomelon789Aylar önce

    Stuff You Should Know 😘

  7. Joshua Krueger

    Joshua KruegerAylar önce


  8. Marlar House

    Marlar HouseAylar önce

    I'm extremely disappointed my podcast wasn't up for a Poddy this year.

  9. Kevin Bender

    Kevin BenderAylar önce

    how do you do Barbaro and you don't do all the HMMMMs

  10. TheZchristina97

    TheZchristina97Aylar önce

    "SNL has a liberal bias." They make fun of liberal stuff too guys.

  11. Dark Mask

    Dark MaskAylar önce

    This skit was entirely too long, the first part with the sudden ads was alright, but then they basically repeated the joke two more times. Maybe this sketch would have been better if instead of a big 6 minute chunk, there had been 3 2 minute mini sketches throughout the night. The joke just ran too long to keep me entertained.

  12. Jalen Thorbs

    Jalen ThorbsAylar önce

    Liev looks like Joaquin Phoenix

  13. wicious

    wiciousAylar önce

    I thought he was Jemaine Clement in the thumbnail :'(

  14. Priscilla Jimenez

    Priscilla Jimenez2 aylar önce

    In the first category, the 3rd podcaster should've won lol

  15. Joshua Garcia

    Joshua Garcia2 aylar önce

    Sword & Scale anyone?

  16. Ken Kirwin

    Ken Kirwin2 aylar önce

    ewwwwww nu-metal (and ewwwww Joe Rogan)

  17. RapidObsessor

    RapidObsessor2 aylar önce

    the pod save america one should have been a tommy john ad

  18. Andrew Flood

    Andrew Flood2 aylar önce


  19. George Popa

    George Popa2 aylar önce

    I saw it should have won that first nomination! That transition was more jarring. Fking sexism, it's even in the poddys...

  20. Iida R

    Iida R2 aylar önce

    Any murderinos here hoping they did Karen and Georgia from MFM? ssdgm

  21. Arc GX

    Arc GX2 aylar önce

    2:24 guy who plays puten is right next to him.

  22. Rex D

    Rex D2 aylar önce


  23. RoscoesWetsuit

    RoscoesWetsuit2 aylar önce

    The fact that the award is a Blu Yeti mic 😂😂😂

  24. Destiny R

    Destiny R3 aylar önce

    I would unironically be an avid listener of Alf ASMR

  25. trish blake

    trish blake3 aylar önce

    Friends of the POD!!! Way to go PSA! 6 of 7 Crooked ca got elected. Mad power.

  26. badenry

    badenry3 aylar önce

    Love Pump is basically Nico Tortorella's Love Bomb. Hahahaha

  27. heyeyey

    heyeyey3 aylar önce

    pacing issues

  28. Laptopgirl42

    Laptopgirl423 aylar önce

    I would totally listen to the Rhames cast

  29. 4c1dr3fl3x

    4c1dr3fl3x3 aylar önce

    I live in Portland. Yeah, I could see this being a thing hosted in the pearl room at Powell's Books every year.

  30. mattronimus

    mattronimus3 aylar önce

    not sure if people are aware but it's 2018 America and there are little to no nazis here. it seems the criteria for being a nazi has turned into anyone right stalin.

  31. Monya Alnajadi

    Monya Alnajadi3 aylar önce


  32. Collin Stansbury

    Collin Stansbury3 aylar önce

    Stand up from Ben Shapiro.

  33. ChillyOrgan

    ChillyOrgan3 aylar önce

    La La Laughs and ASMR is so Brandon Wardell

  34. Ivory Booker

    Ivory Booker3 aylar önce

    It only reminds me of how we all have become whores to the corporate handouts to live. Blue Apron and Fandango. Fuck.

  35. Mia L.

    Mia L.3 aylar önce

    Julian Soma has the best fire segways! Yay jenna and julian podcast!

  36. kinjiraretaken

    kinjiraretaken3 aylar önce

    Is that Cecily strong or Tina fey?

  37. Patrice-Morgan Ongoly

    Patrice-Morgan Ongoly3 aylar önce

    that jab at Pod Save America lmao

  38. Catholic Musings

    Catholic Musings3 aylar önce

    We should have won! But seriously .... catch us at the Catholic Musings podcast .....

