Weekend Update: Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford Testify - SNL


  1. Brandon Carter

    Brandon Carter2 gün önce

    Guess what lying libs? hes on the seat

  2. Kurt Vonfricken

    Kurt Vonfricken2 gün önce

    The funny part is when you realize the Supreme Court is conservative....

  3. Ajah Yancey

    Ajah Yancey3 gün önce


  4. Paul Brennan

    Paul Brennan4 gün önce

    I enjoyed Michael Che's rant about "might," but at the same time, the comparisons he draws aren't really analogous. If Kavanaugh was denied the seat because he MIGHT have been a sexual offender, then that would mean he was considered "guilty until proven innocent," which is unjust. Che makes injustice sound reasonable, when that's really not just at all. That being said, the guy is still really funny, and I'll keep watching SNL. But he is wrong.

  5. Kantarii 3

    Kantarii 318 gün önce

    This segment doesn’t address the fact she couldn’t remember anything. Innocent until proven guilty. M. Avenatti is screaming about his rights against his accusations.

  6. La Barbera Tejana

    La Barbera Tejana24 gün önce

    Who the fuck is Tobin? I hear he has great parties and beer...but I'll probably just go pee outside..you know...so I don't get assaulted

  7. tomaf

    tomafAylar önce

    With a little luck, tchump's presidency will be annulled along with all his judge picks.

  8. Jessica Kasten

    Jessica KastenAylar önce

    YESSSSS. My favorite people 😂👏🏻

  9. Christina Tremblay

    Christina TremblayAylar önce

    SNL isn’t funny anymore. So sad.

  10. Martin Brady

    Martin BradyAylar önce

    Where is Kate McKinnon's impersonation of Ford?

  11. CB BC

    CB BCAylar önce

    Douche bag show

  12. KZ

    KZAylar önce

    SNL should really use the correct phrase: "anti-choice"

  13. KZ

    KZAylar önce

    Haha! Friends was a terrible garbage show!

  14. david schare

    david schareAylar önce

    Gross af. What a joke. No branch of government left with credibility. Fuck US!

  15. DoesItTakeGlockMags?

    DoesItTakeGlockMags?Aylar önce

    Say something bad about Mrs Ford unless you’re scared

  16. Michael Marquez

    Michael MarquezAylar önce

    Good one with the pro life hahaha

  17. jmarie8408

    jmarie8408Aylar önce

    Really, poor ME? Ford got millions from, "Go fund me," while a man's reputation was ruined. Trump was being sarcastic. Bottom line. It was a fiasco and everyone knows it.

  18. Aaron Henshaw

    Aaron HenshawAylar önce

    They didn't mention one time about how Mrs. Ford couldn't remember a thing....

  19. Steve Molke

    Steve MolkeAylar önce

    its not a drunk and assault case, it is a case of a false allegation.

  20. shigsho

    shigsho2 aylar önce

    SNL blew the hearings and the skit wasn't funny. SNL isn't funny anymore. He is "Kavanaugh" while she is "Dr. Ford". Sure. SNL a tool for liberal assholes.

  21. MrCRAIG5550

    MrCRAIG55502 aylar önce

    Hey snowflakes she's out and he's a Justice now.....hahahahahahahaha

  22. LK

    LK2 aylar önce

    Honorable Justice Kavanaugh! I'm so glad he made it through these sheeps' attacks. May God bless you & family.

  23. Mr. Inazuma Orihama

    Mr. Inazuma Orihama2 aylar önce

    I mean.. I enjoy political comedy but this feels a liiiiiittle biased

  24. Jason Boggs

    Jason Boggs2 aylar önce

    US Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh...."How you like me NOW?!?!?!?!?!?" LOL! Stupid libs!

  25. Deadpool Lee

    Deadpool Lee2 aylar önce

    SNL is so full of shit. So to the left its falling off the flat earth

  26. Thomas Shaw

    Thomas Shaw2 aylar önce

    Ford lied😒....Libtards cry😭......Trump 2020😎....Making America Great Again🇺🇸

  27. Crystal Hartley

    Crystal Hartley2 aylar önce

    Best SNL cold open in years! Matt Damon nailed it. Republicans apparently have no sense of humor. SAD.

  28. fragwagon

    fragwagon2 aylar önce

    Dana for Dr. Ford!

