Weekend Update: Eric and Donald Trump Jr. on Chaos in the White House - SNL


  1. Sam Hain

    Sam Hain4 gün önce

    a pop pop book??? lmao

  2. marc smouha

    marc smouha7 gün önce


  3. J C

    J C12 gün önce


  4. SquidGunman

    SquidGunman12 gün önce

    Don Jr. is a really good brother!

  5. Terry C

    Terry CAylar önce

    I can watch these two forever.

  6. mistrooth

    mistroothAylar önce

    this episode played the night after my mother died - my brother and I needed the laugh. Thanks SNL

  7. Vahid Farahani

    Vahid FarahaniAylar önce

    These two are awesome specialy alex.

  8. Fern Tom

    Fern TomAylar önce

    Exactly why these two handsome , rich guys have the same weird hairstyle ?

  9. Dawn Bryan

    Dawn BryanAylar önce

    Those two are like sesame Street Characters.

  10. Brett Segmento

    Brett SegmentoAylar önce

    Don Jr is like if Patrick Bateman was a slightly less psycho who is a nurturing and loving caretaker for his special little brother.

  11. Meh Jones

    Meh JonesAylar önce

    BEST skits on SNL--besides just about anything McKinnon does

  12. Karin pewe

    Karin pewe2 aylar önce

    They´re so cute, I just love them!

  13. susan brandt

    susan brandt2 aylar önce

    OMG, always fun to watch these guys!!

  14. Cherokee Jedi

    Cherokee Jedi2 aylar önce

    "Eric" is that worldly 3 yr old that regurgitates every inappropriate thing he's ever heard at the most inappropriate times...lol

  15. Cherokee Jedi

    Cherokee Jedi2 aylar önce

    One of the best pairings on snl ever!

  16. Angeline P

    Angeline P2 aylar önce

    Lmao they are my fave characters on SNL

  17. Captain Con Queso

    Captain Con Queso2 aylar önce

    That little “sorry” at the end was cute. Goddamn these two for making those disgusting greaseballs adorable. 😤

  18. Julie Porter

    Julie Porter2 aylar önce

    Anyone else think Alex and Mikey would make good adult versions of the Venture Brothers?

  19. pam0626

    pam06263 aylar önce

    Done know if Mikey Day has any children in real life, but he’ll make an excellent dad one day. 😂

  20. Sarah Finn

    Sarah Finn2 aylar önce

    He has a 6-year old son

  21. Eric Burkheimer

    Eric Burkheimer3 aylar önce

    Mikey Day is such a stud.

  22. Portia Bharath

    Portia Bharath3 aylar önce

    I know they're playing trump's sons but any sketch with mikey and alex is

  23. Kat G

    Kat G3 aylar önce

    I think it’s so cute how Don Jr is depicted as very caring towards Eric. I had to watch some clips of the real brothers. I have to say Alex Moffat and Mikey Day do a great job portraying these two. Though I don’t think Eric is that dumb whited

  24. albino shamrock

    albino shamrock3 aylar önce

    I prefer these two far more than the real people.

  25. Gagan Sagar

    Gagan Sagar3 aylar önce

    India is a poor country really our gdp is more than both france n UK compared .

  26. Nick Shaw

    Nick Shaw4 aylar önce

    This one is something that will remain in my catalog of comedy worth revisiting. Gets me every time.

  27. Saoirse Hime

    Saoirse Hime4 aylar önce

    The look on Eric's face is something

  28. Rhaenyas Phoenix

    Rhaenyas Phoenix4 aylar önce

    It's actually extremely endearing to see Don Jr being so caring. If only it were anywhere close to being true.

  29. Jake Krynock

    Jake Krynock4 aylar önce

    1:00 when ever he turns to no one and laughs Kills me🤣

  30. Steffen Reimann

    Steffen Reimann4 aylar önce

    Matt Damon isn't there? Guess who is coming to dinner? Jimmy Kimmel!

