Weekend Update: The Devil on the Westboro Baptist Church's Funeral Protests - SNL


  1. Garrett Gates

    Garrett Gates15 saatler önce

    I love this

  2. Martha Stack

    Martha Stack19 gün önce

    His plan for welcoming those dead people to hell is the plot of The Good Place

  3. Ravenclaw BNed

    Ravenclaw BNedAylar önce

    If God hates gays... then why did he create us?

  4. Jeff Foehringer

    Jeff Foehringer2 aylar önce

    Why is the Devil taking credit for the 2013 Oscars. What happened?

  5. Justin Buergi

    Justin Buergi3 aylar önce

    I’d spend my life savings watching the Westboro Baptist Church react to this.

  6. Natalie Jones

    Natalie Jones3 aylar önce


  7. beau sheffield

    beau sheffield3 aylar önce

    To put it into perspective of how much the Westboro Babtist church hates gay people. They picketed Gordan B Hinkley's funeral for being to tolerant of gay people.

  8. Fatimah Khan

    Fatimah Khan3 aylar önce

    Wow mark pellegrino looks different

  9. Kayleigh Lute

    Kayleigh Lute3 aylar önce

    Satin on Satan

  10. - the winter smiled.

    - the winter smiled.3 aylar önce

    where the fuck was miles mckenna

  11. Tony Stark's Space Donut

    Tony Stark's Space Donut3 aylar önce

    Those 37 dislikes are the Westboro Baptist Church

  12. Julia Shab

    Julia Shab3 aylar önce

    "God doesnt hate anyone, that's his whole thing" - Satan 2018

  13. JotaNSc BR

    JotaNSc BRAylar önce


  14. Julia Shab

    Julia Shab3 aylar önce

    name oof thanks

  15. I can't think of a good name

    I can't think of a good name3 aylar önce

    Actually nvm 2011 lol

  16. I can't think of a good name

    I can't think of a good name3 aylar önce

    This was in 2013

  17. Aden Marker

    Aden Marker3 aylar önce

    First of all fuck the McRib

  18. the purple guys

    the purple guys4 aylar önce

    The Devil hates gay people

  19. Something Clever

    Something Clever4 aylar önce

    He must have actually sold his soul to be getting balls deep in 13

  20. OhMaDayzz

    OhMaDayzz4 aylar önce

    If you choose a career of murdering people and destroying third world countries, then you are evil. Your funeral doesn't deserve protection from being protested, especially when your family most likely whores for attention at the funeral.

  21. Lisa Melroy

    Lisa Melroy3 aylar önce

    Most people, military or not, don't invite the media to funerals.

  22. Sailor MoonStone

    Sailor MoonStone3 aylar önce

    I’m in the Navy, I’m also a single mother. I’ve never killed anyone, and I don’t intend to. So what is your problem again? Since you feel so keen on lumping us into a murderer category.

  23. Jack Andrew

    Jack Andrew3 aylar önce

    OhMaDayzz Who hurt you?

  24. lumariadp

    lumariadp3 aylar önce

    "whore for attention"? Like you're doing with this comment? You're pathetic.

  25. OhMaDayzz

    OhMaDayzz3 aylar önce

    Military funerals are not peaceful and respectful because Americans worship soldiers and death, so the families whore for attention, invite the media and give political speeches. These are not dignified or quiet funerals. People can express an opposing view from these murderers funerals if their funerals are turned into a media spectacle.

  26. Desert King Enterprises

    Desert King Enterprises5 aylar önce

    Hahahaha 🤣😂

  27. Zanar Naryon

    Zanar Naryon11 aylar önce

    "I spent years and years working to destroy urban neighborhoods through drugs, violence and the United States government"

  28. Joseph Huerta

    Joseph Huerta3 aylar önce

    Classic, right? Haha!

  29. TheStompboxer

    TheStompboxer4 aylar önce

    Zanar Naryon Don’t quit your day job.

  30. sammy eagleson

    sammy eaglesonYıl önce

    "the Enya CD playing in the background" 😂😆😂😆😂😆

  31. onebrowngirl 97

    onebrowngirl 97Yıl önce

    The way he talks 😂😂😂😂

  32. hp leprachaun

    hp leprachaunYıl önce

    1:39 dammit i used to like u bro

  33. alucard Shane

    alucard Shane3 aylar önce

    It was a joke watch the rest

  34. Wania Majeed

    Wania MajeedYıl önce

    Busy as home😂😂😂

  35. Carmela Lorenz Mendoza

    Carmela Lorenz MendozaYıl önce

    I love Jason as The Devil...