  29. Courage Karnga

    Courage Karnga2 aylar önce

    You can't make this shit up.

  30. Mr. Jerry Says

    Mr. Jerry Says2 aylar önce

    He is now our Supreme Court Justice , and he said did't watch any of Christine Ford's Testimony , man i don't want him as my lawyer , that is for sure , if he didn't the truth in any of his testimony , i will agree he did tell the when said at the end of testimony he said he did't watch Mrs Ford Testimony , he proved it in his testimony , by the way he came out yelling like he did .

  31. sara paul

    sara paul2 aylar önce

    Best skit lmboo

  32. Roman Darius

    Roman Darius2 aylar önce

    Brett Kavanaugh was lied about! And isn't Saturday Night Live suppose to be a comedy show?

  33. Chris Whitley

    Chris Whitley2 aylar önce

    And to think if SNL weren't such one sided liberals, they could have had some killer skits about fake fear of flying, having 2 front doors on your house, super selective memory, saying your friends were somewhere with you that they swear they were not, procrastinating for 36 years, etc......missed opportunities!

  34. Andy Pandy858

    Andy Pandy8582 aylar önce

    That Memento joke was so overlooked.

  35. Charlie Cohen

    Charlie Cohen2 aylar önce

    iraqi dinar revaluation, get rich america

  36. David M

    David M2 aylar önce

    We pretend a violin plays as we read these comments.

  37. Aaron Cherry

    Aaron Cherry2 aylar önce

    What’s that’s whistling noise? Sounds like plummeting ratings.

  38. Joseph Clark

    Joseph Clark2 aylar önce

    Yeah there's nothing better to make jokes about than sexual assault. I hope their wives and mother's get sexually assaulted and we'll all make jokes about it.

  39. Michael Collins

    Michael Collins2 aylar önce

    Fake 'performance' from the unhinged fraudster .


    DARTH SURAK2 aylar önce

    Well what the h*** thought I would give it a shot. This is just MSNBC with a laugh track.

  41. Kathy Swisher

    Kathy Swisher2 aylar önce

    His reputation has been obviously tainted forever. This guy is not credible. They will put him in his place soon.

  42. QueenFanPiper62

    QueenFanPiper622 aylar önce


  43. matthew kitchel

    matthew kitchel2 aylar önce


  44. Natosha Smith

    Natosha Smith2 aylar önce

    This was sooo on point and funny 😂😩

  45. Fireplace 2020

    Fireplace 20202 aylar önce


  46. Pizzazz

    Pizzazz2 aylar önce

    I miss Norm.

  47. Don Meihost

    Don Meihost2 aylar önce

    There must be a laugh track on this because otherwise how would there be that much laughter to something so unfunny. That humor about abortion is a real belly shaker.

  48. Wayne Owens

    Wayne Owens2 aylar önce

    Ready....... Go!

  49. Wayne Owens

    Wayne Owens2 aylar önce

    I might not want to watch you if you have an alternative motive. Please get over yourselves. Do not make a person who is educated break down your stupidity. Please: one question at a time. I understand that a reasonable explanation may take a while. Please be patient.

  50. Spencer J Elliott

    Spencer J Elliott2 aylar önce

    Is it possible that if you have a supreme court case, you could claim that the judge has no business judging anyone?

  51. Tucker Bowen

    Tucker Bowen2 aylar önce

    Kavanaugh both looks and acts like he's the long-lost son of Bill O'Reilly

  52. Molldog One

    Molldog One2 aylar önce

    Uh oh wait, what was that... Oh just Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh being sworn in as the 114th. You can't win SNL. Once again, stick to comedy.

  53. Margie Jones

    Margie Jones2 aylar önce

    I love these guys. I also agree completely with them.

  54. John A.

    John A.2 aylar önce

    SNL is bitter. Take a hike-SNL.

  55. theoneafterthelast

    theoneafterthelast2 aylar önce

    SNL actually did a funny political skit against Republicans.

  56. Wordsmith 430

    Wordsmith 4302 aylar önce

    Maybe Michael Che shouldn’t use white racial slurs on live television as he has in the past

  57. Jason Williams

    Jason Williams2 aylar önce

    The "comedy" in this skit is as ignorant as its viewers! SNL hasn't been funny in over 15 years, even then it was pretty bad.