  39. thenormalstate

    thenormalstate3 aylar önce

    I will have you know that the Pod Save America guys have much better transitions 😂

  40. stvp68

    stvp683 aylar önce

    Wow-that sounds nothing like Liev’s usual voice.

  41. Adam Dunnells

    Adam Dunnells3 aylar önce

    Is it bad that I would actually watch a full Poddys show? Though I'd probably tune out Shapiro 😂

  42. Sonny Crockett

    Sonny Crockett3 aylar önce

    I like to wail on big cocks.

  43. Rusty Davis

    Rusty Davis3 aylar önce

    I live in Portland Oregon and can confirm that all these people are real and do live here. There is a pod cast coming that will confirm this as well. Be well world, Portland is on the job! /s

  44. Iamsochill

    Iamsochill3 aylar önce

    And afterwards, the killer slept in the victim’s bed. You may ask, how could he sleep after what he had done? Well, with Casper mattresses, you can sleep just about anywhere-

  45. Tracymmo

    TracymmoAylar önce

    LOL! nice!

  46. C

    C3 aylar önce

    i thought that was janeane garofalalal

  47. Diane Berg

    Diane Berg3 aylar önce

    So when are they going to parody Vox’s The Weeds podcasts? “And his posturing is, like, a restructuring of, like, federalism in, like a really big way. But, like, like, it’s nationalism, like, turned on its head.” “I, like, tentatively agree with that.”

  48. майонеза ?

    майонеза ?3 aylar önce

    when the mic is a spray painted blue yeti squad

  49. theivory1

    theivory13 aylar önce

    You didn't finish. What is that fragmented dribble supposed to mean?

  50. Lil Sebastian

    Lil Sebastian3 aylar önce

    You’re marrying her and her creepy demon child. Gosh I enjoy Neil Lane commercials!

  51. ginde baker

    ginde baker3 aylar önce


  52. Jillian Brunelli

    Jillian Brunelli3 aylar önce

    madison reed podcast commercials give me the nightmares

  53. Silvia Mayo

    Silvia Mayo3 aylar önce

    Did Aidy’s bit remind anyone else of that one Documentary Now episode?

  54. Avital Ash

    Avital Ash3 aylar önce

    I did a super short sketch before this came out that touches on these same tropes...

  55. cubez

    cubez3 aylar önce

    La la laughs is hilarious

  56. Hrishabh Singh

    Hrishabh Singh3 aylar önce

    Standup from Ben Shapiro and a medley of nu metal songs performed by Joe Rogan? I would watch the fuck out of this awards show!

  57. Random Inc.

    Random Inc.3 aylar önce

    Anybody else notice how ver un-sly that Pod Save America reference was.

  58. Rob Hansen

    Rob Hansen3 aylar önce

    he nailed the Marc Maron impression

  59. Rob Hansen

    Rob Hansen3 aylar önce

    anyone else gonna use the promo code Piss play?

  60. Ecaterina Lynn

    Ecaterina Lynn3 aylar önce

    Would have loved an impression of Matt Christman from Chapo Trap House.

  61. Phoebe Congloebe

    Phoebe Congloebe3 aylar önce

    The grinch part lol

  62. Neil Deep

    Neil Deep3 aylar önce


  63. kyle durkee

    kyle durkee3 aylar önce

    The boy was dead

  64. Anthony Ditizio

    Anthony Ditizio3 aylar önce

    1:16, 1:39, 1:59

  65. PogieJoe

    PogieJoe3 aylar önce

    This was fantastic. And so cool to see that podcasts are mainstream enough now to spoof like this.

  66. cyinergist

    cyinergist3 aylar önce

    Whoa. The hosts nailed the NPR voices. Hilarious!

  67. Sebastian Sosa-Reese

    Sebastian Sosa-Reese3 aylar önce

    Me Undies, I see what y’all did there

  68. Olo Mpali

    Olo Mpali3 aylar önce

    Maron should host....c'mon Michaels get it done.