  31. Laureen Callahan

    Laureen Callahan4 aylar önce

    Pure Geniuses! Excellent 👌👍 Thanks

  32. N B

    N B4 aylar önce

    How can they keep straight face? I'm dying :D

  33. Robadobdawg

    Robadobdawg4 aylar önce

    N B well they are actors, its part of their job

  34. Jake Schmader

    Jake Schmader4 aylar önce

    0:59 Alex's turn is inspired

  35. Ms14787

    Ms147874 aylar önce

    Alex is THE BEST :D

  36. Ruby Ling

    Ruby Ling5 aylar önce

    When Eric was copying Don Jr’ s laugh I 😂 😂

  37. Marco Aguilar

    Marco Aguilar5 aylar önce

    “God Damn Jews”😂

  38. nobodyspecial1919

    nobodyspecial19195 aylar önce

    Don Jr. is the best older brother. Despite how many problems Eric causes him and even Trump telling him to not to bring him, he still does. Probably because he knows it makes Eric happy.

  39. Bud -

    Bud -5 aylar önce

    "We'll put it on a flashcard bud, it's okay" BAHAHAHAHA

  40. Pamela Truell

    Pamela Truell5 aylar önce

    I love them, they so funny!! It always makes me laugh when I’m sad or blue

  41. Diane Berg

    Diane Berg5 aylar önce

    I always hated it when my mom made me take my little brother along when I colluded with the Russians

  42. RSPainter

    RSPainter6 aylar önce

    I love these two. I've watched all of their sketches multiple times and it doesn't get old.

  43. Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln6 aylar önce

    "god damn jews!" i nearly died laughing (PS: i'm jewish).

  44. MrReed314

    MrReed3146 aylar önce


  45. Francelina Pires

    Francelina Pires6 aylar önce

    What a good older brother Donald Trump jr. is 😂

  46. Spooky Stela

    Spooky Stela6 aylar önce

    I would be so happy if they were actually like this

  47. HighburyAFCSoul

    HighburyAFCSoul6 aylar önce

    1:47 Stop bringing Eric on TV with you😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍🏻

  48. HighburyAFCSoul

    HighburyAFCSoul6 aylar önce

    1:15 God dam Jews😂😂😂😂😂😂

  49. HighburyAFCSoul

    HighburyAFCSoul6 aylar önce

    0:18 Please make yourself at home😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  50. Skull Kids

    Skull Kids6 aylar önce

    It's funny cause it's true

  51. HighburyAFCSoul

    HighburyAFCSoul6 aylar önce

    2:04 They just wrestled in bed😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  52. Brandon Joseph

    Brandon Joseph6 aylar önce

    Not enough grease in there hair. The real trump clowns use axel grease.

  53. Yoloswagpro Bro

    Yoloswagpro Bro6 aylar önce

    -under control-

  54. Yoloswagpro Bro

    Yoloswagpro Bro6 aylar önce

    “Goddamn Jews”

  55. sullivancountydays

    sullivancountydays6 aylar önce

    They must have had several retakes on this skit. I'm still laughing in July.

  56. Leunamex2

    Leunamex27 aylar önce

    is a corrupt idiot but i like how he take care of his "special" brother hahahahaha

  57. sonyahannah

    sonyahannah7 aylar önce

    The timing of Eric's blurting is perfection.

  58. Kaisar Anvar

    Kaisar Anvar7 aylar önce

    look at Eric's hands when Jr says Adult Film Star 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  59. Green bean Salad gaming and vlogs

    Green bean Salad gaming and vlogs7 aylar önce

    This is the funniest skit I've seen

  60. nudles591

    nudles5917 aylar önce

    I laugh every time. I love this skit.

  61. Morgan Brannon

    Morgan Brannon7 aylar önce

    I cant even breathe when I watch them I am laughing so hard!

  62. 70umqua70

    70umqua708 aylar önce

    A pop up book scared that moron. Born on 3rd base......doesn't know what 3rd base is

  63. ka11am

    ka11am8 aylar önce

    More those

  64. Joshiro Chen

    Joshiro Chen8 aylar önce

    Mikey and Alex have impeccable chemistry together

  65. Elizabeth Blake

    Elizabeth Blake8 aylar önce

    Ha, ha,ha!

  66. Samuel Tillman

    Samuel Tillman8 aylar önce

    Hearing Michael losing it in the background is everything

  67. Robert Vysther

    Robert Vysther8 aylar önce

    These skits of the Trump brothers are well done.