  58. Bruce ADAM

    Bruce ADAM2 aylar önce

    You’re crap

  59. Chikin Villige

    Chikin Villige2 aylar önce

    Pete Davidson vibes he prolly wrote this

  60. Dallas Croissant

    Dallas Croissant2 aylar önce

    Theses guys better hope they are never falsely accused by a women. I know it’s shocking to you leftist out there but yes women lying about sex does happen. No proof needed the man is always thought of as guilty. There has to be evidence to prove wrongdoing. A political hack that is desperate to keep a great man off the bench without any credible evidence is hardly proof. It was basically he did this you just have to take my word on it. This kind of political hit job worked well in Stalins Soviet Union but here in a free nation one must have hard credible evidence to convict someone. The Democrats should be ashamed for trotting out a clearly false and Dirty campaign just to retain political power.

  61. Starlight_Feather

    Starlight_Feather2 aylar önce

    Me:**Goes up to Supreme Court. Takes out knife and stabs a random assortment of folks, said that I barely graduated high school because of lagit learning disabilities, and mention that a few people like me** Court: You’re hired!

  62. Vauche

    Vauche2 aylar önce

    I remember when SNL used to be funny...

  63. JM

    JM2 aylar önce

    Brainwashing socialist "wanna be" professional comedians...

  64. The Odessa Angels Channel

    The Odessa Angels Channel2 aylar önce

    weak sauce ...., 💩

  65. BlackAnvil47

    BlackAnvil472 aylar önce

    The economy has been on a continuous up swing Since President Obama leaving Office, but the trump administration has risen the national debt by 4.8 Trillion Dollars. Gave the wealthy A 2.4 Billion Dollar tax cut. He has made 2.5 Billion on tariffs and charges Secret Service $300,000 dollars a golf cart at tax payers expense to protect him and $10,000 a night again in protecting him. Now he has another noob in place with the Republican party to cover their shenanigans to stop the Mueller probe. If anything he has proven a rank Az..hood just a common woman sexual abusing hood.

  66. Salvator Mundi

    Salvator Mundi2 aylar önce

    Lies and deceit, to program the gullible.

  67. Stjepan Palinic

    Stjepan Palinic2 aylar önce

    I only hire people with history of assault. Cause many times they are the greatest workers

  68. bjfdog

    bjfdog2 aylar önce

    The thing with these SNL skits these days is that they are actual re-enactments and not made up parodies. Fascism is real in this country. Unite and impeach Trump and get his mobster corrupt rascist asshole consituents and supporters the fuck away from the shitting on the hard earned intelligent hard working classic morals and values of the good women and men in this land... Now back to the funny business.

  69. Jess C

    Jess C2 aylar önce

    That’s why he won mad as shit 🤪🤪🤪

  70. easter bunnys

    easter bunnys2 aylar önce

    ford looks like a shaken Barbie doll

  71. Hamitic Hebe

    Hamitic Hebe2 aylar önce

    SNL making good jokes doesn't make a man guilty. Here's a good joke What do you call a man who was falsely accused and presumed guilty with completely uncorroborated accusations? A Supreme Court Justice! Eat it! 🍗

  72. D Neal

    D Neal2 aylar önce


  73. Matthew Fudge

    Matthew Fudge2 aylar önce

    Amerikkka. 2018.

  74. David Archer

    David Archer2 aylar önce

    Collin and micheal have a point I wouldnt want a drunk as the head of the the us supreme court who knows what might come in drunk

  75. Maria Akers

    Maria Akers2 aylar önce

    They'd never send their kids to a leftists created ghetto inner city school! Never!

  76. Andrew Ocean

    Andrew Ocean2 aylar önce

    Hillary lost. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  77. The1&OnlyKiaFOH Plus Kate

    The1&OnlyKiaFOH Plus Kate2 aylar önce


  78. Jobs mine

    Jobs mine2 aylar önce

    Y’all hear republicans say or bring impeachment, resist and stalk?? No, they actually have a real strategy, they work, organize and think. They plan and execute. Even a small work has value and dignity for a mans worth, but look at DemocRats they nag, protest, they paint colors in theirs bodies and look like clowns 🤡 fighting each other. It’s they don’t even have a plan even if the won Whitehouse. They just resist Trump and nothing else. Smh 🤦‍♂️

  79. LA

    LA2 aylar önce

    Snl - a lying tool for liberals.