  69. John Johnson

    John Johnson3 aylar önce


  70. Kimberly Young

    Kimberly Young3 aylar önce

    The Water Goes Shhhhh

  71. Sophie

    Sophie3 aylar önce

    Omg Keenan 😂😂

  72. BeABeliever InLove

    BeABeliever InLove3 aylar önce

    he's creepy.

  73. Josh

    Josh3 aylar önce

    Portland does NOT look that good during the day. It could use a fresh coat of paint and some lysol.

  74. Street sweep 717

    Street sweep 7173 aylar önce

    Lmfao, "In the Dark" and "Serial" in a Nutshell. But how can you not mention Ira Glass?

  75. Andrew Torres

    Andrew Torres3 aylar önce

    last second mention of joe rogan. good enough snl

  76. 410Ericc

    410Ericc3 aylar önce

    If you told me 4 years ago this little ASMR community would be in an SNL skit, I would have thought you were crazy.

  77. Carrie Caulfield Arick

    Carrie Caulfield Arick3 aylar önce

    It's a Yeti!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  78. Zay VanNess

    Zay VanNess3 aylar önce


  79. Slurp

    Slurp3 aylar önce

    lmao it’s the fucking “Serial” narrator

  80. Hannah B-J

    Hannah B-J3 aylar önce

    They always mock my city. I get it😂😂

  81. Saba Nawaz.

    Saba Nawaz.3 aylar önce

    I like anything that prevents me to be left alone with my thoughts lol.

  82. Justin Montoya

    Justin Montoya3 aylar önce

    Somebody tell me if that promo code works

  83. Natasha Orellana

    Natasha Orellana3 aylar önce

    I hope this is because of Limetown

  84. Garrett Bear Stap

    Garrett Bear Stap3 aylar önce

    I was wondering where JR was.

  85. Livy Lu

    Livy Lu3 aylar önce


  86. Tah Boogie750

    Tah Boogie7503 aylar önce

    ..leave me alone....

  87. Wilted Lamp

    Wilted Lamp3 aylar önce

    My man Ben Shapiro

  88. Gshift

    Gshift3 aylar önce

    I'm thinkin' *Arby's.*

  89. e g g

    e g g3 aylar önce

    Jenna and Julien’s podcast ✌🏻

  90. Claire Hall

    Claire Hall3 aylar önce

    holy shit cecily killed that impression

  91. Carla Rafael

    Carla Rafael3 aylar önce

    Maria has a great podcast voice. I would totally listen to a true crime podcast if she did it

  92. washieist

    washieist3 aylar önce

    I love Ben Shapiro, but that was funny

  93. Stevie

    Stevie11 gün önce

    That's too bad, you clearly have no intelligence then.

  94. Alfred Frozone

    Alfred Frozone3 aylar önce

    I wish they brought on joe rogan as a cameo

  95. hipnhappenin

    hipnhappenin3 aylar önce

    Liev Schreiber transformed here. I literally checked the description to confirm it was him

  96. Ash Ketchum

    Ash Ketchum3 aylar önce

    Liev, you should be in prison, and will be soon.

  97. Ash Ketchum

    Ash Ketchum3 aylar önce

    Liev Schreiber is a pedophile and regularly abuses his children.

  98. theivory1

    theivory13 aylar önce

    Unfortunately that has no bearing on being a successful actor.

  99. DUTCHswift

    DUTCHswift3 aylar önce

    You Made It Weird w/ Pete Holmes! Didn’t mention Ram Dass tho...

  100. Sabrina

    Sabrina3 aylar önce

    Just as I've really gotten deep into podcasting... this is terribly spot on, I feel guilty. 😂

  101. claire

    claire3 aylar önce

    Omgggg I know I commented a suggestion for an asmr sketch!!!!!! Yayy

  102. Anna

    Anna3 aylar önce

    wouldnt be a real podcast without at least 40 zip recruiter ads

  103. J G

    J G3 aylar önce

    Anna Or a mattress that unrolls in your house

  104. David Magadan

    David Magadan3 aylar önce

    Was hoping for some Nightvale references...

  105. Carel

    Carel3 aylar önce

    SHIT - not even funny