  68. shrekt1000

    shrekt10009 aylar önce

    i want to see the real eric and trump jr (wtf is his name even) react to this omfg

  69. Josie James

    Josie James9 aylar önce

    They just wrestled in bed

  70. Hyg44 Gu

    Hyg44 Gu9 aylar önce

    The narcissist "golden child" and the "scapegoat".

  71. JoJo Pemb

    JoJo Pemb6 aylar önce

    Hyg44 Gu the golden child is definitely Ivanka

  72. Dani

    Dani9 aylar önce

    Alex & Mikey are gold together

  73. Jack Napier

    Jack Napier9 aylar önce

    1:00 LMFAO

  74. Contessa Christabella

    Contessa Christabella9 aylar önce

    Hate Wells Fargo, Never, Ever Ever Gonna do business with those THIEVES & CROOKS!!!

  75. Antonio Perea

    Antonio Perea9 aylar önce

    Colin Jost literally shits all over good sketches.

  76. mountain boy

    mountain boy9 aylar önce

    mikey day plays DJTJ like such a good older brother

  77. hg82met

    hg82met9 aylar önce

    - What's that word? - Sssss... - She!

  78. Karan Kuppa-Apte

    Karan Kuppa-Apte9 aylar önce

    The Caspian Sea isn't on the map?? Not to Shinto the show it's great but thought that was odd

  79. Laura L. Enright

    Laura L. Enright9 aylar önce

    That first pop-up reaction!

  80. Michael O'Briain

    Michael O'Briain9 aylar önce

    I actually think he undersells Eric Trump's deer in the headlights look.

  81. The Man in the Suit

    The Man in the Suit9 aylar önce

    This may be one of the funniest sketches in the history of SNL.

  82. demvoter&damnproudofit

    demvoter&damnproudofit9 aylar önce

    my favorite trump fam characters on SNL. hilarious hilarity

  83. drusilla

    drusilla9 aylar önce

    alex and mikey are the most underrated members of the cast in my opinion

  84. Dionasia Gardner

    Dionasia Gardner9 aylar önce

    I'm in love this is by far one of their best sketches

  85. sailtheplains

    sailtheplains10 aylar önce

    GODDAMN JEWS Don J is the real MVP Brother of the year though. "We'll put it on a flashcard, bud."

  86. Pheonix

    Pheonix10 aylar önce

    I love trump but this hillarias2

  87. rnjbond

    rnjbond10 aylar önce

    Stop bringing Eric on TV with you.

  88. Tommy Cease

    Tommy Cease10 aylar önce

    Only good characters these two do but they do them well

  89. Jason Turner

    Jason Turner10 aylar önce

    Donald Trump Jr is a good big brother

  90. ralphzd1

    ralphzd110 aylar önce


  91. David Heffron

    David Heffron10 aylar önce

    The way Alex is nervously glancing at Mikey's hand gestures and replicating them is brilliant. Especially the bit at 2:00 when they mention Stormy.

  92. PacmanStar 808

    PacmanStar 80810 aylar önce

    I didn't even realize this was SNL till the end

  93. Jack Blair

    Jack Blair10 aylar önce

    “God damn Jews “😂

  94. Asherlynn252

    Asherlynn25210 aylar önce

    Looooveeeee Alex Moffat

  95. Gezquester

    Gezquester10 aylar önce

    They are so good! So funny!

  96. Sean L

    Sean L10 aylar önce

    Trump clan certainly made SNL great again.

  97. ka11am

    ka11am10 aylar önce

    It is the funniest haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa eric trump

  98. Nicholas Fox

    Nicholas Fox11 aylar önce

    Alex Moffat is great.

  99. G7130

    G713011 aylar önce

    I love the Don Jr impression

  100. GET RAD

    GET RAD11 aylar önce

    god damned jews!

  101. SAINT 65

    SAINT 6511 aylar önce

    Too funny; when impersonators, take small bits of real people & make them "Bigly"!!!

  102. karen taylor

    karen taylor11 aylar önce

    Eric, "God damn Jew's", just about fell over! Donald Jr. tells the lie and Eric blurts out the truth! I love when they come on! So funny! More please!

  103. katie scott

    katie scott11 aylar önce

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