  80. Não Te Interessa

    Não Te Interessa2 aylar önce

    these guys make cringe, bad acting, bad deliver, how on earth do they get these jobs?! props to the writers though, a good actor would deliver like a boss.

  81. Antonio Brooks

    Antonio Brooks2 aylar önce

    "The American Dream" is rigged because while Kavanaugh may be "certified" now that he is confirmed, he is definitely not qualified & Michael couldn't have made it more plain. This was a JOB INTERVIEW with 7.4 BILLION potential candidates for the position. Billion? Oh, yes! What are the US Constitutional requirements to be a nominee to the US Supreme Court: NONE. Not even citizenship. And, yes, we have had foreign-born supreme court justices. 6 to be exact. Nevertheless, our President nominated an "alleged rapist", and our Senate confirmed him. 7.4 Billion... and Republicans not only dismissed the testimony of multiple consitituents, BUT chose to diabolically carve out their insincerity to their offers of sympathy for the only witness called to testify before them while simultaneously telling the survivor, Dr. Ford that her claims, permanent trauma, and lack of justice didn't matter to this man's fitness for this job DESPITE the fact that this same man's only responsibility upon confirmation will be the ability to apply effective, responsible, impartial and non-inebriated jurisprudence so that people just like you can find the justice you deserve and the American Dream can remain fair, equitable, and untainted. But, then again... we "ain't about that life."

  82. DiRT MAN

    DiRT MAN2 aylar önce

    Who needed plan b?

  83. V Smith

    V Smith2 aylar önce

    Congratulations, you got your job!

  84. firebearfl

    firebearfl2 aylar önce

    Way too funny...and so true!

  85. electrojones

    electrojones2 aylar önce

    Let's see if there isn't a way to get that cocksucker off the bench anyway.

  86. Spud ward

    Spud ward2 aylar önce

    Trump 2020

  87. g c

    g c2 aylar önce

    sometimes poor reasoning outshines the comedic value.

  88. Tre' Runyon

    Tre' Runyon2 aylar önce

    Colin breaking when that random audience member laughed got me. Laughs all around, well done SNL

  89. Tre' Runyon

    Tre' Runyon2 aylar önce

    I'll be honest I never understand if the weekend update is real news or not lol. But I learn more from it then CNN and Fox put together.

  90. Darin Gregory

    Darin Gregory2 aylar önce

    Trump just grabbed these two assholes by the pussy. MAGA. EAT SHIT SNL.

  91. John Rogan

    John Rogan2 aylar önce

    Clowns make snl skits...meanwhile real life favors Bart!

  92. Jack Paval

    Jack Paval2 aylar önce

    Hmmm, i still waiting to hear something funny .

  93. J h

    J h2 aylar önce

    Hello you Hillary Thugs...Obama Losers... Anti American pukes... Mr. Brett Kavanaugh is our Supreme COURT JUSTICE.-Confirmed..............................................................Done deal. Now go F*** Yourself and tell Hillary she lost... Its over. TRUMP 2020

  94. Shari Parkin

    Shari Parkin2 aylar önce

    Here from the future where this Douche-bag is confirmed (duh!) This super cool white guy worked out, drank beer, kept a calendar &.....worked out. What? Did you? Did you ever work out? To my posterity: I'm so sorry! I tried. I really tried.

  95. Tudogz Fawking

    Tudogz Fawking2 aylar önce

    Who laughing now?

  96. 65 TossPowerTrap

    65 TossPowerTrap2 aylar önce

    Typical liberal morons. O somebody call a doctor my sides are splitting. Yawn.

  97. X Hutch X

    X Hutch X2 aylar önce

    I can't even watch this, but I can slurp up all your tears. Kavanaugh confirmed bitches! Ford is a CIA plant lying to you! Wake the fuck up and walk away!

  98. Dasme Sha

    Dasme Sha2 aylar önce

    Never seen so much TDS in my life than on snl

  99. UberDurable

    UberDurable2 aylar önce

    So a person should not get a job because of unproven allegations? How ridiculous, anyone can accuse anyone in this case and the world would fall apart.

  100. Bruce David

    Bruce David2 aylar önce

    The Proud Democratic Party! When your plan to rule the world is to use a greasy Pimp and his cheap Hookers to take down a President with the Strength of Atlas, then your death will be slow and miserable!