  36. Chulumanco Sifuba

    Chulumanco Sifuba2 yıl önce

    "BOOM! You just got damned!"

  37. Mary Sgardeli

    Mary Sgardeli2 yıl önce

    Busy as home..! Precious!

  38. Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin2 yıl önce

    The Westboro baptist's, can go to hell..

  39. Leafs and Whiskers

    Leafs and Whiskers2 yıl önce

    they probably will

  40. Billbrah

    Billbrah2 yıl önce

    Is it me or does he look mega blazed?

  41. Moira Kelley

    Moira Kelley4 aylar önce

    He was smoking his special kind cigarettes.

  42. Chicken Permission

    Chicken Permission2 yıl önce

    Billbrah I think it's the lights reflecting off all the red he's wearing, but I have to agree, he looks pretty stoned! xD

  43. Suq Madiq

    Suq Madiq2 yıl önce

    Seth disagrees, he's married... To Stefon

  44. no-man lucia

    no-man luciaAylar önce

    they got married in 2013 though

  45. Mishuko Emi

    Mishuko Emi2 yıl önce

    this... this is beautiful

  46. Aashna Chowdhury

    Aashna Chowdhury3 yıl önce

    We need more of these...ryt? Bring back the devil on weekend update, please.

  47. Aashna Chowdhury

    Aashna ChowdhuryYıl önce

    but Jason could guest star do this skit for like, one last time, right? that would be so cooool

  48. KD Do

    KD Do2 yıl önce

    So did seth

  49. LagiNaLangAko23

    LagiNaLangAko232 yıl önce

    +hrid i too bad. I found these clips funny and was hoping there'll be more of the devil.

  50. Dawit Mebrahtom

    Dawit Mebrahtom3 yıl önce


  51. 7houhou

    7houhou3 yıl önce

    i don't get it why you think that the devil live in hell ??

  52. Jasmine Mississo

    Jasmine Mississo3 yıl önce

    +7houhou I don't. Thank u very much.

  53. 7houhou

    7houhou3 yıl önce

    So nice of you, if you have any questions feel free to ask them :)

  54. Jasmine Mississo

    Jasmine Mississo3 yıl önce

    +7houhou Thanks. You too.

  55. 7houhou

    7houhou3 yıl önce

    lol nice chatting with you, you"re such a polite person :)

  56. Jasmine Mississo

    Jasmine Mississo3 yıl önce

    +7houhou You could say that xD

  57. beazek malandro

    beazek malandro3 yıl önce

    would watch him as devil all day long !! xDD

  58. k k

    k k3 yıl önce

    He's so high.

  59. varškėsapkepas

    varškėsapkepas3 yıl önce

    +GG Babe They would barely react at all. The only person that could possibly get under the skin of the Westboro Baptist Church is another Christian with good knowledge of what Christianity really is about.

  60. varškėsapkepas

    varškėsapkepas3 yıl önce

    Sudeikis is excellent in these bits. :-D

  61. LagiNaLangAko23

    LagiNaLangAko233 yıl önce

    I love how he thought about pretending as God.

  62. aziz mutawa

    aziz mutawa4 yıl önce

    BOOM you just got damned!

  63. Goddess Tahnee

    Goddess Tahnee4 yıl önce

    BAHAHAHAHAHA BOOM! you just got damned! lol

  64. GG Babe

    GG Babe4 yıl önce

    Wonder what the Westboro church would say

  65. Pierre O. Park

    Pierre O. Park4 yıl önce

    "You just got damned!"

  66. Grigoris Aspridis

    Grigoris Aspridis4 yıl önce

    Sudeikis seems kinda coked up, in a good way :P

  67. Gilberto Mertins

    Gilberto Mertins4 yıl önce

    Very good! The part he pretends to be God is great!

  68. NewhamMatt

    NewhamMatt5 yıl önce

    This was the WESTBORO Baptist Church. Nothing to do with Baptists as a mainstream Christian denomination.

  69. TheStompboxer

    TheStompboxer4 aylar önce

    NewhamMatt I wouldn’t say “nothing.” WBC is an extreme version of it, but mainstream Baptists aren’t exactly known for supporting equality for gay people.

  70. Liza Mohanty

    Liza Mohanty5 yıl önce

    This was such a nice dig on the baptist church!! Yaya You Go Gays.. wish i was gay,

  71. Ian Legend

    Ian LegendYıl önce

    its pretty awesome :D

  72. Nathan Wubs

    Nathan Wubs3 yıl önce

    +Tristan Comedy is just to show the truth mixed in with sorrow and laughter. If its done right.

  73. Tristan

    Tristan5 yıl önce

    +aseef sh it was dig...