Will Smith hosts Meme Review


  1. Ed Zeiss

    Ed ZeissSaatler önce

    Elon musk sent an electric car to another planet with an astronaut sitting on the driver seat *dead deer in a pool* “Wait did that actually happen?!?!”

  2. Shoaib Ahmed Ratul

    Shoaib Ahmed RatulSaatler önce

    F this vid is on trending

  3. Emma Katherine

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  4. twisted wizards

    twisted wizardsSaatler önce

    #1 trending ndia

  5. SrelioGo

    SrelioGoSaatler önce

    When Elon says "Hi Felix".

  6. smile

    smileSaatler önce


  7. Sonja Trl

    Sonja TrlSaatler önce

    Wow language dude

  8. Elon Musk

    Elon MuskSaatler önce

    Aaaahh that´s hot

  9. easy edge

    easy edgeSaatler önce

    Justin-"we really are dark" elon-"lmao look at that dead deer lol"

  10. Redtan Sonyeondan

    Redtan SonyeondanSaatler önce

    memes are becoming more trash god dammit! what happened

  11. burano peach

    burano peachSaatler önce

    My aesthetic Elon laughing at a dead deer

  12. Galib Rifat

    Galib RifatSaatler önce

    No 1 on trending!!!!!!

  13. Jakub Murin

    Jakub MurinSaatler önce

    Why was Pepe censored

  14. Scarlett Bandit

    Scarlett BanditSaatler önce

    No.1 trending in *Bangladesh* no its not in India😡

  15. Junaid Farooqui

    Junaid FarooquiSaatler önce

    Trending number 1 here in INDIA!!

  16. Johnny Watkins

    Johnny WatkinsSaatler önce

    Elon Musk and Justin Roiland? That’s just bonus!

  17. L G

    L GSaatler önce

    Steve Harvey hosts meme review

  18. • ŊίmέЅђ •

    • ŊίmέЅђ •Saatler önce


  19. NicoMaster

    NicoMasterSaatler önce

    Nel prro... Algún español? Aky? xd

  20. Not One Nut

    Not One NutSaatler önce


  21. EPIC something

    EPIC somethingSaatler önce

    👏congratulations👋 🎊You’re #1 on treading 🎉

  22. EL C3S4R1N

    EL C3S4R1NSaatler önce

    1 on trending..... TRreporter did an oopsie

  23. Jadyn Laskowski

    Jadyn LaskowskiSaatler önce

    Number one on trending

  24. Paul Chime

    Paul ChimeSaatler önce

    ELON MUSK OWNS MEME REVIEW!!! remember when Felix said if Elon hosted meme review he would buy a Tesla...

  25. McNugget Jones

    McNugget JonesSaatler önce

    In 1000 years when they have cured aging and we have moved to Mars I am going to be the one to dig up opportunity and get rich

  26. Ballista Gaming

    Ballista GamingSaatler önce

    This my friends is the rarest thing I have ever seen. Pewds is on trending again!!!

  27. Siraj sj

    Siraj sjSaatler önce

    Tseries fans here? ?

  28. Scarlett Bandit

    Scarlett BanditSaatler önce

    is this video really trending or am I drunk? *Oof*

  29. John miller

    John millerSaatler önce

    ELON DID IT !!!!

  30. Ebola tudio

    Ebola tudioSaatler önce


  31. Lazy Dino

    Lazy DinoSaatler önce

    Thx MrBeast

  32. Nolan Genco

    Nolan GencoSaatler önce

    F in the chat

  33. Tall People Inc

    Tall People IncSaatler önce

    The Aladdin move is made by t se☠️ries

  34. Booker Skye

    Booker SkyeSaatler önce

    Holy mother of god.

  35. Emma Pennywise

    Emma PennywiseSaatler önce

    My mom: get off TRreporter and go watch something smart. Me: pEw NeWs Is SmArT!!!!!!!

  36. Zack P

    Zack PSaatler önce


  37. Chuck Freaking Norris

    Chuck Freaking NorrisSaatler önce

    *I'm gonna roundhouse kick all of the thots out of here*

  38. Al the Alligator

    Al the AlligatorSaatler önce

    In the we'll have a huge collab where Pewds, Dr. Phil, Elon Musk, Tekashe 69, Ben Shapiro, and Will Smith look at memes.

  39. Tentacles45

    Tentacles45Saatler önce

    elon looks healthy again

  40. happy.happy.happy

    happy.happy.happySaatler önce

    never seen someone analyze a meme so thoroughly

  41. Lakhveer Singh

    Lakhveer SinghSaatler önce

    Can't really believe my eyes right now! He's doin it.

  42. OMEGA473

    OMEGA473Saatler önce

    Hahahahah! This is awesome! We did it!

  43. Tap Me Fast. My Thong Is Getting Sogy

    Tap Me Fast. My Thong Is Getting SogySaatler önce

    i am now at peace after watching this?

  44. Freaking Old Skool

    Freaking Old SkoolSaatler önce

    Roo-Ver 😂😂😂😂

  45. Спасибо Здравствуйте

    Спасибо ЗдравствуйтеSaatler önce

    petiton to donald j. trump to host meme review

  46. King Jello Knuckles

    King Jello KnucklesSaatler önce


  47. Raidor 597

    Raidor 597Saatler önce

    Hit this if you are over 8 👇

  48. P0tat0

    P0tat0Saatler önce

    People are just trolling. How come t series just woke up

  49. Antti Snellman

    Antti SnellmanSaatler önce

    Mars *ruuver*

  50. Asa Jake

    Asa JakeSaatler önce

    I’m a blind 17 year old rapper that hates TSeries. Mind giving me a listen?

  51. Jurassic Matthew

    Jurassic MatthewSaatler önce

    F F F F 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  52. Benjamin Graham

    Benjamin GrahamSaatler önce

    YAAAYYYYYYY 1# on trending!!!! O

  53. FNS Artifact

    FNS ArtifactSaatler önce

    I just got an add for a game called adventure communist

  54. Srideep Kavlekar

    Srideep KavlekarSaatler önce

    #19 trending in india right now!

  55. ضد الفساد

    ضد الفسادSaatler önce

    *مين عربي هناااا*

  56. Rifai Saputra

    Rifai SaputraSaatler önce

    Lu ngomong apaan sih bang kaga ngerti gw🤔

  57. Elite Trainer

    Elite TrainerSaatler önce

    No 1 on trending

  58. Kenneth Thompson

    Kenneth ThompsonSaatler önce

    Subbed to t series

  59. Kasen Johnson

    Kasen JohnsonSaatler önce

    Wait. #1 on trending?

  60. V I N I C I U S

    V I N I C I U SSaatler önce

    13:28 When it gets epic.

  61. Tap Me !! To Watch Inside My THONG

    Tap Me !! To Watch Inside My THONGSaatler önce

    Everyone: ELON!!!!! OUR SAVIOR!!!!! THANK YOU LORD Justin Roiland: ...hey guys... I'm here too.... cries in the end chorus starts playing?

  62. satish kumar

    satish kumarSaatler önce

    Markass Brownlee😂😂

  63. Corvin Olthoff

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  64. ßrince ßurple8

    ßrince ßurple8Saatler önce

    This is the greastest swindle of all time.

  65. fjehdbfhds fhsb

    fjehdbfhds fhsbSaatler önce

    Elon Musk

  66. Wubbe Van Hoey

    Wubbe Van HoeySaatler önce

    BIG F

  67. Nintendo User

    Nintendo UserSaatler önce


  68. Jakes comic review Superheros

    Jakes comic review SuperherosSaatler önce

    Where is big chungus

  69. Ahmad Sultan

    Ahmad SultanSaatler önce

    number one on trending

  70. Cyberport Elbepark

    Cyberport ElbeparkSaatler önce

    Lol Deutschland 😱😱😱😱

  71. An aristocrat

    An aristocratSaatler önce


  72. Andres Sanchez

    Andres SanchezSaatler önce

    Elon musk host meme reveiw

  73. LAthatsme

    LAthatsmeSaatler önce

    i miss X too pewds :(

  74. JustAFreakingIdiot 0

    JustAFreakingIdiot 0Saatler önce

    now mr beast needs to give elon musk $5 and also buy a tesla

  75. Fearlesstaco840

    Fearlesstaco840Saatler önce


  76. Tejus Kabadi

    Tejus KabadiSaatler önce

    What will Elon Musks' biography movie be called? (Hint: Not Madagascar) . . . . . . . . *Killedgascar!!* .

  77. LilMeowMeowSUGAr

    LilMeowMeowSUGArSaatler önce

    #1 on trending *youtube is broken*

  78. austin morales

    austin moralesSaatler önce


  79. Maurício Gerhardt

    Maurício GerhardtSaatler önce

    TRreporter needs to invent a double like for videos like these

  80. Simon Egli

    Simon EgliSaatler önce

    We need 100k comments

  81. MadHatter 9000

    MadHatter 9000Saatler önce

    #1 on Trending!!!???!!!... TRreporter did an oopsie?!

  82. BugsPhillips

    BugsPhillipsSaatler önce

    That moment when you get Elon Musk to host meme review *ironically dabs*

  83. drsquirrel123

    drsquirrel123Saatler önce

    #1 trending royale

  84. zoooze

    zooozeSaatler önce

    Now pewdiepie must be forced to buy a tesla.

  85. Zy Borg

    Zy BorgSaatler önce

    I really liked this video because it helped me answer the question asked by my teacher 'cause he also watch pewdiepies video which makes him a nine year old teaching a 16 year old students mentioning and asking about the mars rover which makes him seem intelligent and look up to him

  86. Fernando Raygosa

    Fernando RaygosaSaatler önce

    Elon can’t stay still thoughout the entire segment 😂

  87. Marius Rever

    Marius ReverSaatler önce

    Next: Will Smith hosts meme review, Belle Delphine hosts meme review, Hideo Kojima hosts meme review

  88. Dan Nguyen

    Dan NguyenSaatler önce

    finnally #1 on trending

  89. RIXON

    RIXONSaatler önce

    #40 trending in India.

  90. Maximus

    MaximusSaatler önce


  91. Simon Egli

    Simon EgliSaatler önce

    More Comments!

  92. Rick Tyman

    Rick TymanSaatler önce

    PewdiePIe is the kind of guy who calls his friends the N-word when the cameras aren't rolling.

  93. Adam Lam

    Adam LamSaatler önce

    When you realize “Gonna cry?” is a rip off of the Navy Seal copypasta TRreporter did an OooooSie

  94. Parallel Palm Trees

    Parallel Palm TreesSaatler önce


  95. matasbaranauskas Nzn

    matasbaranauskas NznSaatler önce

    Check zalgiris pewdiepie in youtube

  96. Gustavo R

    Gustavo RSaatler önce

    If mr beast was in #2 would they hate each other 🧐🧐🧐🧐

  97. jzl4646

    jzl4646Saatler önce

    The best timeline

  98. CroCkZ

    CroCkZSaatler önce

    *Pewdiepie VS T-Series.* *Like=pewdiepie, comment=T-Series*

  99. Francois Audy

    Francois AudySaatler önce

    Why does elon musk always looked like he was deep faked

  100. i ate ur cereal

    i ate ur cerealSaatler önce

    Heckety heck I crave death